June 01, 2010

I just got soulread

Well my enthusiasm for re-starting my piano exploits hasn't quelled yet and I managed to ask whether there would be any objection to me re-starting.  I mean the piano's downstairs and that's the mother's territory.  Her response? "Why do you think I never got rid of it?"

Pwn'd imo.

I've made sure to set aside at least 30 minutes per day for practice and I've also taken the liberty of booking some gym time, anyone who's seen Lysistrata's blog will know I desperately need it, although apparently I didn't put any weight on going to the US.  That's a big flabby British fail right there, I mean come on we ate the best stuff ever and I don't put anything on?  Rigged.

However it looks like I may be able to satisfy a newly acquired liking for Iced Tea as it appears Lipton Iced Tea is sold in my local supermarket, which I will confirm/deny tomorrow when I get there.  Only 2 flavours though as Lipton's big wigs seem to believe that due to the fact the English put milk in their tea that Lipton wouldn't sell over here....no I'm not joking.  UGH.  Can I get a shipment plz?

And yes ok, I'll get some poker in too, Yeeesh you'd almost think I played this game or something.

Got a new vid out today I did with Pygmyhero regarding our Live Play in AC.  I think the vid came out pretty well overall although I'm pretty sure I badly misplay at least 1 hand but can't be helped I suppose and all's well that ends well. Looking forward to getting some feedback

Take Care guys


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May 30, 2010

Back in the Uk - US Trip Part 8

Well after a fairly uneventful series of flights with the only non-boring bit being me banging my head on the tiny plane that took me from Baltimore to Newark I am back in the UK and kinda sad that it's all over but Mike and Tori left me with one amazing parting gift (and no, not the Aquarium although that was AWESOME).  Tori had prepared a scrapbook of my visit which I am hugely grateful for even if it did almost caused me to well up like a girl over the Atlantic.

But I'm really hoping I can come back sooner rather than later.  If I'm being honest, until recently i never had much of a will to go to the States.  Now I can't wait to go back.  Only slight downside being I appear to have been a clown and left my camera in AC....ah well nothing on it i can recall anyway and I've got enough memories to last me a very long time

Thanks guys for a wonderful holiday.

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May 29, 2010

Hope to Be Back Soon - US Trip Part 7

Well today's the last day.  I fly into Newark at 6pm and leave Newark for Manchester at about 10:15pm so this time tomorrow I'll be back in dreary old England.  Before that PH and I are going to Baltimore aquarium and then meeting Lysistrata for lunch.

WE spent most of yesterday in the Crime and Punishment museum in Washington DC before moving on to a Morrocan place for dinner and finishing the night with good quality yummy Haagen Daz.  Another long but thoroughly enjoyable day, we also went to a Japanese place for lunch and had skewers and sushi...oh man that was good.  One thing I did get from the Crime and Punishment was boy were we fucked up in the Middle Ages, like wow I'm glad I didn't live back then.  It was also interesting reading about all the Mafia crime lords etc.  Also I got to get put on a lineup w/ Pygmyhero, that was fun, I'm pretty sure Lysistrata burst into hysterics but I couldn't really tell as I was apparently behind bullet proof 2-way looking glass.

Also I became the classic example of why British people aren't allowed guns.  There was a police simulator where you were part of a drugs raid.  I fired 3 shots all of them lethal...sadly one was into an unarmed suspect.  What can I say? Ooops?

The AMW studio was fun though.  Tons of really cool stuff and the image of John Walsh having to wrap himself up in about 15 layers becasue he was in London kinda spoke volumes.

I'm pretty much done packing now, probably got about 10 minutes worth of stuff to do when we get back and that will be that.  So long until next time.  And there will be a next time I'm 100% sure of it.  Hopefully by then I'll be able to hit the Wii Fit and play some piano :)

Take Care Guys


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May 28, 2010

Rainbow Road My Ass - US Trip Part 6

Another rather quiet day today, I got up around 9:30 having apparently missed someone coming in with a ladder and installing a new lightbulb right outside my room.  I sleep good.  I just don't let people around me do the same. *shrug*

Went to get a lunch burrito w/ Lysistrata and we chatted over lunch for about 2-3 hours about just about whatever came into our heads, mainly music and education based.  Have to say I think the US system of higher education and support is more than likely superior to the British one and I never thought I'd say that but imo the UK's education system is currently in the crapper and further qualification support is piss poor although this may just be personal experience.  I've also decided I want to start again playing piano, I used to be pretty good, as you guys probably already know I'm not a small guy and my reach is pretty darn far (over an octave iirc) but I made the choice to play sport in school rather than piano, despite getting to a half decent level, and never picked it back up again.  I wonder how far I can go or if I can even learn again. We'll see.

