November 30, 2012

5 Ways to Make More Money Playing Tournaments

1. Play on all the sites. Pokerstars is great for variety and it presents some solid eye candy in the guarantee department. However that does not always translate over into your ROI. Playing the main tournaments on all the sites will host a softer player pool, and reduced swings due to smaller field sizes. These weak pools of players more than make up for the hassle of dealing with several programs.

2. Play less, but play harder. Games per day has a huge effect on your potential earnings in poker. Gone are the days where I play 7hrs a day 7 days a week. It doesn’t make financial sense because of the loading and unloading time that a player must go through each day. Playing four, 12-16 hour days will actually provide better balance in your life, and prove to be more profitable.

3. Grind the turbos. This point is ironic, as just 6-ish months ago I made a post about dropping turbos from my schedule. I was dead wrong. Turbos turnover much faster than regular speed mtts, provide insanely large push-fold edges in the $27 and under category, take up less mental capacity allowing for more tables, and are generally more fun to play. Being able to play the extra 10 tournaments a day while only sacrificing slightly in ROI and variance is a must for maximizing income in tournaments. It is important to note that I am referring to the $27 and under category here. Things change drastically above that.

4. Bankroll Management. Slow and steady wins the race! Take a look at your graph on sharkscope and try and find your downswings. Where would you be without them? Almost all of my downswings have come from playing too high too fast, and I have lots of friends in the same boat. Taking the ultra conservative route and not only building a bankroll and skills, but building wealth for a future outside of poker is the best way to do things. If your in it for intrinsic rewards, by all means swing for the fences, but if you are interested in creating wealth, take your time and reap the profits later.

5. Turn on your Beast Mode. You know those times where you could 3bet that one guy in level 2. You know those times the flop comes down queen seven four, and you crush his c-bet range, but give up anyways. This is called having the “meh”s, and I believe its the difference between being solid and absolutely crushing. Don’t ever pass up spots that you objectively view as +EV. Some may call it auto pilot but I feel it has deeper roots in MTT’s. Cut a table or two if you have too. Its worth it for those non-showdown chips.

I hope some aspiring tournament players can get something out of this. Also interested in criticism of my points. GL this weekend everyone!


Jaime Staples

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November 27, 2012

November Update

Hey people, 

Its been a long time! Life has been upswinging for me over the last 6 months so I figure now would be a good time to update my progress with my goals. 


Results have for the most part gone my way. I lost a lot of motivation during the summer  just enjoying life and when school started that trend continued. I had played maybe three days all semester but I recently picked up the game again on a more continual basis. Its been a really great month, and I'm looking forward to the holidays fast approaching; full time grind is something I miss. I made a playergroup on sharkscope (jaimestaples) with all my screen names attached so I will post the year to date, and month to date graph below. Stay tuned for an “5 things to double your tournament income” post coming soon.

Month to date

Year to date


So this is probably the biggest success of the year so far. I am down 65 pounds since January 1st, 55 pounds since mid August. I have been on Atkins since the summer and have really enjoyed it. It is somewhat limiting at school and in social places, but the freedom I get back from rediscovering life from a “normal” perspective is so worth it (not to mention i have lost my hunger). Im going to keep chugging along and figure I have about 60 more to go until for all intensive purposes I’m a stud. Vegas 2013 is going to be really fun and thats what i’m working towards. Could be an amazing time if i get in shape, and get that confidence back that has been missing for a while. Im going to fall short of the 100 pound goal but does it really matter? Success in my books and not stoping now.


School is such a great time. I learned to really immerse myself into actually doing some deep level learning, and its been an amazing experience thus far. I risk sounding like a bit of an ass here, but its the first place where I feel I can talk with other people about the things I think about. Talking to the general population usually involves “hows the weather”, “did you hear about X”, “watch that game last night?”. Its not like that at uni. You can ask someone their thoughts on anything at all and expect to get involved in real conversations. Especially in the business building. The balance in perspectives of people milling around the business building is really exciting to me. They are my kind of people, and I cant wait to get to know more of them on a deeper level. 

