November 26, 2009

The Long Grind Home

I’ve left myself a little bit to do this month if I’m gonna meet certain prop bet based commitments but I’m still fine with meeting them. If I have to play for 3 hours in agony on Monday after football that’s what I’ll do dammit! I ain’t come this far to lose $100 and, more importanly, my manhood due to lack of volume….wait did I mean that??


Anyway, bascially this is a call out to anyone who’s got me on Skype, feel free to have a chat with me while I’m losing my mind over the next 4 days. Current goal is about 6500 hands before the end of the weekend so I’m gonna be online quite a bit but I do have a football game tonight which I’m really looking forward too so I’ll leave some of the grinding with regard to that.

3/6 continues to go pretty well and now I’m agonisingly close to a roll for at least a decent 5/T shot however I may leave that for a little while. My current goals are to grind off Supernova and move up to 5/T IN THAT ORDER.

I am still not 100% comfortable at 3/6, although I’m almost there…I’d say 85-90%, due to the fact the games are much more aggressive and despite being around 200BB up at 3/6 over a small period of time the downspikes I’ve had in about the same amount of time it would take me to cook a stir fry leave me in no doubt of the potential of what can happen in these games if you lose control of yourself and I imagine 5/T is more of the same, just a bit worse and for almost double money.

Did the Dojo with Rob, sushi, Ms Bungle and casaubon last night and I think we had a good video. I think the Dojo’s improving week on week as we get more comfortable with the format (I think I, especially, was a little hesitant to offer comment first up but now I get to ramble as usual and it’s great) and toppics we’ve discussed and we get to really go into dissection mode.

FWIW it was my video this week and when I first submitted it I felt I played like a ten-thumbed button masher in parts but turned out it was alright in the end and overall it was a lot of fun.

I think Rob called me a nit though :(

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November 15, 2009

Herding the Dojo....

Pygmy asked for it so don’t blame me…

Sorry to anyone I’ve offended but I found it funny at least :)

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November 10, 2009

Stupid Superhuman Difficulty Level

Gonna take an age to clean up this stupid mess I ran into in UFO…

On the other hand it was hysterical :)

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November 07, 2009


I ended up on a pretty damn bad 3/6 table earlier but it had a couple of redeeming features.

1) Although there were 4 regs on the table only 1 of them was someone I thought was legitimately good
2) I had position on someone who was steaming which finally resulted in this….

Poker Stars $3/$6 Limit Hold’em – 6 players
The Official Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.333 SB) Hero is MP with K Spade A Spade
UTG raises, Hero 3-bets, 3 folds, BB caps!, UTG calls, Hero calls

Flop: (12.333 SB) 6 Diamond T Spade 9 Spade (3 players)
BB bets, UTG calls, Hero raises, BB calls, UTG calls

Turn: (9.167 BB) K Club (3 players)
BB bets, UTG calls, Hero raises, BB 3-bets, UTG folds, Hero calls

River: (16.167 BB) 7 Spade (2 players)
BB bets, Hero raises, BB 3-bets, Hero caps!, BB calls all in

Final Pot: 23.833 BB
BB shows Q Spade K Heart (a pair of Kings)
Hero shows K Spade A Spade (a flush, Ace high)
Hero wins 23.333 BB
(Rake: $3.00)

And since it busted the guy who was the guy most likely to donate at the table that was a nice way to end the session imo….

Although I imagine the session at his end was probably…

3/6 continues to go ok on the whole but it’s certainly swings and roundabouts and I am not getting carried away with what’s been a very good start.

On the other side of things, does anyone here know how to play UFO: Enemy Unknown on Superhuman without getting Alien Weaponry shoved so far up your ass you can brush your teeth with it? On the plus side, it’s still as funny as every when you accidentally bean your own guys with a rocket launcher becasue you accidentally gave it to the guy who can’t shoot straight :)

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November 04, 2009

First day back always sucks....

Well fired up Pokerstars for the first time this month and sadly things didn’t go well for our hero and I ended up shipping ~$300.

I’m not sure I played too well to be honest at least in a couple of hands:

Firstly, things go ok when I spew….