Around 4 we went to pick Mike up from DC and had yet another memorable meal at Benehana.  I even used chopsticks for the occasion.  Lysistrata has the evidence of my ham fisted attempts.  Bascially you order what you want and the chefs cook it right in front of you on a hot plate and this guy was seriously skilled.  I'd probably have needed ER trips and major surgery if I'd even attempted what he was doing.  Actually my first time I've ever ordered Lobster in a restaurant.  Didn't disappoint either.  Truly amazing

So we got back and I've just spent the last 3 hours with Pygmyhero playing Mariokart Wii.  We played team games and we pwned despite me being awful...truth be told Mike just 1111'd every cup, that help.  However we were dealt a crushing defeat on Rainbow road and have abandoned it for the night swearing revenge.

Another early start tomorrow so we can get the rest of DC in inculding the Crime museum and the Spy Museum and some monuments....I suddenly realize my vacation's coming to a close and that makes me a little sad but I'm so grateful for the opportunity and the amazing vacation I've had so far.  Also staying with Mike and Tori has given me a slightly different outlook on what I want to be doing and I think I'm going to make some changes when I get back to the Uk.  I think they can only be for the better in the end.

One thing's for sure though.  One way or another I really want to come back (assuming I'm allowed back in)

I think I'll do one more blog tomorrow night after we get back.  Seems to make sense to wrap everything up.

Until then, take care guys


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May 27, 2010

Relaxing - US Trip Part 5

Had a bit of a day off yesterday after we returned from AC.  Mostly spent playing Wii, during which I learned the bullet in Mariokart is sick and having PH scream "OMG HOLD!!!" as I come crashing through the field is pretty funny.

Did a bit of work with Mike a little later in the evening before too much beer was drunk and I even managed to get an online session in.  I miss the live dudes, online players are wierd. Just kidding guys but it was amusing how different the games were and what a massively different thought process I was needing for the vast majority of the hands.

I do intend to try and record a video before I leave but I'm not sure if i will be able to but we'll see

Not sure what today's plan is, I think we're all meeting up for dinner and then moving on to the Washington Monuments.  Should be a ton of fun.

Take Care


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May 26, 2010

Oi No Fair!! - US Trip Part 4

I've been tricked!!

It's not my fault I swear, PH and Lysistrata took me to Fogo de Chan for one of the most incredible meals I've ever had.

Here's my Review:


That work?

Of course then Lysistrata and her newly acquired posh English accent offered Zack and Wiki on the Wii.  So not fair, I'd have said yes to anything after that meal.  Although to be fair Zack and Wiki despite being rolled over by a huge red ball on one occasion was a ton of fun.  Also PygmyHero plays mean on Super Mario World Wii but at least only on the bonus levels :)

I think time for some well deserved sleep.

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May 25, 2010

ZOMG Chuck!! - US Trip Part 3

Spent yesterday in New York, started the day off with a bit of embarrassment as apparently my sleep-foghorn may have caused some awakedness in my roommates.  Embarrassment and Guilt imo.

Once we got to New York though fun started.  First off we went on a Food Tour of Greenwich Village and I believe the official response to that is...


Jeez you guys are so lucky to have all that around in NYC and how come the average New Yorker doesn't weight 44 stone? (Look it up imo, I'm trying to confuse as many Americans with British metrics as possible...see later footnote)

However then we all met up with Chuck who was just several gallons worth of awesome and I just wish we'd have had longer to have stayed.  So much fun, and really good food...I so have to start hitting the gym more :(

Anyway we got back at about 11pm to the Borg and Pygmyhero decided that he wanted to play another session (Machine imo) whereas I was about ready to collapse but tried to make sure I stayed up long enough to deactivate the foghorn.  Anyway Mike came in a few hours later and as far as I know he's still asleep.  THink it's only fiar to leave him for a bit :)

Random Footnote Story: My "official" e-mail address starts with a "z".  People from the UK pronounce this as "zed".  Not "zee".  Unfortunately the girl at the Borgata had not been trained in UK/US translation.  Fortunately I had Lysistrata with me who, after bursting into laughter for 10-15 seconds, was kind enough to act as a translator for me...did I mention embarrassment yet?  On the plus side Lysistrata's English accent is better than mine.

We'll be leaving AC later today.  I haven't decided whether I'm going to put in a last session or not yet.  I'm feeling pretty good but may just chill, we've been very active the last few days.  We'll see.

