February 06, 2010

Done with the Wire

Finished all 5 seasons of the wire in about 2 weeks. Shows how much responsibility I have on a daily basis. Here are some of my favorites (warning: contain spoilers)

Favorite Season: Season 1- I know a lot of people are fond of Season 4 and that was my second favorite I just enjoyed the depth of season 1. I thought the Barksdale crew was the most interesting because of the contrast between Stringer and Avon. If you put the 2 of them together they were the same person, but separately they had different intentions.

I also loved Wee-bey and D’Angelo. The depth most of the characters had was amazing and it made for a really interesting season.

Favorite line: “You come at the king you best not miss” – Omar

I guess I’ll blend this into favorite line/character. As much as I liked the Barksdale crew and Mcnulty, Omar pretty much owns. It wasn’t just the way he went about things, but the way he was feared and respected at the same time. He would kill or rob major players in about every season and yet many times the bosses wouldn’t come back after him fearing their own life or their men’s lives.

I also have a soft spot for Bubbs, he was the one character who wasn’t really looking out for his best interests throughout the entire series. He knew he couldn’t keep getting high and after a couple of times of failing to quit he finally got on the right path. Whether it was his white friend in the beginning or Sherrod later he tried to teach them the tricks of the trade as best he could and genuinely felt bad when bad things happened to them.

Best scene: There are a ton to chose from, but my 2 favorites are actually from season 2.

My first is when Mcnulty is just hammered. Crashes his car, checks it out and does it again intentionally. Goes to a diner, goes home with a waitress, wakes up in the morning pillow covered in blood and is just wondering wtf happened last night?

Youtube link NSFW

My other favorite is when Omar testifies against Bird. The fact that he knew the Greek god of war, his entrance with the tie, him owning Levy, him taunting Bird just makes it all great.

Part 1
Part 2

Saddest Scene: Again a tie. First is when Bodie gets shot and killed. He was someone I hated at first but his character development is just awesome from season 1-4 and despite being pretty obvious when it was going to happen. I was still rooting for him to survive somehow, especially after the talk with Mcnulty on the bench.

The other is when Michael drops off Bug at his aunts. Season 4 was great but so depressing at the same time and this was just tough to watch as Bug idolized his older brother.

Least Favorite character: Fruit followed by Snoop. Hated both.

Most dramatic scene: Well not loaded with action, when Avon and Stringer were talking on the rooftop at the end of season 3. Both realizing their problems are going to come to a head soon, but still reminiscing about their past together and how far they’ve come. Just an extremely well acted scene.

A great show, maybe I’ll re-watch it again at some point and have some new favorites but for now those are my thoughts.

Sgt. Jay Landsman: For you I would suggest some pantsuits, perhaps muted in color, something to offset Detective Moreland’s pinstripe lawyerly affectations and the brash tweedy impertinence of Detective Freamon. Rawls is watching on this one, let’s at least pretend like we got a fucking clue.

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on February 06, 2010 at 05:24 AM


Vote for saddest scene (and fav character) - Bubs trying to kill himself,

Funny Scene - Seeing Stringer sitting in that Econ class

molotok posted on February 06, 2010 at 08:58 AM


I just rewatched the whole thing. Saddest scene- Bubs gettin a beating and cops not coming.
Funny scene- Does the chair know that we look like some punk ass bitches?

xix posted on February 16, 2010 at 16:02 PM


I just downloaded season 1 to see what this show is all about. Now that I'm caught up on Criminal Minds, I don't have anything in queue to watch.

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