April 27, 2010

6, 9, 17...One TIME

So this Sunday/Monday I was at Turning Stone Casino planning on a weekend of golf and craps. Unfortunately, the weather was awful and we didn’t want to golf in the cold/rain. So, I was banking on craps holding me over the the 36 hours we were there. For craps I’ll only play if it’s a $5 table since it becomes so expensive otherwise since I incrementally increase my bet and always take max odds. As a result, I really only play during the late night/early morning.

My friend, his father, and I got there around 11 AM and I decided to teach them craps. After a nice +400 session, we grabbed lunch and waited for our room to get ready. Since we couldn’t golf I killed time by watching them play roulette and other games. Fast forward to after dinner (the kobe beef burgers were outstanding) we were looking to kill time in order to wait until they lowered the craps tables back to $5.

So, since we really didn’t want to play a game in which we could lose our money quickly, we headed over to the keno area. For those that have never visited a casino, the Keno area is where anyone under the age of 60 is a rarity and it’s generally extremely quiet and boring in there.

Anyways, we all fill out a sheet for 3 numbers, catch all for $3, 10 games apiece. If we hit 3/3 numbers we’d win $150. I chose the numbers 6,9, and 17. My buddy went with quick pick and drew 8, 9, and 51. His father went with 25, 27, and 6. So after about 7 games we’re all hating this game. Most of the time we’ve got 0 numbers and only once in the first 7 games did one of us have 2 numbers and that was only a 3 number sweat. (they draw 20 numbers, 1-80)

So obviously we’re all commenting about how we hate the game and game 8 was more of the same. So now I’m just asking for one of us to get a sweat, not even to win I just want some excitement going into the last 5 numbers. Game 9 provided that, and a bit more.

The first number was a 27, so right off the bat we got one. A few more numbers go by and the number 6 pops up, so my buddy’s dad only needs one more number. Few more numbers go by and number 51 pops up. So my buddy and his dad both have 2/3 and i have 1/3. Ball 11 brought the number 25. So my buddy’s dad won and we all start high fiving.

Two numbers later the number 9 popped up and we all screamed and high fived and started yelling for number 17 as that was all I needed to complete the trifecta. The next few numbers brought nothing and finally on ball 18, the number 17 was announced and we just lost it. A bystander probably thought we hit at least 10 numbers as all of our frustration was turned into raucous celebration.

Game 10 brought more of the same but we could care less as we had each hit for $150. As we were cashing in our ticket after Rebecca, one of the Keno announcers said she was trying not to laugh as she was announcing while we were winning. Talking about it afterwards, it made sense. Here’s a game where they probably rarely hear any emotion, especially with us calling out our numbers and when we were yelling numbers she was obviously the first to know what it was. So when 17 rolled up she knew there was going to be an eruption and of course there was as we walked to the craps tables happily $150 richer.

In a bet there is a fool and a thief. ~Proverb

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on April 27, 2010 at 14:44 PM


Hahaha great story! For some reason I picture Rebecca being cute...

bosoxx34 posted on April 27, 2010 at 21:11 PM


Sadly Rebecca wasn't my type, nice girl though.

fopah posted on May 05, 2010 at 21:57 PM


pretty badass. Keno sounds more boring than bingo

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