July 26, 2010

First post

So I finally decided to start a poker blog, I've been meaning to do it for a while, but have been too busy putting in hands. Now that I've been running back for a month, I feel like it's just about the right time to start, if you're reading this, then I thank you for your time :)

I guess for my first post I will summarise my journey so far:

I started in February, with a 10$ free bet from Betfair they gave me as a promotion. I thought I'd give poker a try.

I took to the felt, and to my surprise, I worked my bankroll up to $70, I then decided to take a shot at a couple of tournaments, and started playing some $2 tournaments, except I misclicked or something and started playing a $22 tournament by mistake. I was a complete nit preflop and made it to the final table (out of 3). I then looked at the prize pool and was quite happy when I won $140 for first prize.

All of the above took me to march, with  my winnings I felt like I might have a knack for this poker stuff, and decided to take the next step, so I started browsing 2+2, and came across DC. They were running a promotion at the time, 2 months for the price of 1. So I signed up and started watching beginner 6max videos.

I also decided that I wanted to learn the game, and even though with my nitty preflop game, I was able to beat the 4c betfair game for  30bb/100, I thought there was little future in that game, and decided to try out Fulltilt, for its shiny software and supposedly harder games.

So I deposited $600, then withdrew $550, leaving myself $50 to start at 2nl.

I subsequently moved up at a pace of around 2-3 weeks per level, here's my graph:

User Uploaded Image

As you can see, I took a shot just before the first of June, and crashed in an epic manner, I shall continue my story next post :)

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Luckycharms_74 posted on July 26, 2010 at 12:48 PM


Nice blog Josh. I think I will start my own blog now that I have been inspired .... :)


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