October 11, 2011

Recreational session

After work I wanted to relax a bit and went to a nearby cardroom for some cashgame, I planned to play one hour only. I was playing microstakes ( equivalent to NL50 which is a relatively small stake considering it was a live CG) full ring.

I managed to win half-a-buyin and after the planned one hour I left scene. These live games are still very soft :)

There was one memorable hand - source of my profit - against a big fish whom I noticed and targeted after the first couple of hands.

My read was on him he always donkbets into more people on blank flops - even with nothing. I played this hand according to this read.

There was an 8-way limped pot (funny, he?) my hand was 23s.

Flop came 239 rainbow - the fish bet, everyone folded - I reraised he called. Turn was a 4 - he bet again 1/3 pot I raised all-in he called. I moved All-In because I only had a pot-sized stack left and there were 2 diamonds out there and I didnt want him to outdraw me. River was a non-flush Ace.

Fish showed 96o. Eaaaaaasy money:)

Now I have to study for my exams - I dont feel like :/

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