May 29, 2011

Day 1: A fresh start

Waking up today I feel better. Memories of yesterday still bite, but not as much. I've had a few problems with my laptop, which means that I might end up loosing my database anyway as I switch to my fiances laptop. It also means that I may have to better plan my poker sessions and study time as I will only have limited time each evening as we share it between ourselves. That isn't neccisarily a bad thing, as there are other things I want to achieve outside of poker, and sitting infront of the computer is taking away time from me actually doing that.

Thinking about yesterday,  whilst I agree with my point of quitting the bad habits cold turkey, I do need some kind of testing ground for any theories I have about my play. I've decided to one-table when I play, and only for a limited time. I played for 1 hour, one table, and noticed a big difference in my state of mind. When I was multitabling, I wasn't fully focused on my opponants. I had given them all a standard range, not taking into to account what I had seen them do. I  didn't know which players were playing fit or fold, which would call down with any pair, which would PSB bluff the flop then shut down on the river. I  would also get over confident with hands like AQo, making shoves against players who I knew I probably shouldn't be, such as players who never open raise, but all of a sudden, shove their whole stack in pre flop to an UTG raise.

This all dissapated when I was one tabling. I was focused on my opponants, and began to notice exploitable trends in their play. I was able  to bluff profitably, shut down thin value, multi-street bets when the board hit their range too strongly (and get to showdown and see that my assessment was good) and play an all round more attentive game.

Like I said yesterday, arrogance is my biggest fault. When I play multiple tables, I let it manifest itself, and that is costing me money. So, for now I'm going to one table.

The next step in  my learning is ranges. I don't know what a 10% opening range consists of. I don't know what a 40% opening range consists of. I don't know how my range should correctly adjust to each. This is basic stuff, but it's so basic, I fooled myself into thinking that I knew it already. It is only lunch time. I might start this later.


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BaseMetal posted on May 29, 2011 at 12:42 PM


I think that actually the last two days have been good for you. The most important thing (except plain enjoyment) is learning at this stage. It doesn't matter much if you are loosing or winning at the micros, each day you learn something is great.Playing one table once in a while probably will help a lot. If you play 5 tables at 4nl and earn $1 per hour, what is really the point, if you play only one two and learn something for the future then compound interest will pay massive dividends.
GL with learning ranges - if you only play one table you can 'play' guess the ranges of all the other players when you aren't in the pot and this should help getting a good feel for them.

seybeats posted on May 30, 2011 at 00:47 AM


I have had the same game experience. My graph was crazy. Up and down, up and down. Managed a break-even stretch over 60k hands, because of multi tabeling. I overshoved and folded too much. Multitabeling is for people with instant reactions, more for those people who play or have played alot of video games, they can adjust more to it than we can. I'm turning a new page in my game also. Instead of 24 tabeling i will stick to 2-4 and learn my opponents, exploit them and make profit. I felt the same when i cut down on tables. My game was totally different, and i had more instincts on players, i would ahve tells on them, which would be correct 80% of the time. Something i enjoy!
"With a small car, you can also drive fast"

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Farmer108 posted on May 31, 2011 at 21:14 PM


"With a small car, you can also drive fast"

I love that.


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