September 28, 2009

Oh snap the dashboard is sick

That’s the awesome thing about DeucesCracked, I get sick features even when I don’t expect them. I’m loving this new dashboard and plan on blogging a lot more about it.

I actually had the best week of poker I can ever remember last week. I was playing everything from 30 O8 to 5/10nl HU. I ran great in a bunch of games. When I got it in good I held up, and when I got it in bad (which was only like 2 or 3 times) I sucked out. AQ to 99 on an AQ9? Q no problem.

So of course when I ran like ass 2 nights ago I was pretty fine with the whole thing. It’s important to keep things in perspective.

My video a day quest has been going better than published, I just need to start posting my video watching trip reports.

The side benefit has been having a DC Vid on my iPhone. Now, finally, I can explain what it is I do. Lol.

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