Thats my life right now. I’m really looking forward to the christmas grind, and will be looking to steadily build my roll towards a solid WSOP this summer. Hopefully i wont have to sell to much, but regardless it is something i’m going to do, EV be dammed. Thanks for reading guys and as always if you have any questions you can hit me up down below in the thread or in the comment section. 


Jaime Staples

Fast Food Meals in 2012: 7/10

Pounds lost in 2012: 65/100

Money Won Staking: -500/1,000

Tournaments Played: 5,043/10,000

Cash Hands Played: 36,111/100,000


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June 10, 2012

Stars Suggestions

Hey guys, 

I decided to do something a little different today. I play the majority of my volume on Pokerstars, and have been thinking about there MTT schedule a lot. I typed out some things that I think would be beneficial, and I was hoping to get some opinions here as well as the suggestion thread. Fun stuff to think about if you are a structure nerd. Anyways, here they are.

1. The Mix game solution

With the success of mix games during big tournament series, it is odd that they don’t see the same success on a normal schedule. I suggest that all the “Weeklys” move to Saturday EXCEPT the following, which would be held on Sundays: WeeklyPLO, WeeklyPLO8, Weekly6max, Weekly Turbo, Weekly HU, WeeklyNLO8.


Secondly what I would do is add a lower tier to the mix games with a “Weekly H” and a Weekly L”. The buyin would be something that you guys would be better at setting because I have a conflict of interest. That being said, I’m guessing somewhere between $27 and $44 would give it enough prestige, and yet open it up to more people. This change would transform Saturday to not only a “small stakes” day, but also a mix game day.


The main changes that would have to be made would be ditching the Saturday red PLOs in exchange for the “Weekly Ls”. Also Change the HU to a turbo, and start it later Sunday evening (between 15:30 and 17:00 mountain time). There has been much talk about adding a good structure HU tournament, so add one in red on Thursday evenings. The Sunday one will see more success with a faster and easier to multi table structure.


2. Twice Daily Break

This may not be a popular suggestion with the grinders, but I think it is necessary. Usually these 15-minute breaks would only hit a player’s session once. This would allow players to cook a meal instead of being the microwave chefs that most of us are. It may cut into your hourly to start, but I think as people get used to it, longer sessions would become the norm. I also should add that I think tournament and sng’s should still go off/load during this time.

3. Tournament individuality

This is a huge issue and something that I think is definitely being overlooked. If you ask a random MTT player about a certain tournament, it usually stirs up emotions. The past memories of success, or of failure. That is currently being lost in the small stakes arena as multiples of tournaments are popping up seemingly every update. It is turning the fun, into a grind. The 5Quad for example, no longer has an identity, as there are 6+ that go off a day. Instead of 6 $5quads, why not have 6 completely different NL structures. For example:


5Quad Turbo

5Quad 6max

5Quad 6max turbo

3R action hour

3R 6max action hour

All of these tournaments cost essentially the same thing, are more identifiable, and appeal to a wider array of players. When you tell your friend you won something, they are going to know exactly what tournament it is, and think back to there memories of that field, aka old 3Rebuy 60K.  The $5quad, $4Rebuy 4max, and $5 hypers are the main problems here. I think they would benefit greatly in numbers, and morale from minor changes.

Thanks for reading guys.


Jaime Staples


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May 29, 2012

May Review and June Preview

Hey guys,


Wow it seems like its been forever. SCOOP was ages ago! Its time to look back on the disappointment that was May.

May was pretty much a fail all around. I didn’t exercise, put in volume, or bink! Throw in a failed live trip, and this past month is one to forget. However, always an optimist, things are looking good for the future. After completely falling off the diet bandwagon, I’m ready to get back on, and rejuvenate the process starting June 1st. DC member Anders has given me the proper plan to take a shot at this thing, and I should take it. I am changing my primary goal from 100 lost this year, to 40 lost by September first. This is what I am going to really strive for, and the year long goal is now viewed as a bonus. Lots of raw veggies are coming my way, but I’m ready for the change.

