October 05, 2010

Epic Fantasy Football comeback

I'm in two leagues this year; one with college friends (I'm currently leading the league with an unblemished 4-0 record!) and one with poker players, mostly DC folk. I've been doing decently well in the poker league, despite not putting up huge numbers. Going into this week I was 2-1. However, both Miles Austin and Thomas Jones were on a bye week, so a significant chunk of my expected points were out. I once again elected to start Eli Manning over Kyle Orton, which of course was a huge mistake. Neither Mike Sims-Walker nor Pierre Thomas scored a single point for me, and so after Sunday night things looked bleak. I had earned a mere 34 points in a league where the average score was probably over 100. My leading individual scorer was Jacksonville tight end Marcedes Lewis with 9 (side note: he's an excellent pick at TE. Nobody knows about him, but he puts up solid numbers and is often targeted around the end zone because he is huge.). However, there was a glimmer of hope; my opponent had only put up 55 points thus far, and we both had a few players remaining in the Monday night matchup. I had just picked up Miami's Davone Bess the week before, and I also had New England's kicker Gostkowski. My opponent was left with New England's tight end and Miami's defense.

Bess got off to a hot start, scoring Miami's first touchdown, and Gostkowski put in two field goals in the first half. However, I still needed New England to score more points to bring down Miami's defense score. In the second half, that's exactly what happened. They wound up scoring several touchdowns on special teams (each of which was capped off by another Gostkowski extra point!) and as a result, Miami had to open up their passing game to play catchup (more receptions and yards for Bess!). By the fourth quarter, I was right in contention! When NE scored another touchdown to go up 33-14, they opted to go for a two-point conversion. This was not good for me, as I was down by less than a point; a point that would easily be gained with an extra point kick. However, fortune smiled upon me: NE was penalized with a false start and chose to just kick the extra point, which put me into the lead. The rest of the game I was simply sweating to hold on, and fortunately my opponent's players never managed to achieve much of anything. Bess finished with 20 points and change, Gostkowski put up 11, the NE tight end only managed 5, and Miami's pitiful defense got 2 measly points. I prevailed in the end with a final score of 65.71 to 62.95, and my record increased to 3-1. A hilarious side note about the score is that our two scores were the lowest scores overall in the league thus far. Against any other team in any other week, I would have been handed a crushing defeat. But it still counts as a W!

Now, if I could just start putting up some grownup numbers in the weeks to come, I might have a chance to actually finish in the money in this league. 

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goldseraph posted on October 05, 2010 at 23:34 PM


nice when you can get the second lowest score in the league and ship a W!

Jenkinssssss posted on October 07, 2010 at 22:15 PM


I'm sorry but no one wants to read a blog (or hear about in any medium including conversation) about someone else's fantasy team(s).
That's a golden rule of fantasy: no one cares about any team except your own.
Your blogs used to be good. :(

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