January 04, 2011

That was a beating

Last night Canada laid the wood on the US juniors. It wasn't close from the start as Canada was just way more physical and looked like the better team throughout. We had trouble putting passes together, getting through their forecheck, defending them, and jus thad a habit of doing stupid things. The final score was 4-1 but it wasn't even really that close and if it wasn't for Campbell (our goalie) playing very well the score could've been 8 or 9 to 1.

With that being said it was the best atmosphere I've ever been a part of at a sporting event. There's nothing quite like an international event. There's a certain buzz around an arena, park, or stadium before a big game. I've been lucky enough to be around some huge games and nothing even compares to this. There's just something about rooting for your country that makes it more intense and special. So while the game wasn't even close to what I was hoping for, everything else was great and I'd gladly pay the price for the tickets again. Walking in my brother and I expected it to be a 60/40 split in favor of Canada and then we walked in, saw this and knew it was gonna be a lot more than that.

User Uploaded Image


I'm not sure when I'm going to have another opportunity to do something like this again but I plan on jumping on it at the next event. Possibly the 2012 Ryder cup. In the meantime I hope Russia beats Canada somehow tomorrow.


Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
John Wooden

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January 03, 2011

Bring it on Canada

So Canada was able to beat Switzerland 4-1 last night setting up and US-Canada semi-final. I was thinking about this last night and for those that don't know how big a deal World Juniors is to Canada this could be among the most intense atmospheres I've ever seen at a sporting event. That includes going to an AFC Championship game, Stanley Cup finals game, Sox/Yankees, and Sox playoff games. I'm not exactly sure what the crowd split is going to be tonight but my guess is 60/40 in favor of Canada. You can tell it's a huge game to them now that the cheapest ticket price from scalpers is now $125. Either way it should be a blast.

There was recently a bowling thread started on 2+2 and got me back to thinking about my high school bowling days. I only bowled my senior year and was fortunate enough to make the top 5 on our team which was actually pretty good. I actually finished with a 182 average after sucking the first few weeks. I remember going into my first match thinking I wasn't going to be nervous at all it was just bowling and my legs were shaking before my first shot. 

One time my buddies came for a match and they had never been to a bowling event of any kind. When the opposing team missed a spare attempt they started cheering and clapping, which is terrible etiquette. I had to go over there and tell them they can't do that. I've actually only bowled once or twice since high school but it was a ton of fun and really much more intense and competitive than I thought it was going to be. The alley where we had our matches used a pretty tough oil pattern that made things interesting.

Saw "True Grit" last week and really enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of Westerns at all but this was well done. It had a lot more subtle humor than I expected and all the actors did a great job. Maddie was particularly impressive and I'm sure she's going to be up for some awards. Only complaint is that the ending felt a bit rushed but it didn't take away from the movie and it easily held my interest the whole time.

The bad news about the regular season of football coming to an end is that there's no more Monday Night Football. The good news is its the start of Big Monday on ESPN. I have an unhealthy infatuation with Big Monday especially growing up in a Big East family and my father having Syracuse season tickets. Generally there are one, if not 2 awesome games each week and it's something I grew up watching.

Here's hoping we see less of this:

And more of this tonight:


Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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January 01, 2011

Onto 2011

Had a fun time at the New Year's party last night. The place we were at had 5 hours of open bar and I definitely took advantage of it. But now that 2010 is over, time to start focusing on how to make it as good as possible. I'm not going to make any year long goals since I think it detracts a little bit focusing on one thing but am playing a lot more HU PLO and hoping to add that to the mix very soon at my normal stakes.

I just got tickets with my brother to the World Juniors semis on Monday night. If Canada can win tomorrow night against Switzerland they play the US. I quickly stubhubbed the game and the cheapest seats were $90/ticket. We ended up going with 200 level first row for $170/ticket. A little steep but I'm sure the Canadians are driving up the prices. Either way I'm expecting to be more red in the building than blue and it's probably going to feel like a road game. I can't wait. This was the game that got me into this tournament and I've been addicted ever since.

On HBO's series a road to the winter classic, the 20 minutes they focused on the Caps-Pens game last week was probably the best live game footage I've ever seen. They had just about everyone mic'd including the refs. It helped that it was a 3-2 overtime game but it was very well done. Speaking of the winter classic, it's awesome that they switched the game to tonight. Night hockey is going to look very cool and can't wait to watch.

