November 05, 2009

"Representation by Professionals"

Hello and sorry for the downtime. I have been focusing on school.


I haven’t played much poker lately. There is two reasons for it. One, I lost control and donated about 1/3 of my small bankroll. Two, the school as said earlier. Remember how I mentioned in my last entry how I bluff too much? Well i continued that and it back fired BAD! Usually I just bluff with my mind in it but when they don’t go through you start to bluff with your feelings in it. This is the place where every thoughtful player should stop and put the pieces back together. I have been thinking about “quarter”, not sure about the correct english translation.

Now, i know the picture is pretty self-explanotory and everyone thinks he can think these things while playing. But.. the trick is to become aware of the situation. I myself look at this picture when I THINK I start running bad and the game is collapsing. When i locate myself in the red section I simply close the client. The diagram is pretty raw but I would like to hear your comments about it. The idea here is to present the thought in concrete form and not just as a mind play. People are just so simple that this is the only way to understand and recognize it.

BUT BUT! The past three days I have been playing only Double or nothing tournaments. My ROI is now 43%. It’s just so mind blowing how many mistakes people make in these. On one game two big stacks pushes all-in at bubble! They had AQ and… wait.. Q8! You read it correctly! Q8 called all-in on a bubble!

Random thoughts

This is a short section. It’s a story that is mentioned in the title. My friend is at this “speaking class”, it’s a course on making speeches etc. They had a discussion about the university students representation organization. Basicly it’s a committee of 57 people who have been voted on a democratic election. All the university students can vote. Well, the committees job is to represent students and hold on to their rights and serve some extra benefits. These can be anything from lower bus tickets to owning housing/gyms. At this “speaking class” is a guy who is studying management and organizing. His opinnion to this committee was that the elections were totally unnecessary and the organization should be lead by paid professionals!

This is a prime example what is wrong about todays world! People come so blind sighted that they don’t even want their own representation because every media source and school is pounding on the mantra that we need professionals and they will do a good job. Well I think we saw the results of that when we had the economic crisis. I’m not saying that the companies should be owned by governments. I’m saying that people believe so blindly.. they don’t even want to say their mind anymore. They believe that some random guys will do everything for them when you just pay enough. Well.. people are creedy and that happened to the managers when they found out that they can do anything and still people trust them.

BTW. How can paid professionals represent people without taking advantage of them when the only income is from the members? This is what I don’t understand this guys logic.

*PLEASE COMMENT SOMETHING. Maybe I have more motivation to write more. Tell your opinion about the diagram and if it will be useful for you. I want to develop it more but I need some thoughts on it.

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September 27, 2009

The End

So this is my FIRST post

but my last in this debt amount. I am somewhat in bad shape. Financially speaking. Lot’s of debt and they are mainly from just keeping the lifestyle I want.

I am an 24 years old university student. I get some money from the government but it’s just for the rent so I need more. Recently I have accumulated some debts and now is the time to change that course. I have played poker for around 2 years. My level is Nl25 sixmax and some HU at NL10. Bankroll is now at 300$ and it’s time to go up.

This blog is mainly just for me but of course I love to take some comments. I have thought some mindcontrol issues. This is because that’s my main fault now. I know the basics, I know the tricks.. I just don’t know how to handle myself. Maybe in the next post I will tell some tricks I have come up with this issue.

BTW Do you have any idea what to study besides marketing? I study economics and marketing is my major. Logistics, finance…?

EDIT: just played 2h sessions. Too many times tried to bluff over 20d pots. Just suicide at these levels. Clearly I lost those pots.

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