February 01, 2011

Some Quick Goals

I guess I should be making some goals for this thread.

Some quick goals: 

Be playing 200nl by the end of feb

To be playing 400nl HU by start of summer (early may)

For roll to be ~$50k by end of summer (my original plan was around $70k, but I forgot to take into account that I will be playing a bunch of live over the summer).

Monthly Goals:

Minimum of 20k Hands a month

4 Table a Reg at the stakes beneath I currently am i.e If im at 5/10, play regs at 1/2-3/6. (except for 100nl and 200nl, ill always be allowed to play regs there) At least 4-5 times a month (solid 1k+ hands sessions).

Study the game by each weekend posting at least 5 biggest winning/losing hands for the week on the forums for feedback (as well as my daily 1-3 check up hands). 

Watch at least 4-5 DC/CR vids

Sounds like I covered all my goals, anyone think I should add/change anything?

Posted By Chamaican66 at 06:31 PM


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strukl posted on February 01, 2011 at 22:46 PM


very ambitious.hope you will stick to it :)

2fouroffsuit posted on February 02, 2011 at 08:15 AM


It sounds pretty ambitious to me as well and I wish you luck with it. If you are serious about improving and moving up that quickly I would strongly suggest putting in a significantly higher volume. Also remember that it's not a linear move up in stakes. 400nl is significantly harder than 200nl, the transition from 400nl to 1000nl is also very difficult. Also remember that in today's HU games, as you move up, action isn't easy to come by. The regulars sitting at 200nl may be players playing sitting across tables from 100nl to 600nl. The regulars you encounter at 1knl may be sitting from 1knl to 10knl so it becomes a much tougher player pool, with far fewer fish.

I would look into putting in a lot of work on your game and a lot of volume, also, have you considered hiring a coach?


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