September 04, 2011

how much time to dedicate to learning poker with a job?

As I posted previously, I was going to move to a new city, took some time off etc..

I became a member in late June - been unavailable for 4 weeks (trips etc...) so in total lets say about 1,5 months of available poker learning time, and here is my input into poker learning:

about 3000 hands and 20 hrs, on avg I multitable 2 tables only (I'm just starting my "serious" online experience). I must have watched or listened to about 10-15 hrs of videos/mp3. Really enjoy the content of the site, but my playing time, my commitment to learning and my results are below par.

I'm pretty busy in my new job, I try to balance my social life as well in this new city. So I would like to know from anybody out here how to balance poker learning with all that? How many hours a week would be a reasonable target that would allow me to improve my game? How many hours of learning do people with a job usually put in to a profitable learning :) ?

This will help me benchmark and setting expectations and hopefully I will stick to it.


By the way, I used to play live previously much more. I didn't meet many poker players here yet.. Does anybody know a game in Hong Kong, please pm me. Thx

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