June 06, 2010

First week of June recap

What is it about holiday weekends that make returning to work just awful? Maybe someday I'll be able to make the jump to pro, but I'm not holding my breath. Until then I'll just have to keep dreaming about not knowing what day of the week it is, waking up at 11a every day and hitting the tables in a robe and pink bunny slippers.

Didn't have much time for the games this week, partly because of being so tired and wanting to stay on my A game (except I don't really have one yet) and partly because of being on-call since Tuesday. I did manage to put in 294 hands over 198 minutes single-tabling. For you guys who mass multitable, please tell me what the trick is to do EV calcs, etc that fast. And no, saying it's possible because you only play 30% of your hands doesn't count :)

Pyg is going to strangle me for being too results oriented again, but here's how things looked tonight. I hate it when I start off a session on a downswing. I'm never sure whether I'm chasing losses or I just have more time to kill before I'm ready to call it for the night. The awesome part about playing micros is that your wife gets to make fun of you when you tell her your hourly was more when you were flipping burgers as a 16 year old. At least I haven't had to redeposit lately.

I've recently started getting on a frozen Sobe kick. You should try it. 1x Sobe + 1x freezer == good times. Kind of reminds me of Icees but with more exotic flavors than just blue raspberry, coke, or cherry. 

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