September 02, 2010

The End (24K hands 551.37€)

Hey guys,

So i dicided to conclued my 10 -> 20NL challange since Victory poker changed to Cake Network.

Now i cant play in €'s anymore so my graphs wont make any sence no more.

I Decided to just start another challenge the moment i start playing at a new client.

Thinking about moving to Merge network or Ipoker, not sure wich one i'm gonna pick.

I will start out playing my last couple of sessions in 10nl and then jump to 20nl, i will make a new challenge called :

20 -> 50NL wich i will keep you updated about.

Here is a printscreen of my last restults at victory poker :

User Uploaded Image


So thats it for this challenge, will let you guys know what my future plans are shortly.

Thank you all for reading this one and cya guys around

Posted By EUSSI at 09:57 PM




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