July 27, 2010

2 Cash hands

Ok so I was intending on carrying on the story from last time, but basically, I've been running bad, and even though I came first, and chopped for first in 2 tournaments last weekend, I am currently down £1,000 ($1,500) since the start of the month.

Instead I thought it would be more interesting to talk about 2 live cash hands, 1 I played well, the other I played badly, lets see if you can work out which is which.

Hand 1: Villain is a 20 year old, bright looking guy, drinking beer, offering drinks around the table, recently revealed that he plays up to 25/50 (that's 5knl) and 3/6 PLO online. And knows that I'm somewhat competent. BTN is fish, passive preflop, weak postflop.

£1/£1 live cash game:

Hero has a £210 stack, villain has hero covered.

Villain in MP, raises preflop to 7, hero calls at CO with Tof clubsTof spades, BTN calls, blinds fold.

Flop: (pot 23, 3 players) 9of clubs5of clubs3of hearts

Villain bets 15, Hero calls, BTN folds.

Turn: (pot 53) Qof clubs

Villain bets 30, Hero tanks, then calls.

River: (pot 113) Qof spades

Villain bets 75, Hero (75 to call, around 150 behind) tanks and calls.

Villain shows Aof clubs Qof hearts

So my reasoning for this hand, I think the call on the flop is super standard, a fold is out of the question, and I can't really find a good argument for raising.

The turn is by far the most interesting card in this hand. Since villain is competent, I had to assume that his barreling frequency there is not 100%, therefore the only hands he is continuing to barrel with are:

Aof clubs hands, of which there are 4 AK, 3 AQ, 4 AJ, 2 AT.

3 of those have TPTK, 2 of those have the nut flush, leaving 8 hands with the naked Aof clubs.

My assumption is that if a low card comes on the river, he will bet all his value hands, and stop betting most of his naked Aof clubs hands.

If a of clubs hits the river, I expect him to play honestly also.

So I called the turn, expecting a somewhat easier decision on the river. The rivered Queen is a very unexpected card for me, which says something about my lack of experience. Once the queen hits, I should have registered that he is much more likely to be thin valuebetting than bluffing.

However, my thinking at the time was that, the queen just removed another value hand from his turn range, and since my range is so face up (medium strength/weak showdown hand) that He must be continuing 3 barreling with A high to get me off it.

However, looking back on this hand, folding the river or raising all in, are both much better options than calling. As villain has no boats in his range (he may have QQ, but let's not worry about that), so his most likely range is AQ with A of clubs. This is the hand I was pondering about since the turn, and simply did not believe he could have it (only 2 combos left).

I also saw that folding the turn is also a viable option, as: the only worse hands likely have 2 overcards + better flush draw, and I'm crushed by all his value hands.

So, a hand that I played badly, however I don't think it was horrible.

Hand 2 - time for a more cheerful note.

I am in the big blind of a 1/1 game. The guy to my left straddles, relevant history: he straddles maybe 1/2 to 1/3 of the time, and has been sitting on my left for around 4 hours, of the 4/5 times he has straddled, he has reraised 3/4 times, so a majority. I chatted to him 3 hours ago and he said his wife wanted him to be home by 11:00, the time is  now 11:30.


Straddle, 5 callers, SB calls the 1 more, I pick up Kof heartsKof diamonds, and formulated a plan to insta complete as the action got round to me.

Villain announces a raise of 15, with 60 left behind. Everyone folds.

I think a few seconds and go all in. Villain sighs, looks at his cards, looks at his chips, looks at his watch, and calls.

Villain shows Aof diamondsJof spades and board bricks out.

Until next time guys :)

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