Poker wise things are changing as well. In my current state, 10k games is not going to be possible. The upswing I have experienced is from cutting tables. I haven’t played 9 tables for at least a year, and it kind of sucks knowing all the tournaments I have to pass on. That being said, I am now running 20/17, as opposed to 13/11. That is likely a sign that dropping 3tables was the right decision. As I look back, my success has been mirrored by my weight. Losing money while gaining weight, and winning money while losing weight. Maybe my cognitive ability in relation to health is more important then I thought. I will continue to track how many games I have played, but I have all but given up on 10k.

Last couple things to expect from me this month:

Staking: Games are really good right now with the WSOP on. I expect to try and make headway on my staking goal, and buy a bunch of action.

Math Attacks: That’s right! The epic 30 episode series is going to be tackled by this guy right here. A major undertaking, but will result in a better technical understanding.

Thanks for reading guys.


Jaime Staples


BR: $7,984

Money Won Staking: -$333/$1,000

Tournaments Played: 2,862/10,000

Cash Hands Played: 12,480/100,000

Fast Food Eaten: 2/10

September weight loss: 0/40

Pounds Lost in 2012: 14.4/100

Math Attacks: 0/30


Walks in March: 15/15 (Complete)

Walks in April: 30/30 (Complete)

7AM Wakeups in April: 25/30 (Failed)

No Distraction May: (Failed)

Exercise in May: 4/15 (Failed)

WSOP Pipedream: $5,992/$40,000 (Failed)

PS. I have a little spot in the poker podcast Badugi all-stars this week. Check it out here


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May 13, 2012

2 of 20 In Main Event Qualifier!

Hey guys, 

I managed to build up a decent stack, and make day 2 of a WSOP main qualifier!!

I got in to the freerole by winning one of my local casinos tournaments this year. Twenty continue on tomorrow (Sunday) at 4PM Mountain Time (6PM eastern, 3PM pacific). The payouts seem to be pretty top heavy with a 10k seat and 2k going to first, 6k to second, 3.5k to third etc. If you want to follow along, add me on twitter @jaimestaples

No online for me tomorrow, but hopefully I will be planning my way to Vegas by the end of the day. Thanks for reading guys.



Jaime Staples

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May 08, 2012

3Rebuy: The Kick Starter

Hey guys, 

So I shipped the 3Rebuy yesterday for 5k! It feels pretty awesome and I now feel comfortable playing the schedule I set out to play. Not much is going to change. I will still play almost every low. For the Mids I will play the following:


Scoop#8M- $109 NL Freezout

Scoop#14M- $82 Ante Up

Scoop#20M- $215 6max NL Freezout

Scoop#21M- $215 NL Freezout

Scoop#22M- $109 NL/PLO Freezout (I will check the field before I play this one)

Scoop#27M- $109 NL Freezout

Scoop#31M- $215 8game

Scoop#39M- $215 6max NL Freezout

Total buyins: $1269


hansgeertsma summed up my schedule to me yesterday in a way that I think best describes it: “Its definitely still taking a shot, but games are good so why not”. 

This will not represent my normal schedual outside of scoop. In fact, I will only add 2 tournaments: The big $55, and Sunday $109 kickoff. Other then that, things will remain the same until my next big score. It may not seem like much, but this was definitely a big step for my summer plans. The WSOP is at least possible now, and I can play poker in comfort without having to worry about the money constantly. Here are some graphs to end with.

May 2012 so far

User Uploaded Image

2012 So Far

User Uploaded Image

Thanks for reading guys.



