October 16, 2009

So Not Fair....

I wanted to do anything this week

I wanted my chair to arrive on Wednesday….which it didn’t and is coming Saturday instead

I then wanted to go to work and sort out the slight mess that has been left there so I can be happy and relaxed but noooooo I end up spending 40 of the past 48 hours in bed on a steady diet of painkillers/paracetomol and now I’m gonna stress out all weekend….

And I haven’t got any poker in either due to headache :(

So I did the only thing I could to make me a little happier….cashed out $200 that Betfair randomly gave me :)…been waiting to do that for ages.

On the plus side the LHE Dojo was cool and learned a ton….I think I need a hug about now though…

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October 10, 2009

Almost Done...

The Man-Cave is now fully wallpapered.

Despite the arguements it has caused at home I think it’ll be pretty epic.

See the problem that I have with a project when compared to certainly one of my parents who is helping me is that when I do something I like a plan and I HATE IT when I am concentrating on something/have a plan and then for what seem like horribly arbitrary reasons, something else becomes that person’s MUST DO priority.

I’ll give you an example:

Previous Night:

Me: OK so the wallpapering is done so tomorrow, becasue I’ve not got a lot of time, I would like to erect and test the table/stand and the projector so I know what size screen I need to order becasue there’s going to be a 6-10 day delay getting it here

Project Partner: OK

Next Day:

Project Partner: OMG there’s a 2cm gap in the panelling where no-one will see it, quick run to the garage to see if we’ve got a bit of wood so we can spend the next 3 hours you DON’T have filling it in (not a direct translation)

Me: Fume

That said all will be forgiven if I can do the next Dojo from a very comfy chair whiel watching the action on the wall :)

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October 01, 2009

September Report

I kinda failed monstrously in all my goals except for teh 3/6 shot, which I’ll come to in a minute.

Bascailly my MAN-CAVE and various other aspects of life took over in September much to the detriment of me being able to grind hands leading to something like a 4k hand month.

The upside being that it didn’t give any chance for my rungood to end so I started 3/6, caught fire and ended up with a $1k month to represent my 4k played hands.

And as an additional bonus PTR gave me the Steady Eddie achievement for my 10k hands they have on me….I don’t know if I should laugh or cry since everything they have on me’s pretty bad :) (Tilt Score 24 my ass)

Well bankroll growing nicely, about $1k in bonus already available if I can grind Nova by the end of the year which shouldn’t be too hard so maybe the pipe dream of 0.5/1 to 5/T in 6 and a bit months is still alive….we’ll see

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September 23, 2009

Why my dear sir....

….that river cap is perfectly filthy

But I guess it’s ok since you’re going ARRRRRRRRIIIIN!!!

Poker Stars $2/$4 Limit Hold’em – 5 players
The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is CO with A Diamond A Club
1 fold, Hero raises, BTN 3-bets, SB calls, BB calls, Hero caps!, BTN calls, SB calls, BB calls

Flop: (16 SB) J Heart Q Heart A Heart (4 players)
SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets, BTN raises, SB folds, BB folds, Hero 3-bets, BTN calls

Turn: (11 BB) 2 Heart (2 players)
Hero bets, BTN raises, Hero calls

River: (15 BB) A Spade (2 players)
Hero bets, BTN raises, Hero 3-bets, BTN raises all in, Hero calls

Final Pot: 22.5 BB
Hero shows A Diamond A Club (four of a kind, Aces)
BTN shows K Heart Q Spade (a flush, Ace high)
Hero wins 22 BB
(Rake: $2.00)

Nice river for me obv :)

Also LOL Stars

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September 21, 2009

Results are in....being environmental's hard!!!

Well that was throughly unpleasant.

Those of you that read this will know that I did a little economy test in my little Alfa Mito

And for all my pain and suffering as a friggin heat wave randomly hit Britain in September and I was banned from using Air con??

I got 3 more mpg!! 35.2mpg to be precise.

I mean admittedly that’s close to a 10% increase but yeesh. All in all it would probably save me £12 a month to be hot sweaty and have a complete lack of fun in my car.

Now of course the opposite end of the spectrum is to drive the car as wastefully as possible and see what the difference would be but I’m not that rich.

I’m pretty sure I could coax 37-38mpg out of it by driving like an old woman but I can’t do that in an Alfa…the shame, plus my general distain for anyone doing 56mph while not in the inside lane of a motorway, or generally driving 20mph below the speed limit when there’s no way to get past.

Still worthwhile little experiment and more proof to the theory that it’s not what you drive but how you drive it and not always to believe the hype :) (A Mito won’t do 43mpg just like a Prius won’t do 70mpg)

At least I can turn the air con back on now

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September 18, 2009

Fun Day

Had to get up real early this morning as we had a guy coming in who was re-wiring pretty much the entirety of the upstairs area getting my, as BBB and PH call it, “Man Cave” in order.

