April 09, 2010

Could be an epic Masters

  • The Masters is probably my favorite golf tournament of the year. The course looks awesome and I hope to go one year. After the first round the leaderboard looks awesome and I’m sure CBS executives are drooling over the possibility of pairing up guys like Mickelson, Woods, Couples, and Watson on Sunday. I have individual bets on Mickelson and Poulter so I hope I at least get a sweat in on Sunday.
  • I should’ve never named my last blog entry lol Yankees. While I was obviously joking as it was the first game of the year, of course the Redsox lost the next 2 nights. I’m really worried about the back end of their bullpen and Ortiz just shouldn’t be hitting against lefties late in the game with Lowell on the bench. I can see that situation becoming really bad by the middle of May. Either the fans are going to be booing or Ortiz is going to be unhappy with his playing time. It could be an ugly divorce.
  • Arrested developments re-watch ability is amazing. The little things you pick up that are so subtle are outstanding. For example in the pilot, Tobias’s pause when Michael asks him how the job search is going is outstanding.
  • Our EASHL team is ranked 35th so far this month, its been fun to see the improvement and really fun to beat good teams. I’m not sure if we’re good enough but a top 10 finish would be outstanding.
  • I’m going to to Turning Stone at the end of the month to golf with a buddy. As I said before I love golfing nice courses and This one is outstanding. Last year when I golfed it the starter to me “it’s a very hard and fair course” and he was telling the truth. There’s so much trouble on every hole but it’s right there and you can see everything. Last year I started off par-par and I’d lay a lot of money on that not happening this year.

“Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead.”
- Jackie Robinson

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caperbii posted on April 10, 2010 at 01:47 AM


I took 6-to-1 on tiger and 100to1 on duval just in hopes he made a run (wishful thinking). Would have been too sickkk if phil made the birdie on 18 to pair with woods!

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