July 23, 2012

30k ch. - 3rd week

I got to play more hands then I thought I would be able to play, but overall it gets a little bit into the direction "frustration". ~800 hands/day I am below my plan right now which adds up every week. I always try to get myself to play, but then I am sitting at home, being tired, and I just can't get up to play. It's somewhat funny, because I am really just sitting around, I am doing nothing. If I would play like Diablo3 or another game, or watch some movies, do theory stuff, but no, I am just sitting there being tired :/ I have no real clue how to get out of this right now, but it will be important if I want to reach my goals.

Even in other spots most didn't really go my way. For my study group we invited 2 new players ~2,5 weeks ago. We told them what we were planing and that this would mean a lot of work. Unfortunately both agreed in doing their best, but for whatever reason both didn't really "start". I dunno if others have experience with pokergroups, but in general the time after getting together is the time in which most stuff is done, and after that it gets slower and slower. Once you realize that it can't get really slower, it is the best to go different ways. I mean, this has really nothing to do with skill. It's always a giving and taking, but some have a problem with the giving part. Really disappointed about it, but a lot of skilled players have a problem with working theory stuff out. It is like they are waiting to just see the stuff and then implement it into their own game.  

Anyways, the challenge so far isn't obv going the way I would like it to be. It's always horrible if something like this starts with a downswing so that you basiclly have to make 35k instead of 30k. I added nl200 again and I think it was a good decision. Feels way better to earn more VPPs in a normal session. I got close to even for the month, but right now it's going down a little bit again, but I think that this is just normal variance and it will turn around the next days. Was somewhat boring to flop the nuts and then bet bet bet/fold like all the time.. But yeah, nothing I can do about it. I am close to get my first bonus of 1.600$, should take me like ~5k hands to have it finished (got some old FPPs). This will help to get the month even and if I keep on running at least normal I should be able to finish the month with like a ~2k win, at least I think that this should be an archievable goal. If I get to be even that's ok, even so it isn't obv what I would have wished for.

Overall I think I need to get into the right mood again to be able to play more then just 5 sessions a week. I think I should be able to get at least 8 sessions in (1 session = 3hrs). Trying to figure out how to do it. If you have a good soluton pls write a comment :)

Goal list:

  • day: 22/184 => 12/100
  • hands played: 43.704/61.050 | -17.346 => 455.000
  • Money won: -1.784,60/1.804,00 | -3.588,60 => 30.000
  • VPP: 18.499,30/26.840 | -8.340,70 => 200.000
  • Challenge graph:
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    lawnmoe posted on July 24, 2012 at 07:41 AM


    The obvious solution to playing more poker is working less in your "normal" job :)
    The other option would be to take a couple of days off and ignore both work and poker for a while.


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