June 19, 2010

WSOP! Trip 1, day 2

Tuesday was the day of my first tournament, the 2500PLO. Having won about that much playing cash games the day before, I was effectively freerolling, which is an excellent way to play tournaments with sizeable buyins. My starting table was full of unknowns, though most were younger and American, so perhaps it wasn't the best draw. I went ahead and cashed in my rebuy chips immediately, since the players on my right had done so, and I hoped to build a big stack ASAP if possible.

I won a few small pots in the first level, but didn't get involved in anything big. The first big pot came in level 2, with blinds of 25/50. I overlimped KQQ9cc UTG+1, and called a raise to 200. The flop was AJTr, and I checkraised the preflop raiser and one caller to 1800. Both of them called. The turn was 7:diamond:, putting a backdoor flush draw up, but otherwise a safe card, so I shipped my remaining 6200. Both called, and I was up against KQxx with diamonds and ATT2 with diamonds. Not in great shape, but the river bricked off and I won half of the large main pot and a good sidepot.

Next, I opened T986ds UTG, got 3bet small, and called. The flop was Q9x and checked through. On the 7 turn I check-called 600. The Q river completed a flush and I donked out 1200 as a bluff. He raised and I folded without enough ammo to 3bet bluff or a good representation of a boat.

I opened AQ42ds, got squeezed by the button, and actually just folded because I didn't really like my floppability out of position. It turned out to be a fortunate decision, as I would have flopped NFD+pair+gutter and lost to a turned boat. At the first break I had t10675.

During level 3 (50/75) I opened AKT8dd and called a 3bet. On the Q97r flop I donked out 1200 and folded to a raise. I kinda like my donkbet though, I think it gets him to expose his range, sometimes winning me the pot outright and sometimes getting me a turn card with initiative.

The next big pot I played, I repotted AKKJ against an aggressive shorter stack. He called and we got the rest in on an 852r flop, and his 5432 held up for the double.

Going into level 4 (50/100) I had t5650. Phil Galfond had moved to our table, which wasn't a welcome sight, but at least he was on my direct right. I limped AdQQTd UTG, and after a few more limpers Phil raised from the BB to 400. I called along with one other player. The flop came out AT3r and I called a bet of 650 from Phil. The turn was a Q, quite an interesting card, and we both checked. I don't think theres really much of a reason for me to bet there in what is probably the closest you can come to a WA/WB situation in PLO. The river bricked off, and he bet 1600. I thought about it a bit before calling, figuring that he can have AQ there as often as AA, and he'd probably bet turn with KJ most of the time. This time he had AA, so I was down to t2500 or so.

The next hand, I squeezed KK72cc from the blinds and got one call. The flop was AQ4ccc, giving me the nuts, and I stuck the rest in. Perhaps checking is better, but I don't imagine he will spew too much either way. Anyhow, he called quickly and rolled TT7x with ten high clubs. I was in good shape (>97% to win) but he binked a T on the turn and paired the 4 on the river, and I was out. Sigh.

I didn't feel too bad about it though, in a way getting a sick beat like that was less tilting than busting to a stupid coinflip or something. And at least it was a fairly early bustout, so I got to head to the cash games for a while afterwards. I did well again, winning 5k or so, and any discontent I had about busting a tournament was quickly washed away by cash profits.

On a semi-recommendation from someone, Vincent and I went to the Rio's Italian restaurant for a late dinner. Now, its well-known that the Rio is an awful place to try and find decent food, so I was hopeful that there might actually be a decent restaurant hiding in there somewhere. Sadly, it was disappointing, and the ongoing search for decent food at the Rio continues.

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KasinoKrime posted on June 20, 2010 at 19:51 PM


If you're a fan of Indian cuisine like I am, you should definitely try Gaylords at the Rio. Best Indian food I've ever had. The chicken ticci masala is ridic.

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