April 12, 2011


Whiii i love this game, i play getting screwed in the ass :(

im super tilted
just lost 5bi
in 38minutes
or 257 hands

1. 44 vs QQ on Q94tt flop
2. KK vs AA preflop AI
3. KJ vs 33 on KJ3tt flop
4. KK vs AQ preflop AI

and then one hand where i have A3s on 738tt (NFD+pair+overcard), get donked into/call, donked into on the 5 turn/call, pushed all in on A river / call
maybe iv couldv avoided losing that last one by folding the river
but vs some donkey who is donking middle pair, flushdraws, straightdraws, worse 2P, & the occasional set
i think its hard

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April 12, 2011

I hate this game so much

aargh, frustrating game it can be, trust me : varience sucks big time :)

So yea like you can guess i just had a terrible session. Altough im really happy with my game, the result didnt wanna work allong. I do admit i played one hand bad on the river, where i push my AK on 33K T 7, flop came with 2 clubs, bet big on flop & turn, got called twice by a somewhat nittyer player in a single raised pot. river brought a 7 of clubs, i set up my flop & turn bet so i could ship the river. Ofc when he showed me the nutflush i started thinking (a little bit tolate ofc) that he wouldv never called a river shove with like TT JJ QQ KJ KQ (maybe AK), and that he never ever wouldv bluffed. So i shouldv ck/f because when i ck & he bets he either has AA KK 3x KT or a flush (bad bad bad play).

The other hands where i lost money where just suckouts, got it on with AA on T27 flop vs QT, KK pre vs AK

& then there was this one hand where i was really happy about :

(cant seem to get the handconverter working)

Merge - $0.25 NL - Holdem - 4 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3: http://www.pokertracker.com

SB: $38.27
BB: $25.00
UTG: $90.66
Hero (BTN): $27.45

SB posts SB $0.10, BB posts BB $0.25

Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero has Jc Jh

fold, Hero raises to $0.75, SB raises to $2.50, fold, Hero calls $1.75

Flop: ($5.25, 2 players) Td 5h 9d
SB checks, Hero bets $3.50, SB raises to $35.77 and is all-in, Hero calls $21.45 and is all-in

Turn: ($55.15, 2 players) Jd

River: ($55.15, 2 players) 4s

SB shows 7s 8s (Straight, Jack High) (PreFlop 22%, Flop 24%, Turn 77%)
Hero shows Jc Jh (Three of a Kind, Jacks) (PreFlop 78%, Flop 76%, Turn 23%)
SB wins $0.00
SB wins $53.15

villain had super high Cb % in single & 3b pots, when he ck/r i really didnt think he had a made hand so i called, ofc i was right & things turned out bad.

Anywayz, pretty happy about my play today, to bad about the result though, but its just another obstacle to overcome on a long long road to become the next phill ivey

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April 11, 2011

A nice weekend

So in my previous post i stated i was gonna be updating every day, wich ofc is bullcrap, im not interesting enough to write down something everyday :)

anywayz, my weekend went pretty good, played some pretty good poker and played at a 8.9BB/100 for 2.6K hands (varience) , i ran 1 buyin under EV so im pretty content with that. Its not the result that i care about though, the first session of saturday i played my best game from the whole weekend but still ended up a 2bi loser, but i didnt care, i played a good game again, and that was most important.

I discovered the microstakes forum again and started posting some (to me) interesting hands, i got a looooot of reply's & some good discussions so im pretty happy bout that.

I met a guy who is playing as a reg in my game, he shared me his skype poker group, ofc i find this pretty sick talking to someone i play a lot about my thinking and how i play hands, so i act like i dont know shit about the game, 88 vs an UTG opener ???? I SHIP THAT SHIT !!!! Ofc after a while he will think im full of shit on the skype group & he will start ignoring me, but for the time being i leave him in the dark about the way i play my hands ;)

Something other then poker : Yesterday my youth soccer team (yea im a soccer coach & yea there are a LOOOOT of soccer moms wanting to bang me!!!!) anywayz, my youth soccer team won the last match of this competition season with 5-0, we end up in the 5th place out of 16 teams, pretty proud to say that all my players are 1y younger then all the other players in the competition. The competition might be over but there are still a lot of tourney to come & a lot of troffees to be won !!!

wich us luck & skill !

peace out

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April 09, 2011

A new start (09/04)

After a LOOOOONG time of not posting i'm back !!!