Now I don’t do early on my holidays but everntually I shook the cobwebs off and played some poker.

Now I’m running a little non-results orientated run atm, i.e. I’m blocking all trace of my results from HEM and even my HUD.

The feeling I got was, session 1 awesome, session 2….meh.

Also for Session 2 I was joined on Skype and I found out something. Even though I was running like ass vs some VERY bad players, (My collegaue kept saying “These games are SICK!!”) I didn’t care and there was no sign of any histrionics and I actually really enjoyed the session even though I more than likely ended up significantly down (gogo Tiltblocker and Auto-Reload).

So bascially in order to help with the ol’ no tilt challenge, if you guys see me on Stars and I’m on Skype you’re more than welcome to contact me and ask if I’d like a little company at the tables and I’ll be more than happy to return the favour. Anything to keep me off tilt and I really enjoy it.

I think I was probaby net break even today $$-wise or maybe a tad down but overall, tasted like victory :)

Oh and as a side note Monopoly’s f***ing rigged!!!

Owning all Pink/Orange and Red Properties with building on, all 4 stations and the PC always ending up in Jail and managing to miss EVERY time while I constantly land on the one monopoly he has (Green….I even had Mayfair/Broadway monopoly which I got for like $5) RANT RANT RANT!!!

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September 16, 2009

Gone Too Soon

I received some sad news this morning.

A young man named Chris Rossiter whom I’d been fortunate enough to meet and spend some time with when I was playing Magic back in the early 00’s as a young teenager (as he was then) sadly passed away on Friday just eight days short of his 22nd birthday, losing a 4 year fight with cancer.

Chris was an extremely special individual and not just because of his fight with cancer and what he had to endure but also because of what he was able to achieve in such a small period of time.

A friend of mine, Neil Rigby, said of Chris that one day he’d be better than pretty much anyone in the UK at Magic. He just had the mind, and he’d just beaten Neil like a red-headed stepchild in a PTQ Semi-Final and Neil has 4 or 5 English National Top 8’s to his name and a Grand Prix Top 8.

However at 14 Chris eyed up Internet Poker and, as is the way with anyone aged 14 who wants to play, $50 was “arranged” to be loaned to him off a credit card.

A few months later this lead to a “good news/bad news” meeting with his mother:

Chris: Mom, I’ve got to let you know, a few months ago I used your credit card to deposit on an online gambling site…


Chris: The good news is there’s a new kitchen being delivered on Monday.

Chris had cashed for a massive amount in an online tournament and was also beating up on the cash games and this culminated with him recently having about $1,000,000 in equity on the table at Monte Carlo (sadly he lost while a massive favourite, something he took with amazing calm and dignity which became his hallmark)

However it was Magic the Gathering that really made Chris tick and, despite knowing that he had very little time left, he made qualifying for the Pro Tour his goal and this summer he finally achieved that goal.

He came so close at Honolulu going 5-0 in the Last Chance Qualifier he’d flown out to take part in but it wasn’t to be and it seemed like his last chance, however things turned at the English Nationals.

He turned up to the English Nationals and with a great display of skill and courage he ended up in the final and with a place on the English National Team. I don’t think I’ve personally ever been happier for a person in Magic than I was when I saw that online.

Sadly Chris will not get the chance to take his seat at the World Championships this year and as far as I know it will remain empty.

He was someone who’s lived more in 22 years than most of us will live in a full lifetime and, despite the horrible setbacks he was dealt, carried all his burdens with calm and dignity, and if there is poker and Magic in heaven he’s probably challenging everyone to games right now….he’ll probably win too.

My heart goes out to his family and friends as they remember a truly special young man

Rest In Peace Chris

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September 10, 2009

A Little Experiment

Now that I’m used to my new Alfa Mito I thought I’d do a little expermient

Now my driving style can probably best be described as exhuberant and wasteful in this car.

Air Con on – Check
Using Dynamic* Mode – Check
REVS!!! – Check

*Dynamic Mode is essentially the car’s hardcore mode, it overboosts the engine, stiffens up the suspension, sharpens the steering and increases the risk of Back Injury due to flying round corners too fast

However with Petrol in the UK now spiralling back upward towards £1.10p a litre (That’s $8.31 a gallon for you Americans) it time I took a little look at this so it’s time for an experiment!!

