February 28, 2011

Starting Over

So with PLO just destroying me I'm going back to NL. With my depleted bankroll and confidence I'm gonna start off at 50nl and work my way back up yet again. I will return to PLO at some point however it's just not profitable for me right now. I'm curious to see how my results would've been if I actually ran at EV, but no use crying over spilled milk. I am interested to see how PLO has helped/hurt my NL game and I'll report back in a few days.

I owe $100 a piece to both charities that commented on my blog earlier this month. I wasn't able to get to 170 pounds more or less because it was just gonna take too much work. 175 is already pretty thin for me and being winter in Rochester I didn't feel like putting in the extra work. I honestly just can't wait for practice to start in a couple of weeks and being out on the field again. Add in golf outings and it'll be much easier for me to get down to 170 if I want to.

However I do what to get a gym membership in the near future since I haven't worked with weights since my freshman year in college. I actually gained 10 pounds of muscle my first year but haven't been back since I stopped playing baseball.


From John Scolinos, baseball coach of Pepperdine and Cal-Poly Pomona (coached for over 50 years).

5 most important words: "Surround yourself with good people."

4 most important words: "Take care of yourself."

3 most important words: "Class, character, concern."

2 most important words: "Thank you."

Most important word: "We"

Least important word: "I"

2 worst words: "I quit."

3 worst words: "I don't care."

4 worst words: "Everybody is doing it."

5 worst words: "Let somebody else do it."

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February 26, 2011

Whine Time + Story Time!

My friends know me as basically a chronic complainer, I do it all the time. Although I try not to do it in poker I do it a lot in every other facet of my life. Especially baseball, I complain about every cheap hit for the other team. Every one. Well it's time for me to complain about poker. I switched to HUPLO because I thought HUNL was getting a little stale  and the lobbies are a joke. Well, that seemed like a great idea in theory until I realized how much variance is in this game. I rarely do this but decided to look at EV graph today and I'm 50 buy ins under ev, 50! This is by far the worst downer EV wise I've ever encountered. Ruthless.

I'm doing everything I can to stay calm and I almost never show emotion at the tables but the last month has been trying. Maybe I should rewatch Tommy's series again. The great news is I've always said you learn the most in a downswing and I've certainly improved. Couldn't do anything tonight since I'm sick and my doctor just put me on antibiotics today and had the session from hell just end so I just had to vent a little as it finally got to me.

Between my finance test, my PLO results, and my sickness this picture pretty much depicts the last week of mine.

User Uploaded Image

Before story time, just wanted to throw out despite being a very recreational bowling league being the anchor (last) bowler is pretty awesome. So far this year the game has been on the line twice. Once I needed a double to win the other time I needed 9 spare and both times I was able to pull through. It's fun focusing and locking in for those shots even though it means very little. Oh and we're now 30-10 since we joined the league and have vaulted from 11th to 9th place, baby steps.

OK so now for story time. This past week in bowling we were bowling a 3 man team (one person wasn't there) and two of their members joined a $3 tourney that basically meant they needed to qualify then win a few more tournaments for a chance at a $50,000 Las Vegas tournament. The two teammates were also husband and wife, we'll call them Jack and Jill. So the alleys we were assigned for our games were ridiculously easy, they had a very small amount of oil on them and I could miss by about 4 boards and the ball would still hit the pocket. They were easy for everyone, unfortunately the pin rack wasn't working and there were numerous delays in the first game.

After finishing up, they decided to move us for our second and third game. This is where Jack and Jill got very upset. They wanted 5 minutes of practice on the new lanes, the manager compromised and gave us two minutes. Pretty much enough for a shot on each lane which was fine. After one shot I could tell the line was going to be much tighter and I'd have to be more direct. Well they wren't happy with the amount of practice time, so they refused to bowl. Now at this point everyone else in the league is about to finish up with their 2nd game, we're in the first frame of our second game. 