Jaime Staples


BR: $9,227

Money Won Staking: 0/$1,000

Tournaments Played: 2,488/10,000

Cash Hands Played: 12,257/100,000

WSOP Pipedream: $7,342/$40,000

Fast Food Eaten in 2012: 0/10

Pounds Lost: 23.4/100

No Distraction May: Active (Changed this to when over 3 tables. I start studying at the end of my sessions)

Hours of Exercise in May: 0.33/15


Walks in March: 15/15 (Complete)

Walks in April: 30/30 (Complete)

7AM Wakeups in April: 25/30 (Failed)


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May 04, 2012

March Review, April Goals, and SCOOP Preview

Hey everyone, 

I haven’t updated things in a while so I have lots to fill you in on. Ill get right to it.


The April Grind

April was an acceptable month. I really think that’s the correct word. I am not excited about the results and I also can’t be disappointed. I did learn a lot, and feel like I am back into the swing of things. I am playing very well.


In May, the goals are going to shift a bit. I am still shooting for 10k games, but it will have to take a back seat as I am going to play 9 tables this month. Also I am going to stop being lazy while playing. No Skype and no Internet, I mean ZERO. The added time will go into taking notes, saving hands for later review, and better overall focus. I think that the majority of grinders, if they were honest with themselves, would say that “the extras” hurt there game a lot. I just need to stop lying to myself and take action, so I am. I think by months end I will be positively surprised with the results.



April could have been better on the weight loss front. I lost a lot of motivation, but I am working on getting back at it. I have enlisted the help of fellow DC member Anders Dahl, who has a wealth of information and experience when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I am really looking forward to it. I unfortunately failed the 7AM wakeup on day 25. I set my alarm for PM instead of AM, which is a sucky way to fail, but a fail nonetheless. The goal this month is 15hours of exercise. I feel really burnt out from last month to be totally honest. I know it’s not a lot of exercise, going for a walk a day, but transitioning from zero has taken its toll.

User Uploaded Image


Oh man, am I excited for SCOOP 2012. I have written up a schedule, and I plan to play everyday except next Thursday because I have a WSOP main freerole at my local casino. If I get top 9, I will have to miss that Sunday as well. Other then those days though, I will be on the full time grind. It’s going to be really long hours so I’m going to cut all the extras out of my life during the 2 weeks. Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, and Poker are the focus. In terms of schedule, I will play every low event except 5-card draw, $215HU, and $55 limit holdem. Hopefully I can take some shots at some of the Mids. I have a $215 ticket, which I will use for event #2M and a $55, which only has three options. $55 PLO is the best fit. Some of the most exciting low events are:


1. $5 Action hour (2Day)- If you have never played an Action hour rebuy, you will be presently surprised. The first hour and a bit plays like a turbo, with chips flying everywhere and stacks growing high. After the rebuy period however, the tournament resets to level 1 and slows down. We are talking insane deep stacks, 6max, Bad Players, Huge prize pool, 2Days, Potential Glory. A word of caution however, these events can get pricy. If you are planning to play, budget around 8x the initial buyin as an average rule of thumb. The high is going to be an insane rail and I would recommend it.


2. $11 Big Antes Rebuy (2Day)- Oh god. Do I even have to say anything? This is a tournament grinders dream! Steals become more profitable, pots become bigger, 3,4,5betwars engage. Will be a sick good time. However, this is a mid level tournament I would avoid. It is out of my BR right now for sure, but if your thinking about it, there is better value out there. Regs will play Wednesday just for the huge 109R. Will be fun to watch though.


3. $27 ($215?) 8Game- Everyone loves mix games. I have studied them all here at DC, and feel like this is one of my best chances. Hopefully the structure is good, because these tend to get really short late and be way to deep early. Either way it’ll be good.


4. Sunday $27s and $215s- For Glory! Enough said.


Well that’s about all for today guys. I wont be updating till after SCOOP (unless something major happens). I hope you all run well and make some money!

Also if you guys want to check out the latest episode of my brothers and my podcast, the link is posted at the bottom. They were away this week so I brought on a friend and we talked some golf and cards. Thanks for reading guys.




