November 28, 2009

The REAL Thanksgiving report

I post in this little window Rob ninja made in firefox. Unfortunately I don’t review my posts before they come out though (/Tar Rob; /Blame). So guys, if I butcher a hand or two please let me know and I’ll go back and figure it out.

Anyway the long and short of it is I ran like god on Thanksgiving. The hand I will never forget is having my Full Tilt window pop up and force me to misclick call a 3-bet with 45o. The flop was 445 and he had AA and well I guess I owe Howard a beer or something. Or like 400 beers.

The PLO action was good early in the day. When they call 3-bets and fold flops, don’t c/r bluff, or just don’t bluff at all, it’s pretty tough to give it away though sometimes tedious to take. After around 45 hands though these guys just decide to spazz out and my 95xx held on a 995 vs. his J673.

Later on was all NL. The one thing I’ve noticed about this string of wins I’ve put together is that I’m finally refusing action as it comes up. If I have 2 tables going I don’t toss around a 3rd even if I think a guy is going to quit. Make a decision and close one out. The last time I tried to 3-4 table HU games I dropped a brick in 3 or 4 nights.

So yeah, the games were good. One villain was a little tricky but the name of the game was flops with him. He would 3-bet light, 4-bet bluff and quite frankly was over-aggro in 3-bet pots. I countered with min-raises and calling more pf and donking lots of flops.

After I stacked him he started folding to my 3-bets so I started 3-betting my junk and flatting my big hands. Well, I wanted to. I flatted AA and won a small pot. Then I picked up 35s and 3-bet. He snap called. I could sense him reverting to his original ways and normally his flop bluff raise with Qhi would be good but when the flop has a 2 a 4 AND a 6, I’m not going to fold much.

He bluff shipped the 3 turn which to be honest I didn’t like. I’m not bet/calling JJ on the flop and c/f’ing that turn card. Same thing with anything I’m bet/calling on that flop.

As far as an Ace turn my plan was to either bet very small to induce a bluff raise or check and quickly check the river if he checked back. Both were chosen because I assumed he was bluffin ~100% of the time. If I thought he could have 88 or something here I would have just shipped the flop but TBH I figured him for a bluff or maybe AA/KK. If I bet small on the turn and he called I think the river is an easy ship.

Anyway, yeah. String of wins. Stick to 2 tables. And quit people when better action shows up, though most all of the action I’ve been getting has been great. Not sure where the "eff you I am a reg and want to “PROVE” myself" guys went but I’m not missing them just yet. I’m sure I’ll have to dance with them when I’m back at 5/10 but for now I’m happy where I am.

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoyed black friday. Less deaths in shopping this year which is always good. Also if you are really feeling down, watch a ton of Deal or No Deal. A ton.

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