Jack and Jill are so upset about it that they decide to go take a cigarette break. At this point everyone else has taken their first shot and we're waiting on them. When they get back in they're still not happy and the manager decides to give them 2 more minutes of practice. They only bowl during that and they're still upset saying that was enough time. At this point Jack sees a couple people he knows going outside for a smoke break so he goes outside to join them and complain some more! So once again we have to wait about 5 minutes between our second and third shot.

Finally we get going again and at the end of the second game, Jack strikes on all 3 balls in the 10th (he was open in the 9th) for a 170. He thought he should've had a 230 and the three strikes in the 10th should've counted as 90 pins. Everyone who has been around bowling for a while knows it's only 30. We politely explain to him that it's 30 but he still doesn't believe it. Goes back to the manager and says he should have 90, the manager says no it's 30. Jack isn't happy. He demands a print out and is clearly upset with everyone.

The third game goes by with very few problems and we finally got out of there. It took us 4 hours to bowl 3 games in a 4 man league. Yikes. I'll end the blog entry with a song, not really a fan of rap but heard this song on the way to the Cuse-Gtown game and enjoyed it.



"Big mouthfuls often choke." -Italian proverb  



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February 23, 2011


Going into the test, I wasn't feeling awful. I told a buddy during my cram session that I was about 50/50 to pass it. Going into the test I think those odds improved to about 55/45 with my last minute studying. So I went into the test knowing a certain percentage of questions in the bank and what does FINRA do? Ask just about every question I'm unsure of. I didn't have a good feeling about it when I saw the questions, made worse by 2 things after I finished.

One when I hit submit "FAIL!" popped up on the screen at the top of the next page. Two, when I saw I got a 68 I went to the proctor to checkout and she's goes "congratulations, you don't have to worry about taking that again!". I then had to inform her of the bad news. I answered 92% of the evaluation of customers questions right which is basically all I'll be doing in my job and sucked on the tax questions.

One quick rant. I didn't really study contractual plans because they don't sell them anymore and there's 4 questions about them on the test. Really FINRA? Outstanding. Oh well, next time shouldn't be a problem, plan on taking it again in about a week.

On a completely different topic, something I'm going to be throwing into my adjectives is "ruthless". Little back story behind it. One on my NHL teammates got drunk, decided to play NHL, scored a sick goal, recorded it and put it on youtube. He then posted it on our message board. Here's the video. Quick disclaimer, he's actually Canadian and was doing his "guido impression".

 I've been using it constantly lately to describe both good things and bad. Then when describing something awesome you can add the second longer ruthlessss to it. One of my teammates is a high school basketball coach and he's started using it too:

"i used it today... two kids had 29 of their 33 at the half in the second half i started saying ruthless for one of them to my buddy on the bench
whenever he hit a shot"

It's outstanding, give it a shot.


Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal.

- Mike Ditka

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February 23, 2011

Ughh, I'm Screwed

So I'm studying for my Series 6 license and everything was going well. I've basically been over the book and the questions at the end a couple times and felt pretty  confident. Then I remembered I can study some more on the Kaplan website, so I went, logged in, and took a practice exam. I'm not even close. The wording is so much different and the questions are way harder. I'm continually getting like 65% on my practice and I need 70% to pass. 

My exam is at noon tomorrow and I can't push it back because it's within 48 hours so now I'm going to have to study more, and fork over another $80 if I fail. I'll basically be cramming all night tonight just trying to get familiar with the questions. Unfortunately they enjoy using a bunch of tricky wording and I give away 1-2 questions per test. I'm fine with suggesting what to invest in it's just the taxes and regulations I'm awful at. 

I wanted to blog just as a way to prevent me from studying. It's at a computer test center so I'll know right away if I passed or failed. Hopefully I have to stay to get fingerprinted and can avoid the walk of shame.


The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving. 
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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February 17, 2011

Road To a 300

So I've been bowling for 4 weeks now and still feel incredibly inconsistant. I'm averaging 175 but can get a 230 one game and a 150 the next game. I have no idea where the ball is going half the time and it was so much easier when I was doing it every day for my high school team. So tonight during practice I found two really good lines for my ball and felt good to go. I struck on the first two balls of the night, both were perfect. I then struck in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. It was at this point I go to my Dad and say "I've never had the first 7 before."