Jaime Staples


Money Won Staking: 0/$1,000

Tournaments Played: 2,229/10,000

Cash Hands Played: 12, 257/100,000

WSOP Pipedream: $1,804

Fast Food Eaten in 2012: 0/10

Pounds Lost: 23.4/100

No Distraction May: Active

Hours of Exercise in May: 0/15


Walks in March: 15/15 (Complete)

Walks in April: 30/30 (Complete)

7AM Wakeups in April: 25/30 (Failed)

Shysters Radio Episode #10:


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April 25, 2012

Poker Update: Merge

Hey guys,


I had a successful week at the tables, and I am getting pretty excited about how my game is shaping up. I won a $5 Quad today (2R1A) for just about 1k. It’s a really nice cushion for the next couple weeks as I try to grind up a BR to play some mid level scoops.


I made a redeposit at merge, as I think its time I stop being a lazy grinder, and play some softer MTTs. My first impressions are that the games are pretty decent on merge right now. I know there is a lot of uncertainty going around about the security of the merge network. I’m not too concerned about it. I figure my money is a lot safer then American funds, and that I would likely see my money if the DOJ shut things down. I have plans to continue spreading money around to some other sites. I am on a Mac, so I am limited in what I can play without running parallels. That being said, Ongame is up next, and Party Poker plan to roll out MTTs in the mac client soon. Add the good Full Tilt news as of late and things are looking up. Here are some graphs for the week. 


April 16th to 24th


User Uploaded Image


User Uploaded Image

April 1st to 24th

User Uploaded Image


2012 so far

User Uploaded Image


Thanks for reading guys.



Jaime Staples



BR: $3152

Money Won Staking: 0/$1,000

Tournaments Played: 1,953/10,000

Cash Hands Played: 12,257/100,000

WSOP Pipedream: $1,774/$40,000

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April 21, 2012

Weight Loss Update: Lucky

Hey guys,


So I lost 0.6 pounds this week to put me back at 25 lost on the year. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t deserve it. I ate pretty poorly this week, and the walks started getting a bit shorter. I can’t go back and change anything so I will just continue to look forward. I’m getting some help from a friend of mine who is a nutritionist (as well as his wife). Hopefully he and I will be able to pump some motivation back into the process. Thanks for reading guys.



Jaime Staples


Fast Food Eaten in 2012: 0/10

Pounds Lost: 25/100

7AM Wakeups in April: 20/30

Walks in April: 20/30


Walks in March: 12/12 Complete

Shysters Radio Episode #9:!/id505749583?i=113429370

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April 19, 2012

Interview with "ready2win"

Thanks chris for doing this. The blackjack story is epic!


Name: Chris (ready2win)

Age: 25

Location: Berlin (Germany)

Main Game: Satellites / NLHE Tournaments

How long have you been playing: 5 years

Favorite Food: sweat-sour eggs

Q. Give us the poker history of ready2win. Where did you start, what are you playing now, and tell us about the recent tourney bink!

I started playing poker after I watched a commercial for Party Poker on TV in November 2007. For the next half-year I just tried out different games on different poker sites. I hardly knew any strategies nor I had any bank roll management. Besides this I was although very prone to tilt.
Around summer 2009 I took poker finally more serious and began to have some decent results in both cash and SNGs.
I planned to make 2011 the year where I finally make the breakthrough in the poker world so I can quit my day job. I started the year with playing the CAP games at Stars, but hit a pretty nasty downswing and moved my roll to FTP where I played both FR and 6max cash. On BF I withdrew my whole roll there and started to learn PLO on some euro network. Unfortunately I never got the hang of it and lost a big part of my bank roll.
After I sworn to myself to not play that game for a while I stumbled over the HUSNG lobby by accident. I played some and was hooked after the first match. I started out with some decent results but then I hit a pretty brutal downswing at the end of October. Of course I did something really stupid then: Playing way above my roll to chase my losses. Needless to say I burned my remaining roll in a few hours.

