August 24, 2011

Test on WOT's math of NLHE episode 1.

    Mathematics of NLHE episode 1. test

1. What is probabillty?

2. How would you convert the ratio 2:1 into a percentage?

3. How do you find the largest common divisor or LCD?

4. What is variance?

5. What is a high variance play?

6. What is the rule of 4 and 2?

7. When does the rule of 4 and 2 start to lose affect?

8. What is a hand range?

9. Why do we use hand ranges?

10. What is pot equity?

11. How do we figure out our pot equity?

12. What is expected value or (EV)?

13. EV is also known as?

14. How do you convert a % back to a ratio?

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