This blog will mainly be for myself, since i cant believe someone would be interested enough to follow this :)

Little background, started grinding a big half year ago, 10 - 25 - 50 - 100NL, 2 months ago i needed to withdrawl a big amount of my bankroll, leaving me with only 30BI for 25nl :(

Now in these 2 months ive made some jumps at 50nl but i have to admit that the last 2 months were the worse in my short poker carreer, i couldnt seem to get anything going right. After reviewing a lot of my plays i think i started to forget the basics of the micros : Tight, agressive, value bet value bet value bet & fold to agression... I started 3b bluffing waaay to often, i started making bluffcatching calls, i made impossible to fold out there range bluffs.

Basically i just played horrible !!!

So now after some "me" time i'm back to fight the micros once again ! Iv been relearning the basics & i cut some tables (up to 4 tables)

I will keep DAILY track of this blog (aslong as i play that day), but since my girlfriend is out of the continent for 2 or more weeks & i got vacation i should have plenty of time to grind myself a way trough the micros once again.

I wont give myself result or volum goals, but i will give myself short term goals as :

  1. Keeping track of this blog Daily
  2. Post min. 3 x HH EVERY DAY
  3. Watch 1 DC VID EVERY DAY
  4. Discus hands in poker group
  5. ...

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November 10, 2010

swing it on down

hey guys,

Its been i while since i blogged here  and a lot happend in that time.

First some non poker stuff :

At the end of september i got my grades and i passed my second year of college (industrial science) i was really in 7th heaven since i never go to classes or do tasks over the year. After that i got a month vacation and started again in october. Had some time to play poker and study my game. Did some citytrips w friends and my girl, and had a lot of fun. In october it was back to college, ah well, theoretacly that is... :-)

Middle october my brother got married in Romania. ROAD TRIP, me and my girlfriend stayed in a super luxy hotel, together with some friends of my brother. My parrents stayed with other relatifs in another Hotel in another city neerby. We went sight seeing, did some cool clubs, and ofcourse partied hard at the wedding :-), After we came back in belgium i dicided to take another week of and then started my lessons again. School is Cool :-), i got a lot of practical courses this year, a lot of programming and ICT related courses, offcourse i still got some shitty chemestry lessons, wich i hate, but hey, gotta take the good w the bad :-).

Now about the poker. I wasnt playing to much since i had al these school stuff coming up so dicided to take it easy in october, got in like 20K hands or so and everything went good. Middle october i dicided to move up to 50NL


i was planning on playing 50NL at the end of this year, so i was pretty excited about my progres i made but i didnt had my 40buyin goal but i knew i had the knowledge to beat it, after a week of play and a verry bumpy 20K hands i dicided to move back down to 20NL after i won 5buyins and lost them again in 2 sessions, i dicided to grind out 20NL some more and make my bankroll a little bit more 50NL playable.Jumping back to 20nl looked like taking candy from a baby, i won 21buyins in 20K hands SWEEEEET


last days from october i was running HOT HOT HOT at 20NL, starting november i was really looking forward my end goal at the end of december, i was gonna make the 2K FOR SURE


ow yea, forgot al about it, started playing beginning of november till now, something of about 13K hands, and what do ya know, i'm down +-20 buyins, this is the biggest downswing i had since i started out. I'm not gonna lie, i made some terrible plays, made some mistakes, those might count for 4 or 5 buyins, but the other 15 were just pure evil varience, im not gonna start posting KK v QQ, AK v AQ preflop allin HH because we all been there and its bad karma. but down 20buyins in 15K hands WTF man WTF, i really wasnt prepared for this shit to happen. well somewhere deep inside i know it was bount to happen some time.

So now here i am, left w 53Buyins for 20NL when i was once at 72buyins, So now what do i do?? Do i take a week of and hope my luck changes ???