Ball in the 7th felt good off my hand and all 10 went in the pit. I struck in the 8th to make it 8 in a row, needing only 4 more. In a league when someone has a 300 going, a crowd starts to form behind the lane. Everyone stops and generally the person with the 300 in tact is the only person bowling. Word had spread about my run so far and although I didn't realize it, when I struck in the 9th I heard a huge roar. So now I was very nervous, I go to my Dad "Any advice?", he just laughed and said "I wouldn't change too much."

In the 10th when it was my turn I took my ball and actually felt a bit weak in my legs. I took a deep breath to calm down and just told myself to get it out there. The ball felt great off my hands and it was another perfect shot, all 10 went down. So now I just need two more. My next ball I felt drop off my hands but was still on a great line. I knew it wasn't going to have the carry of my previous 10 but was hoping for a break. It hit the pocket flush but the 7 pin was left standing, I heard a large groan from the crowd and although people were saying I got robbed, that was by far my worst shot of the game. It was a fun run though, hope to have another one like that soon.

PLO has been swingy. I never realized how much work goes into learning a new game. I had been playing exclusively HUNL for the past 3 years and a lot of the adjustments had become second nature to me. Now in PLO I'm re-learning how to adjust to different player types, tilted opponents, bluff lines, etc. I'm going to start forcing myself to watch at least 5 videos a week and blogging about 3-4 PLO hands a week to force me to put my thought process into words.

Finally, does anyone have any experience with google chrome? Firefox has become so resource intensive on my computer that I may be looking to make a change. A buddy of mine swears by it and I'll probably give it a shot soon but was looking for other opinions.


The fact is that in order to do any thing in this world worth doing, we must not stand shivering on the bank thinking of the cold and the danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.
Sydney Smith

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February 14, 2011

PLO Can Bite Me

Title sums up my week in PLO, that's about it.

I'm going on a trip to Penn National for a golf trip in April, I only know one or two in the group but just recently found out that if you get an 8 or higher on a hole, you're forced to shotgun a beer. Oh yeah, the first rounds of the day are at 8 AM, so a rough front or back 9 could make the days really long and/or interesting. We usually can't get out to golf a round here until late March or early April so I could be very rusty. I will be going to the range a few times before hand in order to try stay somewhat sharp.

The Syracuse-Georgetown game was fun despite the Syracuse loss. however as we were leaving I got the worst death stare ever. Down by 7 with 30 seconds left everyone was leaving so we followed suit. As we were making our way up the steps this lady at the top was sarcastically clapping at the fans leaving saying "way to support the team guys." My buddy and I laughed about that most of the way home but that's twice I've been heckled for leaving early in my last 2 sporting events. However I'm not to blame here since there was no chance at Syracuse coming back from a 7 point deficit without the ball in 30 seconds.

I'm blanking big time on fantasy baseball names, in my next blog I'll talk a bit more about the back story but I'd like to incorporate Mike Stanton's name in there somehow. Something like Stanton's x with x being currently undecided.

And I just busted out of a tourney I decided to play, I hate those too.


"There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures."
Josiah Gilbert Holland

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February 11, 2011

Million Dollar Bet Thoughts

By now most of you reading this blog are familiar with the DogisHead-Ashman prop bet as chronicled by Haseeb in his blog. For those that have missed it the link to part 1 under this paragraph. It's a very well written piece and someone on 2+2 said you could probably even make a movie out of it. I wouldn't doubt it.


Before my thoughts on this, let me just say this. I'm still close with many of my friends from high school. We all have our faults, but if there's one word to describe us as a group, I'd say it's "loyal". It's something I've tried to carry over to any friendship whether it be real life or poker friends. I would never be able to bet against someone that I considered a friend for that amount of money. It's one thing to say "I'll give you 2-1 on $20 that you can't chug that drink in 5 seconds." That's fun, everyone generally cheers it on and it's a good time.