I've had terrible eating habits since Barcelona, I'm up to about 178. When I was running a ton over the summer I stayed at about 170 and that may be a little too much work for me to be able to maintain. 175 is a solid weight for me to shoot for over the next couple of months before I start training for my next race. I also need to start eating better since my snack choices have been awful.

Good luck to everyone in 2011

January goals

- play 40k hands

- Make 7k

-Finish studying for my financial test

-Run 60 miles

-Re-evaluate my catching program and make subtle adjustments to make it better for when I start to coach again in a couple months.


"In the world of human thought generally, and in physical science particularly, the most important and fruitful concepts are those to which it is impossible to attach a well-defined meaning"
H. A. Kramer



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December 27, 2010

Think I found a cure for the common cold, Fantasy Football, and World Juniors

When I was a kid, my colds used to absolutely kill me. I couldn't sleep, they would last for 7-10 days generally and it was just an extremely unpleasant experience. My nose would swell and become red from blowing it constantly. As soon as I feel the symptoms of a cold coming on now I have a strategy that's helped the past 4 years. It worked yet again over the last couple days although I felt awful and had body aches for about 36 hours it never went to my nose which is the ultimate goal of mine.

Basically what I do is as soon as I feel a cold coming on in my throat I take liquid dayquil twice a day and nyquil at night. During the day I'm eating Halls cough drops like candy. It says take one every 2 hours but I'm generally eating 1 every 30-40 minutes. The last few times I've done this the cold has never gone to my nose and whenever that happens it's a victory.

Speaking of wins, my brother and I won our second straight fantasy football championship this week. Thanks to Jamaal Charles, Miles Austin and the boys we rolled over our opponent and will be able to gloat yet again at next year's fantasy draft. The last 2 years we've won titles with Rex Grossman and Jason Campbell as our starting QBs in the championship game, yeah...scary. My brother wants to change our name to the DyNASTY next year but I'm going to protest that.

Finally finished prison break and now it's on to Eastbound and Down and then Dexter. I need a light comedy for my next series and EB&D seems to fit the bill. Plus since I'm a huge baseball fanatic and the show is loosely based around the sport it's a perfect fit. I enjoyed most of Prison Break but the last 10 or so episodes got a little too over the top for me, it made the wrestling look tame in comparison to the amount of twists and turns that took place throughout the course of an episode.

I'm planning on going to the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Buffalo next Sunday. My first experience with it was new years eve a couple years ago when Canada was playing the US. I turned it on as the fans were passing the Canadian flag and never realized how big a deal it was up there (btw passing the flag looks so cool and added it to the end of the blog). The game was incredible too as the US jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first period and then ended up losing the game 6-4? Or something like that since John Tavares just took over. Since then I've watched it religiously and am excited to see it live.


"Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box"
Italian Proverb


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December 23, 2010

You gotta unleash the dragon.

So Cutler had a very nice game on Monday and since he has the Jets this week we can't play him. So we're starting Rex Grossman, yes the Rex Grossman this week. Rex is known for his high risk high reward attitude and hates checking down. This picture represents him perfectly, it's been around forever and I went about two years without reading the small writing which is equally hysterical.

User Uploaded Image

I woke up with a nasty cold today so I haven't been playing much but took the time to study a bit today and found a few leaks in my game. I've become a bit too passive on the turn as far as calling when it's pretty obvious my opponent is planning on shipping the river. So hopefully me getting sick saves me some money.

I've been so unorganized this month I've made the executive decision to start using Google Calenders. Too many of my days are filled with dead team and that's just too unproductive. Lately I've been flying through the 3rd and 4th seasons of prison break. I just wish we could get one episode without a cliff hanger ending.

Not much going on lately so my blog posts have been largely uninteresting. Learning a little bit of HU PLO so maybe my next few blog posts will be filled with those hands since everyone seems to love HUPLO hands or possibly some funny family X-mas stories. That's all for now hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and at least my quote at the bottom should have some value to those that read it.


"I do not have superior intelligence or faultless looks. I do not captivate a room or run a mile under six minutes. I only succeeded because I was still working after everyone else went to sleep."

Greg Evans

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December 20, 2010


So it's fantasy football playoff time and I'm tied in a TD heavy league going into tomorrow night and have Jay Cutler going. in the league you get a point for the first 100 yards passing then 1 point for every 50 yards after that. 3 for a passing TD and -1 for an interception. It's rare but not inconceivable to put up a 0 or even a minus as a QB. Especially for Jay Cutler. He certainly has a knack for throwing terrible interceptions and for some reason after seeing what he was capable of last year we decided to jump right back on the bandwagon.

