September 22, 2010

Taking a little break

Hey guys,

After playing 2 months, each day for about +- 3hours a day i decided to take a little break. Its a pretty short break, i will start again monday. But since iv been playing pretty much every day (well actually just everyday) i'm a little bit out of "poker" energy. And i start noticing it in my play, i'm not to interested anymore and i play each day just to make my hands count.

Above that i'm starting a new challenge : Get back in shape in 2 months

I know this has nothing to do w poker and all that (well maybe a fit body means a fit head...) but since that i'm taking time to be blogging here, i decided to mention my progress any week together w my poker progress. I'll start my first Fitness-blog tomorrow as i will weigh myself and start putting down some goals and objectifs since they make me more motivated to keep going.

Cya tomorrow

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