August 16, 2010

Doing the Bull Dance. Feeling the Flow

The last 2 rounds of golf I've played I've shot an 88 and 86. While this may not seem that impressive, for me it is. I originally learned the game 2.5 years ago because I was a finance major and didn't want to hack it up at the golf course if/when I golfed with potential clients. I started to take lessons and my goal when i first started was just to become more consistent  with everything and break 100 by the end of the summer. While I saw improvements and slowly got away from my baseball swing I wasn't ever able to do that.

The following summer I continued with the lessons and was generally in the low to mid 90s by the end of the year. This golf season has been a struggle, my goal was to break 90 and I really struggled for most of the year. I was making better contact and my driver was actually pretty good I just had no idea where my irons were going. My instructor is someone who basically lets me swing as long as I'm comfortable and he make adjustments from there. After about half a summer of no improvement including a terrible scramble tourney and the awful Vegas back 9 in which I shot at 64 I asked him to breakdown my swing and start over.

While I struggled at first I saw quick improvements during my time at the range also my friend helped me with my hand positioning. About 3 weeks after I changed my swing I shot an 88 then the other day shot an 86. It's fun being able to make pretty consistent contact every time. The only problem is my distances are a little off but I'll gladly trade that for the improvement I'm seeing.

On a completely different note I'm strongly considering coaching a Little League team next year. I was discussing this idea with a student I've stayed close with who is a college basketball coach and he said he thinks it'd be a great idea and would remind me why I got into coaching originally. Furthermore, after coaching legion for 4 years it'd be sort of fun not to have to worry about wins and losses.

I've never been an overly intense coach but to have things focused on having fun and improving would sort of be a cool change of pace. The toughest part would be dumbing things down to an 11-12 year olds point of view and skill level. I've basically seen/run the same practices for 4 years now and obviously that would be a little too advanced for little leaguers. Nothing is final yet but it's an idea I've been kicking around and it's what I'm leaning towards doing next summer.

Hope everyone is running well.

I believe in the Rip Van Winkle theory: that a man from 1910 must be able to wake up after being asleep for seventy years, walk into a ballpark and understand baseball perfectly. - Bowie Kuhn

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