When I read the terms of that bet, I was stunned. Not really with how hard it was to run 70 miles in 24 hours. I don't run long distances but someone in as good of shape as Ashton had a pretty good idea he could do as shown by him laying odds and continuing to make them worse until someone accepted. I was more shocked at how Haseeb accepted the bet and then justified it by saying "Ashton was going to do it anyways, so I may as well take the action." Firstly, if he thought there was a decent chance he could do it he wouldn't have made the bet. He states how Ashton has made a lot of dumb prop bets that he's had no action on. I think he saw this as his chance to cash in. Obviously this is just my opinion and I could be dead wrong with what he was thinking.

As a friend of someone, I could never do it. Forget the possible health risks, that much money is going one way or another is risking a friendship.. Then, just when I think the insanity is done I read the second part in which the stakes get jacked up from 70k-210k to 300k-900k. Again Haseeb's reasoning was he's going to sell the action one way or another, may as well take it. Of course this was after he did some research and talked with friends telling him he was a big favorite in this bet. If some of his friends told him there's a pretty good chance he could do it, I doubt he adds the extra 230k to the bet.

I think one word sum's it up for him in this bet, greed. My thoughts are that he saw this as an easy way to make 900k and thought there was very little chance he could lose. If you're read the story, you know all the problems that follow. Honestly, I can't blame Ashton's Mom for reacting like she did, pretty sure my Mom would react the same way. In the end, I'm glad everything turned out about as well as it could've. It really is a compelling tale.

One more thing I wanted to add. Part of the poker culture that bothers me is the immaturity of poker players. To me, it's very easy to tell which ones have gone to college and which ones haven't. There are obviously exceptions to the rules as I can think of a couple right off the top of my head. I know for me, my greatest growth as a person came my freshman year of college. I know if I devoted 100% of the time to poker, made a bunch of money, and lived a lifestyle that involved dropping out and becoming a poker pro I would struggle with many things I otherwise take for granted.

The poker culture is one I won't be involved in for too much longer, but I'll end this blog post with this thought. The majority of poker players are generally 18-21 year olds. People in this age bracket do a lot of dumb things. In general, it'll be laughed off in the future and the story will be ended with "Man I can't believe how dumb we were" however that's generally for something minor. Whether it was a dumb drunk mistake, a problem in school, etc. Often times, a young kid doesn't realize how moronic their actions were until years later and they laugh it off right after they did it.

However in poker, especially with the successful 16-21 year olds. Often time their mistakes have ramifications of over $100,000. Then when called out on it, they make typical teenage excuses. The types of things I hear from the young kids I coach. The only problem is when dealing with sums of money that large it doesn't work. My first time seeing this in action was when JJ Prodigy got caught multi-accounting in tournaments. I can't wait for the day a young poker player gets outed for doing something immoral and they say "You know what, it was a stupid mistake, I messed up. I'm sorry, it won't happen again." and then deal with the ramifications.

I'll end it with a quote I heard a while ago that's stuck with me, "The tough decision is usually the right one".


"We will all at some time in our lives, fall. Life is so very fragile, we are all vulnerable and we will all at some point in our lives... fall. We will all fall. We must carry this in our hearts, that what we have is special, that it can be taken from us and that when it is taken from us, we will be tested. We will be tested to our very souls. We will all be tested. It is these times, it is this pain, that allows us to look inside ourselves."-Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

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February 09, 2011

Entity Rigged the Blogs

He was obviously scared that I jumped to number 2 on the most views list so he decided to delete a lot of my views in order to give himself a bigger lead. That's ok, I have a pretty wide fan base and will be nipping at your heels again soon. That is until the next "update".

I recently purchased a slowcooker and plan on the first meal with it being pulled pork. I do want to get better in the kitchen and while crockpot recipes are incredibly easy, it's a good place to start and there are some delicious meals that I can make. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment. I stole this idea from one of my NHL teammates, he's already made chili and said it was outstanding. I just wish I had thought of this idea at the start of winter rather than the end of it.

