October 05, 2015

Content Highlight: Getting Serious About Poker

Aaron Wilt"OnTilt" has been with DeucesCracked since its launch in 2008. Aaron joined the site as one of the better mid stakes NL grinders out there, and very clearly had his poker career on a path to success. Years ago, Aaron put his winning principles into a series called "The Haj School". Since then, while some things have changed in the poker world, Aaron has also continued to evolve his game! Now a high stakes regular, enter Getting Serious About Poker.


Getting Serious About Poker is the perfect series for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. The series provides the structure and focus players need to compete. The series has 4 parts, each meant to help with a different building block of successful poker.

  • Part 1 focuses on away from the table work. It answers questions like: How can I get the most out of my DeucesCracked subscription? How much should I study vs. play? How do I ask the right questions?
  • Part 2 moves on to increasing your game skills. This video will settle your internal "GTO vs. Exploitative" debate. It also covers plateauing and when to get a coach!
  • Part 3 gets into some of the nitty gritty of running bad. The video focuses on managing the game overall - dividing your time between online and live, and a favorite topic of mine - you don't know what you don't know!
  • Part 4 wraps up with all of the common road blocks you will find along your poker career. From ducking the intense math, bucking the tide of variance, or removing those repeated those mistakes from your game - this vid will set you off in the right direction!

Get Mobile

Did you know some DeucesCracked content is available for download in .mp3 format? While I love a visual myself, some content (like this series) can be just as helpful in an audio only format (much better for enjoying at the table that way). For that reason, Getting Serious About Poker is available for download in .mp3 format! Just click the "Download MP3 Audio" link below the video screen on the right side of the screen. Here's a link to download Episode 1!

Any other content you'd like available in .mp3 format? Comment below and the admins will make it happen!


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October 01, 2015

How To Record A Video

Screen-sharing and recording has become a part of everyday life for some, which is great news for anyone looking for free quality tools to make a poker video. In this post, we'll cover a few options for both PC users and Mac users - all free, and all capable of producing a quality screen capture video. 
Some general rules of thumb on creating a video:

  1. If you're recording a video and hoping to have it reviewed by one of our instructors, the number one concern is video resolution and quality. If the instructor can't read the bet sizes, we can't use the video. So be sure to check your video before sharing!
  2. If your recording software gives you an option to select an area before recording, be sure to select just the area around your tables. If not, it may allow you to crop on export - I also recommend cropping to just the tables. If you can't, it's not the end of the world but this will keep the file size as small as possible while allowing you to export at the max resolution.

I'm going to start with the Mac because it is the easiest. If you've updated to a recent Mac OS, you'll have Quicktime 10. This actually comes with an excellent screen recording option. Simply click File -> New Screen Recording.

User Uploaded Image

From there, you'll see a small box with a red record button - push that and follow the instructions. You'll know you're recording if you see the black dot to the right in the top of your screen.User Uploaded Image

Once you're done, you click that same button to stop recording. You'll see the screen cap show up on a file. From there, you want to export to the highest available quality and that's it!

User Uploaded Image



As of now, there is no native solution for screen recording but there are plenty of great free options! The best I've found is


. This is a media player you may already be using to watch downloaded content here on DeucesCracked. Many actually use it to stream on twitch as well. We'll use the streaming function to capture our screen and then export the results to a video. For VLC, you will need to set the FPS, or Frames Per Second. As stated earlier in the post, screen quality is paramount so the higher the better! We recommend at least 15 FPS. High quality twitch streams are usually capped at about 25. Once in VLC, select Media -> Convert/Save, then select over to Capture Device.

User Uploaded Image

Here's where you'll set your FPS so be sure to put 15 in vs. the default 1. From there, select the Convert/Save button.

User Uploaded Image

Set a destination file location and relevant file name, then click start! The VLC window will remain open while you record. When you're done - simply click the stop button on the VLC window, and your video will be ready at your destination location!

Other Options

DeucesCracked videos are produced in Camtasia, which does offer a 30 day trial. If you're interested in potentially producing a serious amount of content, it could be worth checking out.

Once your recording is all done, head over to our Member Videos Forum and post the video for our instructors and other poker enthusiasts to enjoy an critique!


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September 14, 2015

Your Guide to NLHE

Welcome to the DeucesCrackedFAQ blog! Here we'll be covering different things currently available to our members here at DeucesCracked, as well as any new and exciting offers that may come along!

Today we're going to start with a little know feature we have here on DC, our Guide to NLHE. The guide has 3 separate tracks, one for live NL, one for online, and one for general poker theory. You should watch them all eventually if you're looking to master the game but it's best to start with what you're most familiar with. 

The guide covers basics like pre-flop hand selection and postflop strategy, while also building on important fundamentals like understanding expected value and equity in relation to poker. It's a great place to get started if you're looking to crush some poker this fall!

Welcome to the blog! See you back soon!


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