In 2009 his first game against the Packers was epic and the CUTLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH nickname was created on 2+2 in the Sunday Night Thread when someone posted this picture.

User Uploaded Image


Not only can he throw interceptions they're usually at the worst possible time.

User Uploaded Image

So while we're about 98% to win tomorrow, you just never know. Also, if he actually puts up a 0, we're tied in every other tie breaking category so it would go to a coinflip to see who advances. Tails never fails!!!!!

Finally was able to watch HBO's 24/7 road to the winter classic and I really enjoyed it. I always like watching sports shows that I don't know a ton about that takes you inside the action. You just learn so much so easily. So far Pittsburgh comes across very well as much as I dislike the Penguins. Just based off locker room footage Dan Bylsma seems like a great coach to play for, he relates to his players well and does a great job of mixing up his speeches as far as when to try and motivate and when to get a point across. Of course it's easy to look good when you're on a 12 game winning streak like you are in the documentary.

Meanwhile Bruce Boudreau really doesn't come off well. I don't mind the swearing I've had coaches that mix it in well but his speeches come across more as whining that motivating. Basically when you plead and complain to your team it rarely works out well. There's about 10 different ways I'd go about getting a team going and that's generally last resort which he may very well be on with hanging onto his job by a thread.

Now I've never coached professional athletes but one thing I learned very quickly is you can never appear desperate as a coach which Boudreau does. Also, it's impossible to force a personality on your team. They are who they are and if you try to change it, you're screwed. Many people complain about the Capitals because they're not a very good defensive team and my guess is Boudreau let them get away with those habits for far too long. Now he's trying to change it and it's too late at least with him in my opinion. I think a new coach is exactly what they need.


Billy Madison: Knibb High Football rules! 

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December 17, 2010

Random Ramblings

  • I've made the decision not to go to the PCA. A couple of the people that I planned on hanging out with there aren't going and while I'll still know some people there I'm going to pass. I haven't tried to qualify in like a month simply because I just hate playing on Sundays and that's when the major qualifiers are. In addition, it's incredibly expensive and I haven't done a great job of saving between Barcelona and now.
  • However I will be traveling to Arkansas in late January/early February and on my way to Arkansas I'll stop in NYC to catch a Rangers game. My Dad is a big Rangers fan so if they're not playing the Bruins I root for them and have only been to Madison Square Garden once. Should be fun.
  • I'm going to an ugly sweater party tomorrow night and stopped at the thrift store today to pick one up. To my surprise there were actually some really good deals in there. There was a long sleeve loose fit baseball shirt from a local college that probably costs about $30 and it was being sold for $6. I would've picked it up but the main color of the school is yellow so I wouldn't wear it too often. There were also some nice jackets and other things.
  • The Bruins are off to a pretty slow start. I don't know a ton about hockey but the power play is terrible. It also feels like Seguin is being underutilized, including a healthy scratch the other night against Buffalo. Julien has a history of using kids gloves with young players but with the team struggling a bit offensively it seems like it'd make sense to put him out there a bit more.
  • I don't check facebook often, twice a day is a lot for me but something that annoys me about it is people posting things like "Most people have 1000 wishes for Christmas; a cancer patient only has one,to get better. I know 97% of you won't repost this to your status, butmy friends will be the 3% that do. In honor of someone who has died, or is still fighting, or survived cancer, copy this to your status". Now I hate cancer as much as anyone and am very sympathetic to anyone that has been affected by the disease but participating in chain letters like seem to do nothing to me. At least include a link to donate to cancer research with it so one or two friends may see it and donate. Other than that it doesn't seem much different than forwarding a chain letter to me.



A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.


    -Ayn Rand

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December 15, 2010

Yet another baseball story (A very weird one)

Completely forgot about this one, told it to a friend the other day and figured it would make a decent blog post too. So this is from 2009, I was coaching my old high school team, it was in the middle of our surprise season and we were playing a city team. Now most county teams schedule city teams because they're going to be easy wins and we need to fill our schedule with a certain amount of non-league games. This was no different.