Going to the carrier dome tomorrow for the Syracuse-Georgetown game. When I first snatched the tickets from my Dad I was really excited. Then both teams decided to go through a funk and I wasn't thrilled to have the tickets, and now both teams have looked better of late. They're both ranked in the top 15 and Cuse-Hoyas games are always intense. I enjoy watching games at the Carrier dome, unfortunately it lacks the feel of an intense college atmosphere. Instead of a small gym it seats so many and it's tough to make the place really loud. Minor nitpick but am excited as it should be fun.

The MLB network is counting down the 20 best games and so far they've done a really good job. Number 15 was the Mariners-Yankees 1995 ALDS. I know Dave Niehaus was a legend in Seattle but I think Brent Musberger's call of Edgar Martinez's game winning double was much better. I'll never forget watching that game with my Dad and cheering on Griffey during his memorable dash home.

Friday Night Light's series finale is tomorrow. Anyone who enjoys good television shows do yourselves a favor and get all 5 seasons of this. It's on netflix instand and with the exception of season 2, you won't be disappointed. I always thought season one would be my favorite, but Season 5 is great so far and it'll be sad when it ends tomorrow.


Both your friend and your enemy think you will never die.
Irish Proverb

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February 05, 2011

We're Upgrading from Don't Buy to Risky!

Decided to go with the risky teaser hedge for tomorrow's game. Hoping for a 24-21 Steelers final. I didn't buy any squares or make any prop bets as I have enough riding on the game to give me a good sweat. This seems like the worst possible matchup for the Steelers but who knows. I've been telling people I'd sign up right now for 2 minutes left, close game, with the ball in Big Ben's hands. I'm not big into clutch stats but he seems to get the job done more often than most and I'd gladly take my chances.

Tomorrow is my birthday which also coincides with superbowl Sunday. The last time the superbowl was on February 6th, I was a freshman and it was the date of the Niagrara baseball teams freshman initiation. I didn't let anyone know it was my birthday as I didn't want to see what would happen if they knew. I had never drank alcohol up to this point and had no idea what to expect. As soon as we walked into the house someone yelled "All the freshman have to do a 30 second kegstand!". Fortunately it wasn't that bad and I was able to make it through the night.

So far in 2011 my greatest investment has been buying the NHL Center Ice package. I never thought I'd get into hockey again after the lockout but I was drawn back in a couple years ago. I watched a ton of hockey as a toddler so I guess it was sort of impossible for me to escape and am loving watching the Bruins games with the package. HD hockey games are definitely awesome and I'll be traveling to Boston this year for a playoff game.

I've finished studying for my finance exam now just have to fill out the paperwork, get finger printed and I can schedule the test. It's a lot easier studying for a test in a classroom setting when the professor gives you hints. However for now I'll have to just go over a bunch of questions from the book and off the website. It's all multiple choice which I can't stand but it should go well.

The Yankees off-season is reminding me of the old Redsox off-seasons. They're signing a bunch of fringe guys hoping that one is productive. Generally it doesn't work and you're left scrambling by the trade deadline. As a Sox fan this is great watching the Yankees bring in old veterans who used to be good and then try and justify it. I've been there numerous times, good luck. My brother summed it up well in a recent text right after Pettitte retired "This has been the best off-season ever"

I really would just like for the snow to melt so baseball can start and I can golf again. Go Steelers!


A wise man learns by the mistakes of others,
a fool by his own.
Latin Proverb

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February 03, 2011

Little Hedging Math

So going into the Superbowl I'm debating whether to hedge. The value sucks in it since I was expecting the Steelers to be the favorite if they were able to represent the AFC and they're actually a small dog.  Right now I'd have to wager 145 to win 100 on the packers. I could also go very risky and make a teaser bet as well. I think if I did it I would choose the Packers +3.5 and over 38.5 but I gotta talk to the buddy I made the bet with. I broke it down here so it's a little easier to understand.

User Uploaded Image


So there's the math for ya, no clue what I plan on doing. I've been fortunate to have nice sweats on my futures bets this year with the Giants winning the NL and now this. It's amazing I was actually calling Roethlisberger Ben or Big Ben against the Jets. The most ironic part is I hate the Steelers with the exception of Tomlin but I'll gladly root for them on Sunday.


To win without risk is to triumph without glory.
       - Pierre Corneille

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