September 20, 2010

A lot of manlove for Joe Mauer

  • So 2 of my 3 prop bets are in. Mauer just got his 165th hit today so I won that bet, now all is left for Markakis to get his 175th hit (I made a mistake in a previous post).  Basically this just made me an even bigger fan of Joe Mauer as he just a ridiculously good hitter and plays the game the right way. What he's doing as a catcher is awesome and unprecedented. Hopefully he stays healthy and never tests positive for PEDs. Although Buster Posey is catching up to him quickly.
  • Had a softball tourney this weekend, we went 0-2 and were out quickly. It was fun but our team is really up against it. Most people didn't play softball during the summer and the majority have never played organized baseball. We're pretty athletic so if we stick with it for a couple more years I think we can be really good but right now, while it's fun to play it's frustrating to lose.
  • I went 2-3 and 2-4 over the weekend with one double. I wish I had any sort of power but all I do is shoot the middle and try to hit the ball hard. If I try to swing too hard or crush the ball I just end up popping up. I also made a play I've never made before as I was a catcher in hardball. Playing 2nd I caught a popup behind the first baseman that was a pretty routine play. However I've never played 2nd before so calling the first baseman off and catching the ball on the run was weird for me but it was cool to do and different to see from that angle..
  • I recently got put on a low fat diet because of some gall bladder problems and am so sick of eating vanilla wafers, sugar free jello, goldfish, and fat free pudding as a snack. I just want to eat some fatty foods.
  • Finally saw The Town this weekend. I thought it was pretty entertaining and has some awesome shots of Fenway. There are a few things you could nitpick about but other than that it was a fun movie.
  • Thinking about applying for a job at a local baseball training facility as a catching coach. I have a few people I teach right now for $20/hour but am super confident in my abilities to teach it as I've done it for so long and seen positive results in every one of my catchers. However one small problem is I actually don't even have a resume. I know I really should but it's something I never got around to. It's going to be pretty bare under job experience.


Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.

       -George S. Patton

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