June 02, 2010

DC House Day 2 - Part 1

The actions of Day 1 Part 2 are not going to be revealed just yet. Joe and I have some secret ops we are running, as well as ANOTHER set of secret ops that will take some user participation at some point.

This all is of course dependent on Joe not being a HUGE bag of fail, which, as of this point he has been. Some questions were raised as to the number of cases of beer the house has consumed so far. The answer? .1 cases. I had 3 beers yesterday and that's it. Joe claims he is sick but face facts he is just old. I try to drag him out of the house but we are of course sitting like a couple that should have broken up in college but I put on weight and he never really gave up on my potential on the couch with our matching laptops. The day is still relatively young but we'll see.

Chris still has chips in the triple draw tournament so he's headed over there shortly to hopefully run a little better than good and make a final table (you can't win it today so he can only make the final table).

Tonight I'll be out on the strip playing some friendly live poker with some of the pokernews guys we met in Australia. Trip report to follow. I don't plan on playing any tournaments for a few days, just because there are really none that interest me. I think the first one I'll end up in is the 6-max LHE but we'll see. I may play some Venetian deepstacks before then.

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azwildkitten posted on June 02, 2010 at 20:56 PM


Convince Chris not to be a nit, and if I get a few days off together, I will fly out to partake in the debauchery that is bound to be you and Joe living together.

yeahthatsme posted on June 02, 2010 at 21:49 PM


I'm gonna ship some run good vibes your way my man. And tell the geezer to stop making excuses. Either that or Ice him.

Entity posted on June 02, 2010 at 22:22 PM


Courtney, if you fly out to Vegas, make it be between the 7th-11th since you'll be in Seattle when I'm in Vegas @ the end of the month (most likely).

Chuck, it's time to Ice Joe. 100%.

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