July 18, 2009

8 hour session.

If I knew how to hire a Craig’s List Escort I would right now just to have someone to talk to about this session. I have never been this mentally drained before in my entire life.

A little over a year ago I played Maciek Gracz for around 9 hours while he ran like god and made me want to stab a baby in the face. I eventually won and it’s all on video on a big hard drive i have. I don’t really plan on releasing it to DC or anything just a fun fact.

I just played that son of a bitch (please note I have NOTHING against him. He was very polite even when I started to chat tilt a little bit, soon after quitting) for several hours. He sat down with like $110 dollars. I had him all in or down to about 5-10 BBs I can’t tell you how many times. Then he would hit every fucking flop for like 35 hands in a row. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. He ended up probably about 55 bets. It was insane.

At the same time I managed to find the absolute WORST HU player I’ve ever played against. A mythical “always check folds” player doesn’t exist IMO but this guy was close to it. In position? I cap and he bets flop and folds turn. I mean wow.

Of course I dumped about 10 BBs to him. Bad beat story #1 of the blog. I cap 7’s in position. We cap a T72r flop. Cap the 8d turn. I call the 9 river and get shown king jack.

Now that was only about 4 hours of the night. The rest of the night was basically the same shit with a different cast of yahoos. One guy, who shall remain nameless, is fucked. He really shouldn’t talk like he does in chat. He’s terrible and I intend to hack his Full Tilt account just to see how much he has in it so I know I need to know how much I have to talk off of him.

I’ll tell you what the most pathetic part is. I lost $1.50. Before HUHU, when I ran this bad, I would lose easily 200BBs. Easily. This was insane. Now, like a chubby man baby, I’m complaining about breaking even.

Just found out new Rhett Miller record is out so no more tilt for me.

Good night.

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random_99 posted on July 18, 2009 at 22:50 PM


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