September 07, 2011

little recap

Last month I managed to win ~10k incl. rakeback etc. Pretty awesome again, especially if I think back that like 12 month ago I was happy if I was winning 1-2k. It feels good to play poker again after the 2 big downswings I had which really destroyed me inside. But anyways, I am back to the game and I am happy about it. Still think it is pretty funny to see how you can run well at nl200 and horrible at nl400 etc (happening on Stars for me^^), but that's ok. Just don't look at the results, look if you made any mistakes which would mean that you might be a real losing player at those stakes, but if you find yourself in funny spots all the time (KK vs AA etc), then there is nothing you did wrong. I mean obv is obv, but especially on stars this is pretty sick for me, because my results at nl200 are 10bb/100 while I am -20bb/100 at nl400, and I don't think that the games are so much tougher^^

Earlier this month I went to Belgium to play the Belgian Poker Series in Blankenberge. I haven't played live poker since April, but I enjoyed it. The general organisation in the casino was ok, but I think with a poker tournament the cashgames should be open earlier then 8pm. The cashgames were pretty good. I got somewhat unlucky in some spots but managed to win enough to pay for the hotel, gas and food. On the second day the torunament started. The room was pretty big and there was enough space for every player, but there was no air conditioning which was really annoying. The tournament didn't go well for me. Got coolered a lot, but although did some sick suckouts, too. At the end of the first day I was involved in a pot in which I should have 3b preflop, but I thought the range of the original raiser was to tight to do it effective and so playing the hand postflop would be more effective. Unfortunately his range was bigger then I thought and my bluff got called. I think my bluff was a good one, but overall I think I overrated my successrate. After that hand I was somewhat short with 10bb left. I shoved 2 times and could build my stack up to 14bb again. Then with 3 hands left and the blind level increasing the next day so that I would come back with just 9bb, I decided to "double up or go home". Unfortunetly I couldn't win the preflop all-in for the 4th time in a row there (the first 3 were smaller pots), but I am ok with it. Obv wasn't the most +ev play I did, but I thought I could make more of the next day, especially if I think about my general luck in all-in situations lol

On Monday I watched United 93 ( and I think it's an awesome documentary movie. I mean, even so I knew what would happen I was sitting in front of my tv and was really feeling with them. I mean you really wish they can make it and survive even so you know they won't, incredible. I mean, it is not the only movie this happened to me. Take Valkyrie ( When the bomb explodes I was sitting there and hoping that Hitler died, even so I knew he didn't. What I somehow don't really like is that it sounds a little bit like the people on flight United 93 are the only heroes of that day. I mean, if you would have been in one of the other planes and you would knew what would happen, because 2-3 other planes were used as weapons, I believe the other passengers would have done the same. But in first place we all want to believe that if we just keep sitting nothing will happen to us, human nature. I think they all did what they thought was the right thing to do in this situation and in general they were right to do so, because something like that never happened before this way. But ok, don't want to take it to far. Just thought it was amazing to have these kind of feelings even you know that the result was another one.

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