April 07, 2012

friends and strangers

Although this is my first post im not going to bother with intros or beginning from the beginning... This blog is intended only as a vent for my thoughts/tilt and if anyone reads it, ok.

Played last night against some friends/family/strangers (friends of friends), which we do maybe once or twice a month... small money, just for fun. But the bad poker (dont get me wrong, im no pro) that goes on is iiiiincredible.... couple of examples...

First I was completely card dead so my stack was slowly getting smaller and I had mr. aggro to my left who was 3betting everytime i opened (which was actually working really well...even though im not sure he knew what he was doing), anyway... I was in BB... he open limped UTG...5 callers... Im holding T7 in BB and check. flop T75. He comes straight out with a massive overbet... folds to me... if I just call i'll only have a half pot left for turn so I just shove, no worries. He instacalls with 64 and hits the river....variance...fine... i rebuy. Goes roughly the same... I end up raising CO with A6. Mr aggro raises, SB flats as do I... flop comes AKQr... I check, aggro again overbets, and SB shoves and im left looking at a wet board where im beaten by A7... I fold.... aggro calls (which wasnt much more due to his overbet) and turns over T8 (?????), SB turns over JQ and im trying not to show my tilt/kicking myself for thinking they might actually be strong!

Eventually I get dealt A6 again... 5 players left, im shortstack. UTG (nitty) limps, I just shove really hoping to collect the dead money/get called by random hand from mr aggro. Mr aggro folds but the big stack (who considers himsfelf a bit of a shark) calls and to my surprise UTG calls aswell and turns over KK...fair enough, Sharkie turns over K5o.... says 'just called cause I can afford it' Flop comes AT3...PHEW...ok lucky me I tripled up. Turn 2....River...4. Mr I Can Afford IT runner runnered a straight... to be honest I felt more sorry for the guy with KK... I know how it feels to play nitty, finally get a premium hand and have it cracked by a hand which you just crazy dominate!

Anyway Sharkie laughs makes a 'that steak tasted good' noise and actually stands up reaches across the table and drags my chips from infront of me.

Anyway that was me out. This unfortunately was the time I least enjoyed our games together... not because of the money, not because of the variance... but because of bad poker and as in the last example...pride in bad poker!

Mr aggro will be invited back, crazy poker but good guy. Sharkie will not be... bad poker + bad personality + (and this is one of my most hated characteristics in anyone) bad winner!

I look forward to our next game :)

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kerwinty posted on April 08, 2012 at 06:59 AM


pick up reads, trust them and go with them. Sometimes a6 is junk, sometimes its the nuts. Depends on villain, opponents, and table dynamics. That is what makes the game great and beatable. Against the guys you play against you have reads so use them. You might be wrong every now and again, but most of the time you will be right. You don't need the nuts to beat agro monkey fish if they want to stack off light to you or bluff you. And sometimes second or third nuts is a joke if against a playing back nit.


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