March 01, 2010

February Breakdown

Overall, February was a pretty disappointing month. I basically broke even on the month, with almost periodic up and down swings every other session. However, there were some positives. The main encouraging feature was that I returned from Australia with a strong motivation to grind lots of hands, and I did just that. I played 24k hands of tracked cash games over 63 hours. I also played a decent amount of tripledraw and some tournaments, which weren’t tracked.
Some other upsides to the month include the official beginning of the Mount Robusto project, as we sent the “first recon squad” out with their first assignments last week. We hope to have everyone else assigned and active within the next week or so. Also, the second episode of From Busto to Robusto is almost finished and released. It will go public on March 14th, and I encourage everyone to watch it. We really have created the finest documentary films ever about online poker, and hope that they are a big hit both with poker players and fans of film in general. Jay, Dean, Ryan, and I have put a lot of time and money into the project and we hope that it will be even more successful than the first episode.

Some details about poker results:
I was unfortunate to run the worst at the higher stakes, and I reckon thats the biggest reason for a breakeven month. At 2/4 and 3/6 PLO, I sustained pretty solid winrates both 6max and HU. I consider myself to be one of the best players at those levels, and will hopefully grind out some solid wins in the coming months and move back up to consistently higher stakes. My PLO results last year were pretty awful, and I attribute most of that to running bad (100k+ under EV, sigh) while playing a low volume at high stakes. This year I plan to reverse that trend, and play higher volumes at midstakes, gradually re-entering the higher stakes games once my bankroll and skill level are both solid enough to do so. I might even stumble into some bonus-y things while doing so, as I’ll presumably attain Supernova on stars sometime this summer (if not sooner).

Goals for March:
I’m going to shoot for 30k hands, mostly of midstakes PLO. I’ll continue putting in the necessary work on my other projects. I’ll plan a beastly next season of DC videos. I hopefully will be able to get out and play some sports a few times a week too, to stay in shape until ultimate season starts. If I’m able to actually start using the jumpsoles that I bought a long time ago, that would be great too!

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February 27, 2010

TableNinja is the bomb!

I discovered TableNinja while I was playing hyperturbo SNGs recently. I wanted a way to make multitabling them easier and more efficient, and TableNinja does all that and more! Because I now spend less time clicking buttons, I can spend more time analyzing situations, and that clearly is +EV.

I won’t go on forever about all the cool things it can do, but here’s my current setup of hotkeys:

Right mouse button: Bet/Raise
Thumb mouse button: Call (if you don’t have a mouse with thumb buttons, you should invest in one!)
F key: Check/Fold (not only because F is for fold, but because its in a nice position for my left index finger)
X key: Sit out next big blind on this table
ctrl-X: Sit out next big blind on all tables
W key: Join waitlist (I haven’t figured out how to join all waitlists of a certain game/stakes, but perhaps that is possible?)
Mouse Wheel: increase/decrease bet by 1BB

My default betsizing for each street is specified in the program (you can get pretty specific with it, too!), so in most situations all I have to do each decision is hover my mouse over the relevant table and click one of my 3 action buttons. The software also takes care of all the minor annoyances of buying in, waiting for the big blind, and other popups. It really does make multitabling much easier, and is almost certainly adding some EV to my hourly rate.

Disclaimer: DJ Sensei does not fully endorse the practice of mass-multitabling. Side effects may include: occasional misclicks, imperfect reads, and sometimes increased tilt. To find out if mass-multitabling is right for you, talk to your DeucesCracked coach!

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February 26, 2010

Fewer sessions like this please.

This month I’ve had a really hard time stringing winning sessions together, which is ultimately frustrating. Often the losing sessions are caused by a bunch of cooler-ish situations where I don’t have much choice but to get it in bad, but this one was just a constant barrage of suckouts. I can’t actually remember a session where I so consistently get it in good and lose. Also, I rarely have a red line trending upwards, so I’m pretty sure I was playing really well in nonshowdown pots too. So it goes. Also, yes I realize I got it in bad in some pots too, but almost all of them were little bitty pots and/or coolers.

Sorry for the complaining, but if anything, hopefully you’ll see this after a bad day of your own and realize you didn’t have it so bad after all!

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February 23, 2010

A rather comprehensive update!