A few days after that I found chilin_dudes 2011 PG&C thread and I got a lot of motivation from reading it. So I decided to give poker a last shot and deposit another $100 into my Stars account. I kept playing HUSNGs in November and ended the month about break even. At the beginning of December I found those 235 FPPs sats to the Sunday Storm and since I had like 50k FPPs lying around in my account I took the chance and grinded them for a few days. I did very well in them and got a better conversion rate for my FPPs than being SNE. All of a sudden I had a decent mico-roll again and I decided to make satties my main game. As by now they are still my main game and I also mixing in some MTTs now into my session.

That bink was 4th March when I played my first full MTT Sunday. The 5c is one of the later MTTs I regged for on that day and I was lucky enough to take home the $1.9k for the first place. I came ITM very short being something like 83/89 but then I got some momentum going and came to the FT in 4/9 or so. I won a super important hand with AK vs KK (ace on the river) in a big pot when we where down to seven players and after that it was a pretty smooth sailing tbh even the HU was against a somewhat tricky player. We went back and forth a lot until he decided to open ship K3o for 20bb effective while I had KK to give me the chip lead back and a few hands later my 66 held against his A9o for the win. This was not only the first MTT I ever won but also my biggest score up to date.

Q. What do you do better then most people?

Not sure if I really do something better then most people but I put a lot of thought and work into my mental game and I am pretty proud where it is now even there is still a lot of room for improvement. During the years I realized that the mental game is what part the awsome from the good one in this game. Yeah, I bitch and moan about bad beats and not closing a tournament on Skype and/or in my PG&C thread from time to time like most others do. But I think that is just human. I am not a robot. I accept losing as part of the deal in this game but I dont like it. For me the key for a “perfect” mental game is not to neglect the existence of emotions when playing poker but to find the most optimal way to deal with them. I think as far as you realize that you have already won half of the battle.

Nowadays I see poker as just another videogame I play with money (or if you will the points) being the scorecard for it. But the money is not what drives me in the end. It is my passion for this beautiful game and my desire to compete at the highest level one day. So once I am starting to grind for the day I dont think about how much I won or lost the day before. I dont live in the past and can not make things unhappen. Every day is a new opportunity to let great things happen to you and all you can do is to prepare the best you can to let them happen. Everything else is not in your power. 

Q. What do you think the most widely misunderstood concept is when it comes to poker?

That is a good question. If I have really to pick just one then I would go with the concept of “downswings”. It is such a widely discussed topic among forums and you can find a “How many buy-ins do I need for...” thread like every other week but yet it seems to me most players don`t have a really good understanding of it. That usual results into answers like “If you lose 300ABI [in MTTs] you are not a winning player” or similar stuff like that. However I can understand where this thinking comes from. People try to define things as best as possible because once you define a thing you remove uncertainity from it and have a feel of control over it.

But the truth is that there is nothing like a “standard downswing”. You can not say you will lose x ABI over y games and thats what you can always expect. Poker in general and espcially tournament poker just don`t work this way. You can lose 300ABI over 300 games and you can lose the same amount over 3k games. Heck, there are proven winning players who went on 700-1000 ABI downswings over 5k games. Downswings are no proportional allotment where you can predict a starting and an end point so no downswing is similar to another one. The truth is that at some point you will ran worse than you think it would be ever possible. And by the same time there is probably someone who is even running more worse than you. 

Now it is of course scary for most players to admit that there is no way to say what a “standard downswing” is and that you have no complete controll over it at least in the short term. So they keep labling this as “normal” and that as “abnormal” downswings. Add this fact with a lot of outdated informations about bank roll management out there back from the day when games were insanly soft so you could probably play a $50ABI with a 200ABI bank roll and never had a real risk of ruin and you understand where those “ZOMG 300ABI downswings not possible for winning players” comments come from.

