September 04, 2011

lately/star city PLOcash

the other day i treked into star city(sydney casino) its been a while since i had been there and felt i could beat the 1/2 NL game there on a saturday night. when i got there i saw they were running a 1/2 PLO table, i had  never seen that before not sure how long thats been running? there was only one table running with one spot,so ive played a fair bit of 2c/5c online PLO, so i thought i would take a shot. i bought in for 200,  it was pretty obv they were all regs except for 2, one from america who was obv decent and one i wasnt to sure about, about 3 older guys, who turned out to be pretty nitty if thats possible for PLO, anyway the game played a lot bigger than 1/2, and after about an hour i was up to $600, and i found myself really feelling sick over the size of the pots developing in front of me, i found myself trying to pot control every pot i played and it wasnt working at all, after another hour and a bit i left the game with $450.

i lost half my stack early to a flopped top set when i had kkxx to player A.

then i won a 3 way pot with nut flush on river.

then the most interesting hand came up that i at the time i felt i got super lucky, i had bottom pair and a open ended straight draw which  bet and got one caller who was player A, the turn gave me 2 pair and brought the straight for the gut shot or lower straight, which i bet 25 into 50ish and i get raised to 100,at this point i think he is pushing me around, i also picked up a flush draw on the turn also, so i decide to pot, he instantly re-pots and we get it in for $650, which i am sick about and he turns over the nut straight, and i need to hit an 8 or a Q or any heart and i hit my heart and take it down.

still not sure if my play is right?

also as im leaving,i put 25 on black and 5 on black 11 and i bring it HOME!!! BLACK 11!!!!!!! 

LUCKY NIGHT, sweet br builder considering i play 10nl.

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