Yo dudes, I just realized I’ve cracked the top 10 most popular blogs on DC. Woo! Thanks to my loyal readers who put up with weeks of inactivity and mediocre posts to seek out the occasional gem.

In an effort to start writing more awesome and relevant blog posts, I’d like to ask you to suggest some topics you’d like to see me write about. I’ll pick some of the best and try to bust out some beast posts.

Anyhow, some random updates:

  • Tomorrow John and I are starting our first PLO coaching group. I expect that it will be super awesome and that we’ll learn a good deal about how to run such a thing. Ideally we’ll keep running new groups more often now, so definitely holler at me if you’re interested.
  • From Busto To Robusto is on the homestretch. Its been a real to-do to get the second episode finished, but we’re almost there. It should be an awesome follow-up to Zeebo’s episode, and I hope you all enjoy it (and buy DVDs! :)).
  • Winter league ultimate is almost over. My team has underachieved this season, but that probably just means we’re saving it for the end-of-season tournament. It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a captain and helped draft the team… My main concern is the month of March, in which I have no scheduled athletic endeavors. Hopefully the weather is nice and there are sporting things to do, or else I’m going to get even more out of shape before the real ultimate season starts in April/May.
  • On a related note, the website that I’m working to start up with friends of mine here in SF is also coming along nicely. Hopefully within the next few months we’ll be up and running. It will also mark my first “Founder” title (but hopefully not the last!).
  • On the felt I have actually been putting in some solid hours so far since we got back from Australia. Results have been swingy but positive. I’ve focused mostly on PLO, both 6max and HU, but have played some tripledraw as well as some hyperturbo SNGs (see: my last post). I pretty much gave up on rush poker once I realized that even if I crushed the games my hourly wouldn’t be that high. Perhaps I’ll reconsider it if they raise the stakes on the PLO games, but I don’t see that happening soon. I think they realize that at 2/4+ they simply won’t be able to sustain enough volume for the rush model to work, and they’d prefer not to have empty lobbies sitting there.

I’ll leave you with a nice little bluff I made tonight. Enjoy! Oh, and if you’re a tripledraw opponent of mine, I do this a ton ;)

Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball Limit ($30/$60 USD)
Seat 1: Donkaroo22 ($2353 in chips)
Seat 2: DJ Sensei ($2043 in chips)
Seat 4: groth911t ($2347 in chips)
Seat 6: cherry1020 ($2030 in chips)
cherry1020: posts small blind $15
Donkaroo22: posts big blind $30

Dealt to DJ Sensei [2h 4s 2s 8h 2c]
DJ Sensei: raises $30 to $60
groth911t: folds
cherry1020: folds
Donkaroo22: raises $30 to $90
DJ Sensei: calls $30

Donkaroo22: stands pat
DJ Sensei: discards 2 cards [2h 2s]
Dealt to DJ Sensei [4s 8h 2c] [4h 8s]
Donkaroo22: bets $30
DJ Sensei: calls $30

Donkaroo22: stands pat
DJ Sensei: discards 2 cards [4s 8s]
Dealt to DJ Sensei [8h 2c 4h] [Ks Jh]
Donkaroo22: bets $60
DJ Sensei: raises $60 to $120
Donkaroo22: folds

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February 20, 2010

Latest silly+addictive poker variant

I blame groth911t for getting me hooked on these.

Hyper-turbo Sunday Million satellites.
6 players, $87.72 buyin.
1st and 2nd pay out $215, 3rd is $86.
500 chips to start, 3 minute levels:
200/400/80 (though it rarely gets to here :))

They are pushfests from the get-go, and chock full of fun little strategic tournament situations (like pushing trash on the bubble knowing that nobody can call!). Average duration is 5.4 minutes so you can play a ton of them, too. Additionally, they are utterly stress-free since you simply don’t have time to worry about results. Half the times I bust out I don’t even realize it until my table closes! Its been a long time since I played sit-n-go’s, but I did specialize in them way back in the day (around summer of ‘05 I was a pro at the $22s and $33s!). I’ve gotten back up to speed pretty quickly. Thus far I’ve played 100 of them with some reasonably impressive stats*:

I welcome you all to challenge my reign of hyperturbo terror!