Q. What has been your largest struggle in poker thus far?

If I have to describe it with just one word I would say “discipline”. The discpline at the table to make the right plays, the discipline to put in the nessacary volume and the discipline to put in enough hours into my game to improve it. I am just not a very disciplined person by nature and have definatley problems to live be strict schedule for example. It got a bit better over the years but I still have problems to put in enough volume. I also had my fair problems with tilt in the past but like I already mentioned I worked a lot on that in the past with the result that I am more or less complete tilt free most of the times.

Q. What has been your highest high, and lowest low? 

In regards to my highest high I think I have to name my recent bink for sure. For the lowest low there are a few I still remember. One of them me busting my entire bank roll at black jack about four years ago. At that time I played on a Merge skin and one day discovered their black jack tables. I had an appointment with some friends of mine later that day so I just opened four black jack tables, clicked the “auto run” option and went outside. When I came home my whole bank roll was gone. Another very low point for me was in October last year when I played midstakes HUSNGs while being on mega tilt and busting my roll again.

But to be honest nowadays I try to avoid that peaks at least when it comes to emotions. I didnt go crazy after my recent bink for example. The next session I played after it I just thought “Well, that was that and now lets try to win some more money”. On the other side I also dont get upset anymore about lossing session. Those where in the past so no reason to be upset about them the day ater.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I think when it comes to my overall approach to the game especially in terms of dedication I would say Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman (needbeer on 2+2). In my opinion he is the definition of a “true grinder” espcially considering the fact that he is battling such a serious illness and still set the VPP record in 2010. After I read his story the first time I got a lot of inspiration from him. I also got some inspiration for sure from chilin_dudes 2011 PG&C thread which gave me the idea for my current PG&C thread. There also some MTT grinders I look up to without naming them because I dont want to start to discussion who is really good and who is just on a heater and there is also the chance that I just forget to name one who would definatly have to be on that list.

I know it sounds somewhat like a cliché when player says it but Phil Ivey is also a bigt inspiration for me and maybe even my biggest. I mean he is just the greatest of all time. He is just sick good in all games at the highest stakes. He never shows any emotions at the tables and just had that complete indifference about money which you need to get on the very top. I will prolly never be as good as he is but I will try my best to get as close as possible.

Q. Where do you see yourself in poker in five years?

Well, I hope by that time already played a few years full time. My ultimate goal is to be a excellent mixed-game player competing at the highest stakes possbile. That is what I am really striving for in the long run. I think the biggest accomplish I could have by then is to win the WSOP $50k Player`s Championship. Tbh I would rather like to win that one than the Main Event. Also at least one online tripple crown would be nice but who knows, maybe even a live tripple crown? One other big dream I have is to be a sponsored pro preferably by PokerStars of course. 

I know that sounds all very dreamish but who knows what the future will bring, right?

Q. Who is going to be the 2012 main event champ?

Since I am not playing the it I dont really care ;) But seriously, I would like to an amateur winning it because that is always good for the game. 

Q. Pick 5 guys to play a home game with. Who are they?

Phil Ivey, given his is my absolute favorite player and to bluff him out of a pot just one time would make an awesome story for the rest of my life lol

Tom Dwan, imo the second best player after Ivey and also a great challenge to play against

Doyle Bronson, because he did so much for the game and he has prolly a lot of awsome back in the day stories to tell

Shaun Deeb, a true online MTT legend for me and prolly a cool guy to have around in a home game

WizardOfAhhs, like I said one of my biggest inspirations and I would like to get him know in real life

Q. Favorite Forum? 

I am not browsing the fourms a lot nowadays tbh so I think I pick PG&C. Sometimes you just find really good thread there which gives you a lot of motivation and a different view on the game.

Q. Pick a “one time” for the next 6 months. This blog/thread is good luck.

I mean after my first four figure score it would be neat to have my first within the next 6 months. But to be not that selfish I think I would spend my “one time” for poker not being regulated here in Germany within the next six month. I think that is far more important to me in the middle term to be honest.

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