April 09, 2011

A new start (09/04)

After a LOOOOONG time of not posting i'm back !!!

This blog will mainly be for myself, since i cant believe someone would be interested enough to follow this :)

Little background, started grinding a big half year ago, 10 - 25 - 50 - 100NL, 2 months ago i needed to withdrawl a big amount of my bankroll, leaving me with only 30BI for 25nl :(

Now in these 2 months ive made some jumps at 50nl but i have to admit that the last 2 months were the worse in my short poker carreer, i couldnt seem to get anything going right. After reviewing a lot of my plays i think i started to forget the basics of the micros : Tight, agressive, value bet value bet value bet & fold to agression... I started 3b bluffing waaay to often, i started making bluffcatching calls, i made impossible to fold out there range bluffs.

Basically i just played horrible !!!

So now after some "me" time i'm back to fight the micros once again ! Iv been relearning the basics & i cut some tables (up to 4 tables)

I will keep DAILY track of this blog (aslong as i play that day), but since my girlfriend is out of the continent for 2 or more weeks & i got vacation i should have plenty of time to grind myself a way trough the micros once again.

I wont give myself result or volum goals, but i will give myself short term goals as :

  1. Keeping track of this blog Daily
  2. Post min. 3 x HH EVERY DAY
  3. Watch 1 DC VID EVERY DAY
  4. Discus hands in poker group
  5. ...

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mitch posted on April 09, 2011 at 15:53 PM


You sure are back.


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