Catch y'all later


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May 23, 2010

Blogging From Borgata - US Trip Part 2

Hello from AC everybody!!

After an awesome, yet long, day in DC we headed up to AC and headed for the Borgata.

And yes, I did play 10/20 with my own action so can I please stop being called a nit by my Skype buddies?   There were a ton of interesting hands including a couple with PygmyHero which I'm going to save for a little as I think there's a ton of really good discussion to be had on them.  We went for some time on them.

Played a little this morning too although after a pretty blistering start where I raised something like 4 hands in a row and got action on them all I started feeling pretty bad and lost focus including doing some daft shit like donking in one pot, although PH thought it may have been a really good play if I'd have done it deliberately...and I won the SD with K-High despite playing it badly so Expert Obv.  

So far up about $200 despite paying 3 time pots.  You think 2/4 rake is bad, try $25 in one pot!! :) 3 times :(

Overall impression of live play is that the average standard is certainly weaker than online although a couple of the games PH and I ended up in weren't exactly spectualar, I'd probably compare them to something like an average 2/4 online game with slightly weaker river value betting tendencies.  I've had a little trouble adapting including one hand this morning where I burned 2 bets with the 2nd nut flush (1 card) when I should have just raise/folded the turn but live and learn.  Not bad for a first real experience of LHE live play and it certainly beats that 100PL game i played in in Salford, jeez.

However remembering Tommy's advice I decided to cut my session this morning short at about 2 hours and went off to clear my head.  We're going to dinner in less than an hour and the place looks awesome.  Haven't decided if I'm going to play tonight, I certainly don't want to play straight after a big meal and I understand the Lost finale is going to go until 21:30 or something tonight so depending on when we leave for NYC will depend on whether I wrap it up for now or maybe try and get in one more session.

So far this is definitely qualifying for best trip ever, loving every minute...even the losing with AA to T8 on a K93...PH did a lap of the Borgata on the flop...I'm sure he'll explain to you why in his new series ;)

Take Care Guys


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May 22, 2010

Made it!! - US Trip Blog 1

Yay I finally got into the US despite being given a little less than 2 hours to get through immigration and customs in the US to catch my connection.  That plus being jerked around on the plane over more than a little but eventually getting to Newark.  Needless to say after that and 10 hours of flying I was mightily relieved to meet Mike who greeted me with a winning smile and a welcome to the US.

We took the train back to Mike and Tori's appartment where I was greeted with a smile a hug and some food.  Happy happy happy.  I had secretly purchased some Godiva chocloates as a pre-emptive "Thank-you/Sorry for having to put up with me for a week" and they were received happily :)

We went to a party for Tori finishing her year at university where apparently someone had spilt beer on the laptop and thus iot lost the ability to do things like use Powerpoint which was a bit of a whoopsie but overall it was a lot of fun and Mike and I got a pretty huige laugh out of a Rickroll planted in the presentation.  Guess that's what 2-3 years of internet forums does to your sense of humour

After getting some much needed sleep, I hadn't slept a wink on the flight over, we spent yesterday in Washington DC where we spent almost the entire day in the newseum.  I'm going to ask Tori to send me the picutres taken as in a couple it looks like I'm bigger than the Capital building.  I mean sure I need to lose some weight but oh man :(

Went to my first baseball game last night and had a great time.  The US has really nailed spectator sport.  Most of their games are fast and agressive and thus make for good viewing unlike some English sports which, while heavily tactical don't make for good viewing a lot of the time.  Doesn't hinder the matter that there is more food/drink available than I thought was physically possible.  So awesome, all happy.

We'd left Baltimore at about 7:30am and got back just after midnight so long day but so worth it.  Sadly got back to find out my flight back to England has been cancelled and I now get to spend about $100 trying to rearrange on the phone....yikes, thank-you some judge in England .  Not enough to dampen my mood though been awesome so far.

Going to head to AC for the next few days.  Really looking forward to it.

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May 19, 2010


In 24 hours I’ll be on a plane heading over the Atlantic.


Ok gotta clam down and make sure I’ve got everything, got some last minute stuff to do tonight before getting no sleep due to being 12 again and then arriving in the US looking like a zombie and thus getting staked by Lysistrata.

All is well :)

Also Pygmyhero’s “Run Good” thread is the utter nuts and made me smile last night while running 45/20 at SD becasue I won one enormous pot and that’s what I focused on and was a happier Boomer for it. Dam you Pygmy for ruining my mad!!

Take Care All

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