June 20, 2009

Acceptance from a Judgemental World

I’ve just finished watching Busto to Robusto featuring Captain Zeebo.

Incredibly enthralling video and one where, to be honest, I could see a couple of similar personailty traits that have manifested themsevles in me over the years but, thanks to various career choices, have now been all but supressed.

What it got me thinking about was how the outside world judges poker players and, in a way, I’ve had it right here at home.

Both my parents are professionals in the Health Service and my life started out, and may yet still finish, in a way that mimicks them. I’ve been to Grammar School, I’ve got my Bachelor’s Degree (which is actually something neither of them acheived) and I’m now on the track to Chartered Accountancy.


The wild card has always been poker. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not about to throw away 10 years of school’ing so I can play 6 tables of 2/4 every day…but it does present an opportunity.

12 months ago I completed the AAT qualification which is bascailly the foundation Qualification you do before you do a 3-year course which gains you chartership and I think you automatically qualify for a BMW 5-series or something becasue you complete it :). Unfortunately while the company I work for were willing to put me through the AAT, which all in all costs about £2000 ($3200) they kinda balked at the ACCA (Chartership) which costs in excess of £11,000 ($17,000). Obviously I had a few rebellious thoughts after this becasue I essentially thought I’d be cock-blocked but at the end of the day what happened next? The biggest financial meltdown in 30 years bacailly meaning what you have is what you got in terms of job, house etc and I even went through a period where I was put at risk of redundancy and essentailly won a coinflip to keep my job.

So I’m sitting doen with the old man, who’d come up from Manchester to help with some emergency housework, and my mother and having a chat about what we were planning to do over the winter etc and we’d come up with all sorts of plans regarding the house but then a spanner was thrown into the works in the fact that somehow I’ve got to get together about £11,000 over a 3 year period to get my chartership.

That’s when I perked up and mentioned that if I worked hard enough on Poker I could potentailly have $10-15k in my poker accounts by this time next year and it was my problem to solve. (Alright I only have $1.5k now but 12 months is a long time). Thanks to poker, in a way, I have become exceedingly patient and long term in planning. I will look a year down the road if I have to which does sometime clash when someone’s panic’ing about now now now as always seems to happen.

Now my mother has NEVER been comfortable with me playing online as, like everyone knows, it’s a negative sum emotional game which means weven if you’re winning you can get stressed and downhearted about it. Plus the negative effects sitting in front of a PC can have yadda yadda yadda. Also I had to sit her down once and explain how I wasn’t going to burn my credit cards up with poker deposits and I could only ever “lose” my original $100 deposit I made 2 years ago before I’d found DC, 2+2 and anything else…not really a disaster.

However my father managed to put it in real world terms and it looked like the lightbulb finally came on for her and it was so simple what he said…

“Look, I know it’s difficult for you because you (mother) can’t do it and I can’t do it…but he can and what’s the harm in letting him try?”

One thing that a lot of people find hard is admitting that someone else, especailly family members, can do something they cannot do. It’s hard to visualise and it’s hard to come to terms with and especailly with something like poker and the negative stigma attached to it, it can lead to very bad feelings. But she agreed…and it appears has finally laid that ghost to rest. Not through anything I did tbh, I’m a bear with a sore head sometimes with poker.

At the end of the day nothing to lose, if I fail at least I’ve tried and there may be other ways in a year or two I can open up, as I said I’m patient so chartership at 29 or 31 is not going to make a huge difference for me and, in the end, I still have a job so it’s not like I’m looking to pay the bills. (Btw yes I’m 26 and still living at home but neener neener I OWN the house so pthbthbthb :) ) If I succeed, however, the road is open.

Up to me now, the way it should be :)

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June 13, 2009

Welcome and Straight in with a Prop Bet!!

Hey guys and welcome to my new DC blog!!

My handle’s Boomer and I’ll be walking you through my at time laughable attempts to get out of the rake trap and up the Small Stakes Fixed Limit Ladder.

As someone from the UK, which Stars has decided makes us massively superior to all and thus elligible for 70,000 VPP bonuses and the like, I am now looking not only to move up the ladder but to tie up Supernova for myself by the end of the year. Of course it would be nice to also keep it.

I work full time for a living so I am very lucky to get much over 5,000 hands in a month although more recently I’ve been heading towards 10,000 due to Stars promotions and the like.

If you feel like a chuckle you can actually find vids of me playing in the Member Video Section, where I have 3 I believe (4 if you count the vids Isac and I did in tandem as seperate entites), and I’ve also appeared in Real Life Microlimit Grinder Season 3 (Ep 8), Passing the Torch Episode 8 & 9 and a Mentor vid with my coach and Buddy, BigBadBabar.

For this month I’d better say I’ve entered into a little prop bet in the Bi_Grow Land Lubbers Group with AdriennesRevenge of PTT fame and details are below.

I hope this blog will be fun to read and informative for some, if not…sorry I bored you. i also maintain a personal journal at This location which I will try and keep to just more personal stuff.

Hope you guys enjoy

I’ve been wondering about potential avatars in my prop bet…

For those unaware I’ve got a little bet on with AdriennesRevenge on DC for us to get some hands in this month.

Jess’s goal is 100 total hours play.

My goal is 3850 VPPs which will keep me on track for Supernova and see that I hit the 3rd insta-cash bonus this month.

While this may seem a little unbalanced don’t forget I do work full time as well so overall it seemed a decent go and the whole point really was for us to have an incentive to get our play in.

If either of us fail the other gets to change our avatar so I was contemplating some for Jess last night…

So far she’s come up with “TAGs Rule LAGs drool” and various other ones based on my supposed Looseness so now it’s time for a warning shot from my end :)

Any of the following may be considered….

HU 4 Roll spider

HU 4 Roll Spider’s always been a favourite of mine and I think this would be a fun addition….of course I know Jess kinda like cats too so we’ve also got these options…





Of course there are all just preliminaries I could choose to be more or less nice depending on my mood at the time, and if I keep running the way I am at the moment Jess may be getting something from Night of the Living Dead…no it wasn’t pretty.

But still can’t complain overall.

Assuming I stablise and don’t go on some kind of hideous 20 session downswing like I did before I’ve had the idea of being a little more aggressive with my bankroll.

Since I have a monthly nut of 0 due to the fact I actually work for a living this means I can be a little more frugal. Now Kelly Criterion would state that bascailly a 1BB/100 winner with a Standard Devisation of 18BB/100 should maintain a bankroll of about 250BB for the limit he plays, moving up or down based on where he/she is which provides the best balance of moving up whiel attempting to negate risk of ruin.

I’m not quite ready to embrace that but if I were to say move up when i have 350BB for a new level and down when I only have 200BB that’d be more than enough for controlled shot and I think that’s how I may approach it from now.

This leaves he currently “rolled” for 2/4 but i want to talk to BBB first and also get some hands in this month before I do so, assuming all goes well I’ll be reporting from 2/4 by this time next week.

Before then I’m going to do a report on the 15-hour weekend I had a couple of weeks ago trying to grind off the Stars VPP bonus

Take Care Guys


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