July 18, 2011

graphs say more then 1k words

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 Whenever you think to yourself: The last downswing was the sickest I ever experienced, variance will lough about you like "you really think that was all I can do? eat this!"

I am pretty sure at the moment I wouldn't even be able to beat nl25. People go all-in preflop with 86s etc vs me and they win like all the time. At like hand 14k I thought "ok, now everything is over for the next few k hands", but it's just lol. I got lucky I was just playing nl100, so it didn't cost me to much in $, but overall I'm down way to much money. I have a hard time enjoying poker atm and this is pretty annoying, because it is tough to learn something new etc when you aren't focused.

Don't want to cry to much. I'd be happy to post more content in this blog, but if you are running like this, it isn't that easy to find anything sweet to write about. But, let's brag a little bit:

- regs call my 5b-allin with T9s/86s and stuff

- regs call me down 2 streets with a gutshot only

- I always get to play a big pot when I have AA/KK/QQ/AK or flopped a set

- I have a lot of easy decisions on the turn, mostly c/f

- I can make other people happy :)

Alright, that's it for now ;) Wish me good luck, I do it for you then, too^^


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