Nah, i  think i got the right mindset to keep playing my daily 2K hands, offcourse, if i start tilting early in  the session i will just quit, but i learned to deal w the fact that there is no running from varience, either if your phil ivey, tom durrrr dwan, or EUSSI

If you ask me VARIENCE SUCKS MONKY BALLS, go around and spread the words

here some graphs :-) :

User Uploaded Image


november sucks :'( :

User Uploaded Image


It sucks bigtime :

User Uploaded Image


sucker da sucker da sucker da sucker da suck :

User Uploaded Image


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September 30, 2010

Back in business (34K hands, +$511)

Hey guys

After a couple of days rest i'm back on full troathel, well not on full but good enough :), Have been checking some DC movies. And playing a bit. So here is an stat update

BR excel :

User Uploaded Image


I will be posting some HH and other shit in a couple of days (dont have a lot of time right now)

Cya guys

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September 22, 2010

Taking a little break

Hey guys,

After playing 2 months, each day for about +- 3hours a day i decided to take a little break. Its a pretty short break, i will start again monday. But since iv been playing pretty much every day (well actually just everyday) i'm a little bit out of "poker" energy. And i start noticing it in my play, i'm not to interested anymore and i play each day just to make my hands count.

Above that i'm starting a new challenge : Get back in shape in 2 months

I know this has nothing to do w poker and all that (well maybe a fit body means a fit head...) but since that i'm taking time to be blogging here, i decided to mention my progress any week together w my poker progress. I'll start my first Fitness-blog tomorrow as i will weigh myself and start putting down some goals and objectifs since they make me more motivated to keep going.

Cya tomorrow

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September 18, 2010

21K hands +392,12

hey guys,

Back w an update, been having some good sessions last couple of days, finally made it above $1K so i'm pretty happy about it. Posted 2 movies in the member movie section so you guys can check that out. I will post some HH tomorrow of the biggest pots won and lost.

Here's a new bankroll spreadsheet update :

User Uploaded Image


And heres a PT stats prntscrn :

User Uploaded Image

User Uploaded Image


Will post some HH in a few day, make sure to check out my member videos posted. For those who want my Bankroll spreadsheet, iv posted it here : 


theres an instructional video on how to use.

Cya all

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September 12, 2010

New goals for 20NL challenge (12,6K hands, +$255.08)

Hey guys,

After a downswing of - 8 BI, i had a pretty sick session with a friend, we played for 4h, each playing an hour and then changing and sweating eachother, it was pretty sweet, won 9BI so that was pretty sick. So now i'm at 12K hands and i decided to set a new final goal for 20 - 50NL.

I wanna have the bankroll (40BI) to play 50NL by the end of the year, that means 3.5months, wich i suppose should be plenty of time.

Think this will be around +- 100K hands played.

Heres a new prntscrn of my BR file :

User Uploaded Image

I really need to do something about my negativeness towords the game the moment that i'm on a downswing, maybe some of you guys know a good book or movie to look at to relative these periods a little bit more ?

I'll be posting next week as my challange goes on

cya all

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September 07, 2010

5.6K hands +$86.21

Hey guys,

So i finished my first 5K hands. The first 4.5K hands went like there was no way i could lose one pot. So i was on a definate upswing, i think i played good aswell, always tryd to get max value out of hands. I got some suckouts here and there but that was no biggie. So my session today was horrible, i played 911 hands on 4 tables and ended up with -$86, my first 300 hands i was getting owned like there are no words for it. I started steaming and lost some more buyin untill i was down $60. Then i quited for 15min, walked around, came back and started playing again. Had to fold almost every hand, and if i got a legit hand they were 3b 4b me whole the time so that really sucked. After 600 hands i was back to -$30 wich i really liked. Hit a set v someones AA, made the nutfush v second nutflush. And then the final 300 hands were all setups, AA v KK preflop, set over set on a super dry board and some spewy things i did while steaming made me a loss of 4BI.

So i quit playing for today since i'm steaming my brains out like mr Hellmuth would say, it just seamed like i always was owned, not only in the big  pot but also in the smallpots i couldnt play my A game since i had the feeling they always had me...

Anyways, i was prepared for a losing session so i guess i had it coming, to bad it had to be -4BI after having such a nice first week at 20NL.

I can def beat this game, but i need to do something about my steam play...

So i said i was gonna put out some goals after the first 5K hands but since i was making such hughe swings the first week i think i'm gonna wait another 5K hands to see how that works out before posting any goals.

Here's a graph of my first 5K hands so far :

User Uploaded Image


I will be putting in some interesting screenshots of my PT3 stats after the first 10K hands since there isnt much of a sample to make conclusions.

Hope my bad run from today doesnt affect my future sessions to much.

BTW : i'll be posting another vid tomorrow together w some interesting HH from my first 5k hands.

Cya guys

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