April 26, 2013

April Update

Long time, no blog. I completed Full Ring Evolution 2 a few months ago, and have just been grinding and working on my degree lately. You'll find me blogging as well as posting on the forum at my new website - goldseraphpoker.com. I long considered making a personal site for my blog and coaching info, and to have a forum for my students to post questions. I finally went ahead and did the best I could. . If you want to hear from me more regularly, check out the site and let me know what you think! I

As far as DC-related news, I am making a few videos again this season, mostly live play stuff. Let me know what you'd like to see in my future videos!


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May 04, 2012

First DC Video Series - Complete!

Today, Episode 8 of Full Ring Evolution was released, I'm proud to have finished the series without a hitch, and received some positive feedback. If I do another series, i would like to put even more planning and effort into it. I was pretty busy with my college courses and finals week, so I couldn't do all that I wanted to, but I'm satisfied with it. I may do a part 2 of the series in the future, which will focus on rising from 50nl to 200nl. 

What would you guys want to see in a full ring NL cash game series? I would love to hear ideas. 

With school out for a few weeks  I am hoping to get in quality hours at the tables. I took a week to just play 50 and 100 plo, which was refreshing, but I have the itch for full ring again, so I'm grinding 100nl on merge as I'm typing this. The Bad Beat Jackpot was hit (again) today so it's at a paltry 30k. There are about 5 full ring 200nl tables going, and they are all bad beat tables (rake rape tables) and there are 0 or 1 fish on each table, which is one reason I'm sticking to the hundo. alright time to focus,

Show I'm Watching - NBA Playoffs (Go Magic and Knicks!)

Game I'm Playing - The Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3

Movie I just Watched - Following (recommend it highly)

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March 22, 2012

Wanted - 10nl full ring NL hand histories!

Hi guys, I am proud to be bringing you my first full-length series at DC - Full Ring Evolution!

For Episode 3 of the series, I would like to review hand histories of a DC member who plays 10nl FR regularly. I would want 10-15 hands prepared that are common tough or interesting spots. Preferably the hands would be from a winning or slightly losing player so that the advice is not overly basic.

I also would prefer the player be a subscribing member of DC, because I want to give back to the community who keeps a membership and watches my videos Smile Lastly I would prefer the player have Holdem Manager and a decent understanding of their HUD.

Please post here or PM if you are interested! Thanks!

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March 15, 2012

My First Video Series is Out!

Hey guys, just wanted to announce that my first ever full-length video series is being released in this Season 2 of 2012! The title is 'Full Ring Evolution' and will focus on climbing through the micros of Full Ring NL cash games. Please check it out and give me any feedback you've got.

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February 16, 2012

New Video Out for DC!

What's up guys! Make sure to check out my latest Ringside video! I feel like i did a pretty good job, it's a six tabling live play video with commentary, two of the tables being 6max, the others Full Ring. I'd love to hear your comments and questions!

Also a shout out to Threads13 who has been releasing very good videos in his Full Circle series! Go full ringers!

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January 22, 2012

1000th Post Well on the DC Forums

Hi guys, check out my well in the Full Ring forum on DC!


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September 07, 2011

Quarterly Update

Hello guys, I haven't posted in a few months but I thought I'd give a little update on what I've been up to.

Poker - I've been grinding away on Merge, and had a pretty solid month of August. I increased my hours devoted to poker to 110 from 90 the previous month, and got in about 60k hands. I hit my target of 2k MGR and felt that my game is still improving. September has started out nicely, as I won $2.5k on the second day of the month. I wish that motivated me but it has actually kicked on the lazy switch! I have been more interested in football and madden 12 than grinding since that day :(

Life - Had my 10th anniversary with my girlfriend Amanda. I can't believe it's been that long already - glad to have someone i gel with so well to accompany me in life. I bought her a diamond and sapphire bracelet (those are our birthstones) to match the earrings I got her a few years ago. We had dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, and went to the beach (although we got rained out).

I also returned to college classes for the first time in about 2 years. It is wierd being in college after 30, luckily I think I look kinda young, probably late 20s looking. I enjoy having school to balance out poker, because in school hard work is always rewarded and can not be taken away. A's can't be lost by a downswing, and you won't study 12 hrs for a test then get an F cause of a suckout. It is satisfying to me to work hard, get an A and understand the material, and then move on having that on a permanent record.

Lastly, I have been trying to work out more and have tried to lift and swim several times a week. I'm also avoiding junk food as well as I can. Swimming is so great for working your whole body and relieving stress. I have been tired though from working so hard in the pool, I want to sleep about 10 hrs a day but hopefully once I'm in shape it won't take such a toll.

September Goals -

120 hrs of poker time (grinding, coaching, studying)

Increase exercise workload incrementally

Stay on top and ahead of all school work

Best of luck to everyone and have a great month!

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June 05, 2011

May Wrap-Up

May has passed, and it certainly has been a tough month for most of us. The majority of my roll remains frozen on Full Tilt, and the chances of being paid anytime soon are starting to look bleak. I spent the month working on my game and putting in a decent amount of grinding on Carbon Poker. I happened to play the VIP Ether freeroll and took 1st place for $1400 - only a 50 man field but it was pretty exciting and a needed boost. 