  • - Actually I really have no frame of reference for these sorts of things, so I don’t know what a good/great ROI is these days. Also, I’m not sure why I have so many 1sts and so few 2nds, considering there isn’t really a 2nd place in these?

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February 05, 2010

2-7 Lowball Challenge!

Biggest pot in which you win a multiway showdown with a pair.

I submit: 12.4BB

PokerStars Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball Limit ($30/$60 USD)
Seat 1: ($941 in chips)
Seat 3: ($4854 in chips)
Seat 4: Villain ($702 in chips)
Seat 5: JoeHachem ($1168 in chips)
Seat 6: DJ Sensei ($705 in chips)
JoeHachem: posts small blind $15
DJ Sensei: posts big blind $30

Dealt to DJ Sensei [3s 5s 4h 9d 2d]
2 folds
Villain: raises $30 to $60
JoeHachem: raises $30 to $90
DJ Sensei: raises $30 to $120
Betting is capped
Villain: calls $60
JoeHachem: calls $30
JoeHachem: discards 2 cards
DJ Sensei: stands pat on [3s 5s 4h 9d 2d]
Villain: discards 3 cards
JoeHachem: checks
DJ Sensei: bets $30
Villain: calls $30
JoeHachem: calls $30
JoeHachem: discards 1 card
DJ Sensei: stands pat on [3s 5s 4h 9d 2d]
Villain: discards 2 cards
JoeHachem: checks
DJ Sensei: bets $60
Villain: raises $60 to $120
JoeHachem: calls $120
DJ Sensei: calls $60
JoeHachem: discards 1 card
DJ Sensei: discards 1 card [9d]
Dealt to DJ Sensei [3s 5s 4h 2d] [2h]
Villain: stands pat
JoeHachem: checks
DJ Sensei: checks
Villain: checks
JoeHachem: shows [7d 6h 3h 5c 6s] (Lo: a pair of Sixes)
DJ Sensei: shows [3s 5s 4h 2h 2d] (Lo: a pair of Deuces)
Villain: mucks hand
DJ Sensei collected $808 from pot
Seat 4: Villain (button) mucked [5d 7s Ts 4c 5h]
Seat 5: JoeHachem (small blind) showed [7d 6h 3h 5c 6s] and lost with Lo: a pair of Sixes
Seat 6: DJ Sensei (big blind) showed [3s 5s 4h 2h 2d] and won ($808) with Lo: a pair of Deuces

To the villain’s credit, I did break a hand better than the hand he thought he had.

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January 24, 2010

Rush poker: now with more 1-outers!

Full Tilt Poker $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em – 6 players
The Official Hand History Converter

MP: $321.80
CO: $354.90
BTN: $906.00
Hero (SB): $356.15
BB: $900.45
UTG: $239.80

Pre Flop: ($3.00) Hero is SB with J Club J Spade
1 fold, MP raises to $6, CO calls $6, 1 fold, Hero calls $5, 1 fold

Flop: ($20.00) J Diamond 9 Diamond 5 Heart (3 players)
Hero checks, MP checks, CO bets $20, Hero raises to $66, MP folds, CO calls $46

Turn: ($152.00) 5 Diamond (2 players)
Hero bets $82, CO calls $82

River: ($316.00) T Diamond (2 players)
Hero bets $202.15 all in, CO calls $200.90 all in

Final Pot: $717.80
CO shows Q Diamond K Diamond (a straight flush, King high)
Hero shows J Club J Spade (a full house, Jacks full of Fives)
CO wins $714.80
(Rake: $3.00)

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January 22, 2010

Arcade + Bowling = easy monies

The crew went out for laser tag and bowling tonight. Before everyone showed up we played around a little bit in the video arcade (side note: how do arcades still make money? Their video games are all wayyyyy worse than modern console games and you have to keep paying each time you play! Monopoly of attention I guess, especially in a place like the crown complex.). Clearly some prop-betting was in order. I played Vanessa HU at the basketball shooting game thing for $100 and won by a reasonable margin (48-37 or so). Andrew joined in for the second game, also for $100 each, and I crushed them both (80-35-40 or thereabouts). +$300. Off to laser tag!