It was a rainy, dreary day at the field. They had 10 players on the team and no fans there. In the third inning we were in the process of scoring a few runs after the left fielder misplayed a few balls. Their coach then yells out "Let it hit you in the head." I know what he was saying but he could've worded it 10 other ways to make the kid feel better. The kid then responds back "Fuck you". So the coach pulls him in the middle of the inning. Now the coach really didn't have any other choice but pulling someone mid inning is the most embarrassing thing in the world for the player. They have to jog off with everyone looking at him and everyone knows why they're being pulled.

I'm coaching first at this point and have a clear view into their dugout, the 3rd base dugout. As the kid comes in the coach should've just let him alone, let both cool down, and talk to him later. However he decided to talk to him right away. Things escalated and the kid starts swearing at the coach takes off his jersey and whips it at his face. The kid, obviously indicating he's quitting the team leaves the dugout and is obviously very upset. Now right outside our dugout is a small bench, he sits on it and the coach yet again comes over and talks to him. This is all while the game is going on.

Another shouting match ensues and now they're face to face with everyone at the field looking at them. The kid then throws a right hook and connects squarely to the coach's jaw. He then grabs the player and they go rolling over the bench. The kid somehow lands on top of him and is just throwing punch after punch until our coach runs over and breaks them up. Now the game is stopped and everything has finally settled down. The kid is moved over to the bleachers and our AD is sitting with him and he let him use his phone to get a ride back home.

Everything settles down and we continue playing the game. One of our transfer students who was coincidentally our best hitter knew the kid from being in the city previously. He was casually telling people "This probably isn't over, his Dad is a nut and he's coming back." Unfortunately the kid was left unsupervised in the parking lot which was a big error on our school's part.

The entrance to our field was a bit weird. You had to walk in through a path leading up to the center field fence. From there you could only gain access by walking behind the left field fence and entering by about third base extended. It's about a 90 second walk and you could see through our fence so you could always see who is walking towards the field. Sure enough about 15 minutes later the dad and son appear in center field and are making the walk towards to field.

We were hitting and as soon as the kid showed up, our coach said to theirs "Go over to our side, we have parents over there." He then notified the AD. At this point they were at the left field foul pole. Their coached declined the offer and as they moved closer your coach was basically pleading with him to go over to the other side. Their coach yet again said no. From there our AD tried to restrain them but didn't do a real good job as they breezed right by him.  Their coach was at the far end of the dugout closest to homeplate.

As the Daa and Son entered into the field play stopped. our coach tried to say something but as soon as the Dad saw the coach he sprinted at him tackled him and started to throw punches. The kid followed up by trying to kick him as many times as he could. Our head coach and his Dad tackled the Father and one of our parents was able to restrain the player. I ran over from the first base coaching box to make sure none of their players got involved. Finally everything seemed to be settled down but as the kid was leaving he was screaming "This isn't over, I'm gonna cut you on Monday. Watch out." With some other expletives thrown in there.

Now our school has a reputation for being a bit on the rowdy and undisciplined side. However some of our players were definitely shaken after that. We though they were just going to call the game with us being up 10-2 in the 5th but their players actually wanted to play and rallied around their coach. During the 6th inning cop cars were driving behind the centerfield fence and our coach was giving statements which he wasn't happy to be doing during the game. We pulled most of our starters and it was quickly 10-6 before we had to re-enter everyone.

We ended up winning 10-6 but the whole thing was just surreal. After the game our the coaching staff was talking about it and the head coach brought up a great point. "That's the first time I've ever felt uncomfortable on a baseball field." Thinking about it later he was 100% right. I've had some embarrassing and awkward moments on the ball field but never have I felt uncomfortable. Most of the time when you see something you never have before it's cool and you make a note of it. However this was anything but cool.

In fact if you had me pick my top 5 safest places on earth, a baseball field would definitely be on there. That's what made this day so memorable, for the first time ever a baseball field I felt uncomfortable. I had no control over the situation and it was very scary as you really didn't know what was going to happen next. It's certainly a day I'll never forget.


If you can't sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying.  It's the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.  ~Dale Carnegie

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December 12, 2010

Is anyone here a Marine Bioligist?

 Title has nothing to do with the blog content it's just one of my favorite Seinfeld quotes ever. Firstly wanted to start off the blog with a light story. I've been playing NHL online (EASHL) with the same guys since about last March. When we started off we were awful, now we're about a top 200 club and last month we were the 78th best team online. I'm sure this is all riveting for my readers so I'll move on from the nerdy content that nobody cares about. Anyways the other night we were playing and one of our teammates had just finished his semester in college and was drinking. So after he was out of beer he moved to vodka and goes "OK, if bosoxx, blotkis, or nutshot" (need to use nicknames since 90% of our team is named Mike) score a goal I'll take a shot of vodka.