For my last tank of fuel (45 litres/10 gallons ish) I drove in my normal rather non-planet conservationary style and at the end of the tank got 323 miles out of the car (Total of about 32.5mpg according to the onboard computer) which is WAAAAAAY less than what this car should be able to do. (apparently it can do 43.5mpg combined although I think that’s BS)

Now thanks to the dodgy as shit pumps at Tesco I was only able to put in about 36 litres which my petrol guage tells me leaves me with about 7/8ths of a tank.

So here’s the challenge.

For the rest of this tank I am going to:

1) Not use the Air Conditioning/Climate Control (Windows are allowed)
2) Not Use Dynamic Mode (Normal Mode is fine)
3) Keep the car is an high of a gear as possible without it being unresponsive (i.e. I’m not going to put it in 6th gear at 30mph because I won’t have the responsiveness should I have to move quickly)

So now it’s fun time:

Any guesses welcome for mpg and miles I can get out of 7/8ths of a tank while not driving like a tosser??

I reckon via educted guess I can get it up to abou 36-37mpg which will get me about 300 miles I think….

Any responses?

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September 08, 2009

The Effect of Confidence

Poker is a game ruled by egos. You see it every day, from message boards to the chat box in a Pokerstars 6-max game. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has to be heard and, more importantly, everyone has to be right or at the least respected.

I have a tough time with my poker for this simple reason.

Many people who know me will know that overall I am fairly self-depreciating, a typically British trait but one which seems to be more pronounced in my case and this leads to problems in a game like poker and tbh in life in general. (Kind of hard to argue that you should get a pay rise/much better job when you’re not convinced yourself)

Now arrogance is something which can be extremely harmful in poker and, in fact, a lot of the Elements of Poker seek to prevent the ego from becoming a dominant factor in decision-making however the opposite is also true.

A lack of self-confidence can lead even the best players to go broke for a very simple reason.

We are always told that Poker is a negative sum emotional game and this is true. However, for someone who has a lack of confidence in their own ability, or even a general lack of faith in the laws of probability (i.e. world hate’s me etc), it is even more devastating.

People with a lack of this self-confidence will tend to see things the opposite way around to what those with over-confidence will see. The losing sessions will be due to “playing bad” and the winning ones will be due to a “good run” and you can get a worse emotional hit from losing, say 50BB, than you do from grinding out 300+BB.

What the mindset develops is the fundamental belief that you don’t believe any positive result is down to merit and very quickly a “tinkerman” style attitude takes over finding problems which aren’t there and equating bad runs with losing the plot.

“When a man is convinced he’s going to die tomorrow, he’ll probably find a way to make it happen”

In a similar way, if you’re convinced you’re not a winning player then you never will be. You’ve lost the battle before you’ve even begun.

Now why am I writing this?

The reason is that I’ve noticed some of these thoughts creeping into my own mindset at the moment and I kind of wanted to get it on paper (well screen but you get where I’m coming from) to show that I am mindful of the current problem. The only problem is I don’t yet know how to fix it.

Most people I’ve spoken to are pretty positive about my game overall once they’ve seen it however there is a flaw in trying to use these lines of thinking to inflate ego.

Confidence is faith in oneself and it can almost never be given by another. I am fully aware of the successes I’ve had in life but I’m also aware of the failures, the missed opportunities, the potential left un-fulfilled and the challenges which still await me, after all I’m the one who has to spend the most time with me on a daily basis.

Shifts in mental tone are very hard to accomplish but with some focus and thought, and maybe a day off from working on my bloody room, I’ll try and find some answers. I get the feeling this is going to be a tougher challenge than any Small Stakes 6-max table could ever be and ultimately could be a great deal more rewarding.

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September 07, 2009


At this rate I’m going to get through about 2000 hands this month

Another completely calamatous session today resulting in another 45BB shipped.

Just running into the top of people’s ranges over and over and over again.

Today it was the turn of the “Have top pair while we give your LAGTarded opponent a raggedy 2 pair/set/Over pair”…I’m not kidding I saw JJ-AA 10 times agaisnt me over the course of 250 hands and that was only becasue I flopped a pair to show down with every single time, along with multiple “1-2 outers of doom” where you’ve got an easy desicious until the deck produces the card which will mean you lose more.

So much for tonight’s attempts as well.

At this point I’ll end up moving down before moving up.

Admittedly I can’t call it a downswing yet but it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve won more than 10BB in a session and I’m down 135BB from that point.

I don’t think I can put up with another 300+ BB downswing and at the moment I’m pretty down on this as a whole. It may yet be something I’m just unable to defeat…my own pysche.

That said it’s worth remembering if you’d have told me at the beginning of May when I deposited $500 on Stars that within 4 months I’d be comfortably rolled at 2/4 with just the occasionally incessant bitching to be worred about I’d have snapped your hand off however seeing the bright side isn’t one of my strongest points atm and that’s something I’m going to have to change

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