September 09, 2010

Boston Trip Report

Just returned from Boston early yesterday morning. I went with a couple buddies and on of their girlfriends and it really couldn't have worked out any better. First we got there on Monday morning. I was driving and had never driven in Boston before. I'll just say this, I was fortunate that there was very little traffic when I was looking for our hotel as I probably would've been in like 7 accidents. However it did work out well as my friend was able to see the Charles river.

From there we checked into Hotel Commonwealth and went to lunch. We went to Game on which is right across from the Cask n Flagon for anyone who has been around there. My one friend who had never been there wanted to walk around a bit and check out the bars surrounding Fenway so we did that the for a while. The two that stood out to me were the bleacher bar which is right underneath Fenway's CF wall. From there you could see the field which is awesome as Buchholz was playing catch with a football, Doubrount was throwing a bullpen, and I'm pretty sure TB pitcher Wade Davis was running poles.

Another awesome place was the baseball tavern. Many Boston area bars during game day are very crowded. I prefer smaller places with plenty of bar space and this place had it. My buddy is a Braves fan and we watched the rest of the Braves-Pirates game there and went back to our room at about 4:30. We were fortunate to have seats on the Green Monster for Monday's game so after watching the first set of the Wozniacki-Sharapova match we headed up to our seats for BP. When we got there Longoria and Upton were in the group hitting. While we didn't get any balls it was fun to have that chance, I don't know if I would've had enough guts to actually try to catch it with my bare hands anyways. We were close a couple times but couldn't get anything to bounce our way.

The seats on the Green Monster were awesome. The view is different than anything else you'd see in Fenway and I'd love to sit there again. My only complain and this is a minor nitpick but it's impossible to participate in any of the chants when you're up on top of the monster since you're at a completely different elevation from the rest of the park. Other than that if you ever have a chance to sit there, you'd be nuts to pass it up. Here's a picture from our seats.

User Uploaded Image

The game was a ton of fun as the Redsox crushed Niemann with Ortiz and Beltre pounding first inning homers. Rookie Ryan Kalish hit a grand slam later in the game and the Sox were on their way. After the game we finished watching the rest of the Boise St.-Va Tech game and headed to Jillian's after to finish up the night drinking and bowling. Of course I had to talk about how I was on the bowling team during my senior year of high school  and was only 8 total pins away from all-county which automatically opens me up to ridicule especially after a few drinks.

I actually haven't bowled since high school but it was a blast to do it again. Unfortunately I got crushed in game 2 by my buddy when he bowled out of his mind for a 160, I think I got like a 110 in my second game so that was pretty embarassing and I obviously on the wrong side of some jokes on the way home.

The only bad part of the trip happened on Tuesday morning. About 6:20 our fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. That was fun since I'm pretty sure I was still drunk, but that was the only complaint I had about the 2 days.The next morning we headed over to Quincy Market for lunch and just to check out the different shops and stuff. We settled on eating at a seafood place and we definitely made the right choice. I had no complaints about my steak sandwich and the lobsterman casserole my 2 friends got looked delicious.

Before the game we went and had some drinks at the baseball taverns roof deck and from there headed over to the game. The game was very forgettable with the Sox losing 14-5, but I have no complaints about the trip as a whole, it was a ton of fun and I can't wait to head back next year.


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