We didn’t gamble at all on the laser tag, but that was probably good since there was some local dude (teenager?) playing against us who was about as good at lasertag as I am at Modern Warfare or Halo. It wasn’t really fair, but it was fun anyhow.

Bowling followed naturally from lasertag, so we rolled a few games. Vanessa made a 1 on her first frame and then offered me a bet on the game. Naturally I had to offer her some odds because she started so poorly, so we settled on 1.25-1 on the game. I led off with a strike and didn’t look back, winning easily (113-85 or so?). We wagered again on the second game, except this time I gave her a 25 pin advantage and we bet even money for $10 a pin. She played better, and I found myself up against her 98 final score with one frame to go and 101 on the board already. I promptly rolled XX7 to blast my score up to 137 and book a solid $140 on the game. +$540.

Not bad for a day at the family fun center!

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January 14, 2010

Aussie Milla trip report: part one

I actually typed up a longer version of this report and then lost it due to crappy hotel internet (at $29 a day, you’d expect better!) so I’ll keep it somewhat brief. We left out of LAX on Monday evening. The flight(s) over basically consisted of {standing in a horribly long and slow line, sleeping on a plane} for 24 hours. We finally arrived in Melbourne early Wednesday afternoon and spent the remainder of the first day getting acquainted with the surroundings.

Our hotel is quite nice, though expensive. Location is pretty great, right on the river near downtown and a short walk from Crown.

We had some drinks and headed to the casino for a little action. Unfortunately we quickly discovered that, compared to the Vegas casinos we’ve come to know so well, the Crown casino kinda sucks. Here are some of the reasons why:
1) No paigow poker, though they do have those crazy paigow tiles that no non-Asian person understands how to play
2) Drinks are not free, and in fact must be paid for in advance
3) In blackjack, the dealer never deals himself a second card until he’s finished dealing to every player (including hits, doubles, etc.). This means if he makes blackjack, you still have to go through all the motions. There are some other silly rules too, but that was the worst of it. We also happened to have the worlds toughest dealer and he crushed our souls. Additionally, there is something called “sports blackjack” which seems to be no different than regular blackjack except they pay 6:5 instead of 3:2 on blackjacks.
4) You aren’t allowed to tip the dealers. This is the case in poker too, which seems lame. I guess I’m saving some money (which is undoubtedly lost again in extra rake or something), but I feel like they should have more incentive to be good dealers.

The suckiness of the casino is probably a good thing overall, since now I have less incentive to gambool, but it was still somewhat disappointing. And the rest of the Crown seems very nice, including the food court right above the poker room.

Funny anecdote from the gambling excursion: We were leaving the roulette table and cashed out our chips. I had run my $100 up to $115 (woo!) so I got a black chip and three reds. Naturally I began to shuffle them in my fingers, but the black chip slipped out and fell into my white russian, where it remained until I finished the drink.

We hit the sack early last night to get a full nights sleep, so today I was nearly on a normal schedule. We planned out some things for the seminars, picked up some burners (temporary cell phones, for those who haven’t seen The Wire), played a little live cash (report to follow) and nommed some noms. Most of the crew played day 1a of the opening event starting this evening, but I’m planning to play tomorrow since I didn’t want to be up all night and get started on a bad routine.

Thats it for now, I’ll try and update this regularly over the next few weeks for those of you who wish you were here. I’ll also post some fun hands from cash games and tournaments, and hopefully some pictures of the surroundings. Its good to be back in the summer in a faraway land!

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January 09, 2010

3? days to Australia!!!

Ahhhhh! I haven’t done a whole lot yet to prepare either, so it could be a stressfully busy day tomorrow. Or not, I’ll probably just throw everything in a suitcase at the last minute the way I always do.

Sunday afternoon: fly to Los Angeles, meet up with most of the DC crew, start to prepare seminars and get pumped up.
Monday evening: fly to Australia
Tuesday: no longer exists. This is very weird to me, but I guess thats what happens when you fly west over the international date line.
Wednesday morning: Arrive in Australia. Probably nap or otherwise try to trick my body into accepting the new hours.
Thursday: ???
Friday: Profit!

Well, hopefully every day will be profit while I’m down there, but we shall see. Probably depends a lot on how I run in the tournaments and what kind of cash games are running. Please to be TDL/PLO mix?

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