February 25, 2011

How do beat da micros !

Hello DeucesCracked ,

my name is Jan, I was born in Hanover ,living in Berlin and now play a three-quarter year cash game/BSS .

I started with FR and after 3 months I'm switching to the SH game,which needed only a certain period of acclimatization ;-) .

I started a few weeks nl10, then I beat NL20 +25 .

Yesterday I noticed that I have also beaten NL40+50 !

Now I'm finding so as of today to the NL100 tables sh and I thought that was a good time finding a new poker school and a start blog .

I will do my best every day to post one or two hands and at the end of the month a graph/wth All-In EV /and Non SD-Winnings .

So, here i am 

if you have any suggestions, what I really should pack in my thread .

Donnot hesitate to let me know !!

Greetingzzzz , JM

Posted By Jan P. Mecke at 02:16 PM


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