February 08, 2010

2.08.10 More Stuff

I played a little bit of everything this weekend. Rush, FR and 6 max. I was successful and unsuccessful at all.

Want to know what I discovered? It’s about focus. In particular 6 max is about really paying attention to the other players. You have to pay attention to their tendencies and play off of them. I did discover that when I pay attention, I mean really focus, I could pretty much figure out how strong they were and react accordingly. The challenge is when the focus goes so does the money. For me it is more important to realize how I am playing as opposed to the others. If I am not playing my “A” game I need to do something else.

Full Ring at the micros you can be successful in only playing your cards. You do not make a move, or do anything fancy. Just play enough tables and grind out a nice bankroll.

With the rake as high as it is I still think the best way to build a bankroll is playing Full Ring, more tables, tighter play, play less pots, pay less rake and on average win bigger pots.

In truth its more comfortable for me to fire up a lot of tables and fold your way to big hands and hope they hold. For me right now 6 max is more fun, trying to figure out the players. Of course I do not play as many tables of 6 max 2 to 4 tables is all I can do, as opposed to 10 FR tables.

Having written this I will probably get destroyed tonight.

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