October 05, 2009

Ship the epic run bad!

It continues! Horrible morning! One of my worst ever, only topped by last week! Well, this is what you get. I’d like to think I get used to these after a while but who knows. I know I have to. I set a stop loss after a while but playing aggro opponents and getting it in good and having them suck out is going to end up hurting after a while.

Sure was fun though. I ended up getting super deep and losing like a 9 buy-in pot @ PLO w/the 2nd nuts on the flop (99 to KK on a K89cc where i had a K and the Tc). I still like it and ProPokerTools has me as 2-1 vs. a feasible range (KK, 88, wraps+FDs) and w/the K blocker I like it even more. After that it was standard “wow you actually have that when I have this” crap that can ruin the start of your week if you let it.

Anyway, looking for some sort of bogus challenge to put together. Looks like it’s time to start up a new HEM DB and start crushing babys with a hammer like in Mario Brothers.

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KRANTZ posted on October 06, 2009 at 13:59 PM


bogus challenge? you mean awesome challenge. seriously, really think about where you wanna be by next WSOP and that's your goal... then figure out how you're gonna get there in the next 10 months and do it. the only "bogus" thing is that your sns aren't feared on the Internets yet.

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