This really isn't that dangerous since 2 of us play defense and score 1/20 shots and the other plays forward and scores about 1/13 shots on goal. Anyways we scored a total of 7 goals in the next 2 games and each game takes about 20 minutes. So needless to say we were having a blast putting the puck in the back of the net and the deal was cut off after the second game.

This is going to be a busy summer for me. I won't be coaching a summer team or playing baseball for the first time in forever so I'll have tons of time to travel. There are tentative plans on me and a few friends going to NYC for a Braves-Mets, Redsox-Yankee game(s). I'll be heading to Vegas again for a week, Pittsburgh for a weekend, and NYC again late in the summer for the US Open.

As a Redsox fan going into Yankee stadium I'll keep my mouth shut for the most part, I'm actually never loud when I visit an opposing team's ballpark. I do remember Cleveland in 2003. Here's the bosxcore in case you're interested. What's funny is Cliff Lee was the Indians starter that day and I never would've guessed that. But my main point and it further illustrates the difference between my brother and I was something that happened during the game. We had really nice seats and it was the bottom of the 7th with the Redsox up 2-0 with 2 outs, bases loaded for Cleveland.

Pedro Martinez was able to get out of it by striking out A. Santos (who?) and when that happened I stayed seated and gave a small fist pump. My brother (who was 14 at the time) with the whole place quiet stands up and screams "YEAH!...YEAH!" looking around for people to high five. Nobody with the exception of my friend and I were willing to do so.

Poker content: Today is Sunday, I don't play on Sunday and I love every minute of it.


George: Oh, you might want to stick around Jerry. Mr. Thomassoulo picked the wrong man to hire because he was fake handicapped.

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December 10, 2010

I May be a Genius

So I need to study for this finance exam and I just finished the first chapter. I was having trouble retaining some of the finer points so I went back to my old friends, notecards. I used to fire through these in college to help me remember whatever it was that needed to be commited to memory. Well this is really boring and I used to watch them while watching a sporting event on TV or something else. Right now during the day there isn't a bunch to watch as far as sports so I came up with a great idea. Tournaments!

I can 1 or 2 table a couple tourneys while I'm flipping through note cards. In the beginning they're so slow paced that this won't be hard and it'll give me a shot to bink a nice score. I know, I'm a pioneer. Although expect to see a blog post titled "I'm an Idiot" in a couple weeks.

I'm just about done with Prison Break season 2 and I'm at the point where it looks like the show is going to become completely ridiculous. It's understandable but I'm also at the point where it's too late not to finish it. Seasons 1 and 2 have been very good. I've heard from multiple people that seasons 3 and 4 are weak and then it becomes good in the last season again. Right now like 4 crazy things are happening each episode, never a dull moment.

The Redsox signed Carl Crawford to a 7/142 million dollar deal on Tuesday. I honestly love the deal despite feeling like Werth was a better fit. However this management was never going more than 5 years on Werth and Crawford is the much better investment. Redsox fans are extremely lucky to have John Henry and Co. as their owners as they're constantly reinvesting into the team and always seem to have a plan. In fact it looks as though they may be able to stay under the luxury tax barrier this year and have a ton coming off the books after 2011. Should be a fun season in the AL East, bring it on Yankees.

It's amazing how great phones are nowadays. It used to be when you were in class you had no idea what was happening during a sporting event. Now you can get text updates after each big moment. One of my friend's brothers was in class a couple weeks ago when the Rangers were playing the Penguins in hockey. He's a Rangers fan and they had just allowed 2 goals in a short amount of time and got the updates on his phone. As a fan this is incredibly frustrating and here's what ensued between the two brothers soon after.

9:40:12 PM) me: my brother is in class
(9:40:14 PM) me: and he goes
(9:40:18 PM) me: wow great 2 goals in 38 seconds great
(9:40:23 PM) me: and then i said "but we got one back1"
(9:40:26 PM) me: and he goes u know why?
(9:40:27 PM) me: i say why
(9:40:28 PM) me: he goes
(9:40:34 PM) me: cause i responded to the espn text score alert with "fuck you"

I'm sure he's not the first to respond back with "fuck you" to a negative update but that seemed to be a fitting way to end the blog. Run well everyone.

I also have 666 spam E-mails, that can't be good.


"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
       - Thomas A. Edison

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