July 29, 2010

Fenway Park

I recently decided with a friend to go to Fenway for a Sox-Rays series in early September. I usually make one trip to Fenway a year and it's usually an incredibly fun time time. It's tough to explain but there are so many things that are great about the park. First of all, if game time is at 7, outside of Fenway is like a party from 5-7. There's vendors everywhere with a bunch of people wandering around excited to see the game. From there, walking into the park and stepping in as soon as you see the field is a great experience. Generally the first thing you see is the Green Monster, a giant 37 foot wall in left. It's probably not as awe inspiring for a casual fan but as a lifelong fan of the Redsox it's one of my favorite moments when I go to Fenway.

From there, the fans are arguably the most knowledgeable in baseball. The reason I say this is there are no "get loud" or "make noise" animations from the scoreboard. Every chant, every piece of noise, every rhythmic applause is started by the fans themselves. There have been quite a few more fair weather fans that have come to Fenway, but generally when sitting in the cheaper seats nobody will leave until the end of the inning causing you to miss very little of the action or have to get up during the game.

This may not be the best analogy but the easiest way for me to describe Fenway fans is to compare it to a wild dog.They're always looking for a sign of weakness, generally always from the opposing pitcher. Sometimes it has very little effect. At this game I chanted "Lil-ly" with the rest of the crowd for 7 innings with very little effect. It was definitely loud and continued for the whole game and Lilly pitched very well.

Then there was this game. Carmona came into the game and after retiring the first two, the crowd got louder after the Mirabelli got hit by a pitch. It was at that time Carmona started to struggle and the crowd was deafening by the time Youkilis got up. It was a really cool experience and when Loretta doubled the roof nearly came off the place. Next year they were down 3-2 to the Indians in the ALCS with game 6 in Fenway. The crowd was chanting "lets go Redsox" as Carmona was warming up, something I had never seen before. There's really no way to tell if he was rattled but he gave up a grand slam in the first and was chased in the third. Again, there's no evidence to point out that the crowd has anything to do with it, but make any mistake or falter a bit and they'll be all over you. 

So, needless to say I couldn't be more excited to go in September which could be in the middle of a playoff race. The Redsox are finally getting healthy and hopefully they can play well in August since there's nothing like a playoff atmosphere at Fenway.


"As Commissioner, you're supposed to be objective. It wasn't much of a secret though, that I loved Fenway Park, especially how it made you a participant and not a spectator."
--Bowie Kuhn

Posted By bosoxx34 at 01:59 AM



RIGGED! posted on July 29, 2010 at 02:23 AM


Boston fans are the most knowledgeable in baseball? I have now heard it all. Haha.

Rollo posted on July 29, 2010 at 15:44 PM


I feel the same way when I walk into the Bog House, nothing better than being with 110,000+ fans.

I will say UM fans at the Big house are not the loudest, most of them have had season tickets since when Truman was President. The only time they yell is when you try standing up to watch a key play and they tell you to sit down.

bosoxx34 posted on July 29, 2010 at 15:48 PM


Rigged, I'd be curious to hear a list that doesn't have Boston in their top 3. Obviously St. Louis is up there, Yankee fans maybe, none of the teams out west really are up there.

And Rollo, I'm actually a Michigan football/basketball fan. Never been to the Big House but it's on my list of things to do, looks like a ton of fun.

Rollo posted on July 29, 2010 at 17:44 PM


If you go make sure it's a Norte Dame, Penn State, Michigan State or the best of all of them the Ohio State game.

RIGGED! posted on July 29, 2010 at 18:13 PM


I honestly don't know why St. Louis has such a reputation of having smart fans. Everyone says that, so maybe I'm not the smartest cookie when it comes to this issue. How do they measure the smartness of a teams fans at the stadium? It seems that people measure it by the amount they boo. St. Louis, Boston and the Yankees boo their own damn teams for the simplest of things. I don't think booing because they are spoiled with years of playoff/world series teams makes a crowd smart.

fopah posted on July 29, 2010 at 18:31 PM


"It seems that people measure it by the amount they boo. St. Louis, Boston and the Yankees boo their own damn teams for the simplest of things"

I have been to a couple hundred cardinals games and have only heard people booing a couple times.

and st. louis revolves around baseball. everyone here loves it. we are most likely the most classy fans around in my experience

RIGGED! posted on July 30, 2010 at 00:33 AM


"I have been to a couple hundred cardinals games and have only heard people booing a couple times. "

Then it must have been this year during interleague play when they played the Mariners.

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