User Uploaded Image

As for my normal play - I started with $500 and playing 50nl and built up from there. Now I am playing 100 and 200nl and 50 and 100 plo regularly. Had a decent month -


User Uploaded Image


#Coaching - On the coaching front, I am still offering $50/hr coaching sessions for the time being. Contact me if you're interested!

#NBA - The playoffs have been pretty thrilling - I am pulling for the old veteran team (the Mavs) - the young guys will have their day some other year, I am hoping that this year it goes to all those 30somethings on the Mavs who have never won!

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May 20, 2011

Life/Poker Update (at long last)

Been a while since I have entered the blogosphere (do people still use that term and think it sounds techy and cool?)
Black Friday was a kick in the nuts for me - I was having a pretty solid year at the tables and was really getting into Rush Poker. My goal was to be playing 400 rush by the end of the year. I was keeping an unreasonable % of my worldly funds on FTP so I could take shots at 400 and hadn't put in a withdraw for awhile. Consequently, I have a lot of money stuck on FTP and I'm a bit worried about it. I also just gained readmission at my University, and was relying on poker to pay my bills and pay for school, so I wouldn't have to get a job and go to school full time. Now everything is in limbo again. I have been grinding on Cake and Merge since Black Friday, but withdrawing from either of those sites is a big question mark. The only ewallet that seemingly remained for Americans - UseMyWallet, was basically shut down for US business the other day. It is no longer an option for most poker sites, and some people's money is in limbo now. The only reliable method of WD for now seems to be checks on Merge, and who knows how long before that is cracked down on?

My coaching business has also suffered - more than half of my students have been American, and now almost NO Americans want to invest in coaching, for obvious reasons. Luckily I still have some European students taking advantage of my new lower rates, and I thank you guys.
I think that my coaching and playing are better than ever, it's unfortunate that the climate is so terrible for the profession I've worked so hard to attain skill at. Hopefully brighter days are ahead for American online poker, and hopefully I can find some way to make a living now and go to school - I am worried and stressed though.

On to less gloomy matters though! Playing on Merge has actually been pretty fun. I deposited only $500 because I didn't want to risk much. I started out playing 50nl full ring, and now I am grinding 50-100 full ring and 50-100 plo 6max, about 75/25. Here is my graph so far at Merge - crushed 50nl for 17bb/100 over 15k hands and have taken it from there!

User Uploaded Image

If anyone has questions about Merge, Cake or any other networks that are options for US players right now, feel free to PM me. Also check out my latest two videos - one is a 100nl Rush video 4 tabling. The other is a 'Tool Time' which is a powerpoint going over the options for US players post-black friday. You may find it informative if you are looking for a place to play in these dark times.


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April 09, 2011

Micros Coaching Deal - $50/hr April Only!

Crossposted from Full Ring Forum -

What's up guys - I noticed that a majority of the posters in this forum are playing the micros, and I'd like to extend a special offer to you guys for a limited time. My usual rate is $75/hr and may soon increase to $100/hr. For April only, I will offer $50 coaching sessions to Deuces members who are playing full ring cash games up to 50nl.

I feel that many players spend way too much time toiling in the micros, or perhaps never get beyond them. My goal is to help students move up and beyond their expectations - I believe that being a winning player at 100nl is possible for 90+% of the students I have had, if they are willing to invest their time and effort.

My coaching can be tailored to the students desire - HEM or PT3 review, HH review, session review, theory discussion, it's all fair game. If you want to leave it up to me, I usually will first check your largest relevant sample in HEM or PT3 for basic leaks and go from there. I have rebuilt the games of several micro players lately, players who thought they were solid and just unlucky, but who actually had a bunch of obvious leaks. I am quite sure they have already paid off their lessons by leak busting and increasing their theoretical understanding.

I have been a coach at DC for nearly 3 years, feel free to reference some of my recent videos if you haven't before. Here are my results for 100 and 200nl FR regular tables in 2011 so far -


Here is the link to my Coach's Bio -


If you are interested, please PM me and I will respond promptly.

In other news I have been playing on Stars again the past few days, because for whatever reason I have an eternal runbad at FTP and I've given up trying to fight it. Just needed a change of scenery and Stars is treating me well so far. I've been trying to polish up my PTR on Stars for coaching purposes. It was always a secondary site to me that I kinda screwed around on and dumped money. My 100 6max winrate was horrible, I was down $1400 in like 10k hands, and I've made it my mission to turn that around. I've already got it down to -$390 in about 5k hands. I'm quite pleased with the games on Stars, at any time of day there are more fishy 100nl games than I can handle. It's actually been tough sticking to playing 8 or less tables because there's usually 30+ great tables going. I don't want to autopilot click buttons and grind though, part of forcing myself to play 6max and less tables is to work on my game. I am liking that 6max gives me many more opportunities to make non-standard plays, and more chance of tilting/owning people. Metagame basically advances much faster at 6max and I think that benefits my aggressive style.

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