April 01, 2010

March Roundup

Poker Ended the month on a semi-downswing, booking just over $350 of profit over 30,000 hands. No real hands that stand out, but I think I’m still having trouble laying down big overpairs to aggression on very dry boards. It’s so rarely someone making a “move,” but I call off anyway. I plan on plugging that leak this month, along with a few others.

March PT Graph

Hopefully going to get my goals up for april over the next couple of days.

Climbing Continuing to improve, though not as fast as Karen. She’s climbing 5.9s and I’m still stuck in the 5.8+ area. I think she’s a little more limber and compact then me, so she can really move her feet up the wall better than I can. I’m clearing some V2+ in bouldering, so that’s good. I’ve decided to try and cut 10 to 20 lbs to see if that will help with the climbing. To wit, I am about to go on a run right now.

Life Life in general was a little tough this month. For one, We lost our family dog. My brother was really close to him, taking care of him while my parents are in Japan on business. The night after he died, I had to fly down to VA from NY to pick the dog up and we drove him back to PA where we buried him in the back yard in his favorite spot. Car broke down on the way home, which was awesome. We were able to get it to a dealership though, and they fixed it rather quickly (Volkswagen, I am forever in debt to your speedy mechanics and excellent customer service). Karen and I had our 4th anniversary (of when we think we may have started dating…it was senior spring of college, so everything is a little hazy). We actually missed it, and I wouldn’t of remembered had she not reminded me the other day. I tried to explain to her that part of the deal with me proposing to her is that I don’t have to remember this stuff anymore. That actually seemed to go over surprisingly well. The ring has made my life so much better…

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