Poker Stars $3/$6 Limit Hold’em – 6 players
The Official Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.333 SB) Hero is CO with Q Heart T Diamond
2 folds, Hero raises, 2 folds, BB 3-bets, Hero calls

Flop: (6.333 SB) 7 Diamond J Heart 7 Club (2 players)
BB bets, Hero calls

Turn: (4.167 BB) 4 Club (2 players)
BB bets, Hero raises, BB calls

River: (8.167 BB) T Club (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets, BB calls

Final Pot: 10.167 BB
BB mucks 8 Club 8 Spade
Hero shows Q Heart T Diamond (two pair, Tens and Sevens)
Hero wins 9.833 BB
(Rake: $2.00)

This is bad in so many ways on the turn imo, my reasoning at the time was than he was a pretty tight TAG and I could maybe get him off A and K-High which is ok in theory, but being so tight his range is made up of a lot of pairs and BIG A-High’s on that board and I don’t think he folds often enough. Fortunately I redeem myself a little by recognising what’s happened and getting in the river Value Bet.

Floppin the nuts is also ok when you’re opponent is a monkey:

Poker Stars $3/$6 Limit Hold’em – 4 players
The Official Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.333 SB) Hero is SB with J Heart K Diamond
CO raises, 1 fold, Hero 3-bets, 1 fold, CO caps!, Hero calls

Flop: (9 SB) A Heart T Diamond Q Club (2 players)
Hero checks, CO bets, Hero raises, CO 3-bets, Hero caps!, CO calls

Turn: (8.5 BB) 6 Club (2 players)
Hero bets, CO calls

River: (10.5 BB) 5 Spade (2 players)
Hero bets, CO calls

Final Pot: 12.5 BB
CO mucks K Heart Q Heart
Hero shows J Heart K Diamond (a straight, Ten to Ace)
Hero wins 12.167 BB
(Rake: $2.00)

However thing’s didn’t continue in that vain for our hero as for some reason I got put under the pussification ray and also started to miss the board:

ladies and Gentlemen pray silence for the worst played straight in the world…

Poker Stars $3/$6 Limit Hold’em – 4 players
The Official Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.333 SB) Hero is BTN with K Spade K Heart
1 fold, Hero raises, 1 fold, BB calls

Flop: (4.333 SB) 7 Heart J Heart 7 Club (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets, BB calls

Turn: (3.167 BB) T Spade (2 players)
BB bets, Hero calls

River: (5.167 BB) 4 Club (2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets, BB calls

Final Pot: 7.167 BB
BB shows 9 Spade 8 Club (a straight, Seven to Jack)
Hero shows K Spade K Heart (two pair, Kings and Sevens)
BB wins 6.833 BB
(Rake: $2.00)

This hand I HATE and I’m pretty sure I got shoved off the best hand…it was vs a certain bear who’s moved down to 3/6 recently:

Poker Stars $3/$6 Limit Hold’em – 6 players
The Official Hand History Converter

Pre Flop: (1.333 SB) Hero is BTN with 6 Club 6 Spade
2 folds, CO raises, Hero 3-bets, 2 folds, CO calls

Flop: (7.333 SB) K Club 3 Spade A Spade (2 players)
CO checks, Hero bets, CO calls

Turn: (4.667 BB) K Heart (2 players)
CO checks, Hero bets, CO raises, Hero folds

Final Pot: 6.667 BB
CO wins 6.5 BB
(Rake: $1.00)

At the time I figured to either be 70% favourite or dead but I forget this is LHe and that was a 3-bet pot, I think it’s perfectly possible he’s on a draw and I shouldn’t be making habits of folds like this moving up. I dunno, maybe I’m over-thinking but I’m sure this isn’t a fold at the moment. I’m getting 4-1 to see a SD and I can probably fold all spades on the river so is he bluffing ~20% of the time…maybe, maybe.

There were also a couple of hands where I pussed out because the river was the worst card possible and X/c instead of B/f or x/f which annoy me becasue it’s such an exploitable play and I should be getting past that now.

Eh, hot streak wasn’t going to last forever but at least I’m back at it now. I was quite happy actually since despite it being my biggest losing session ever I didn’t tilt in the slightest, I guess that 750BB bankroll worked it’s magic or maybe I’ve finally started winning that particular battle…we’ll see.

Gotta catch up with the great Elephant soon anyway…wonder where he is…

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October 28, 2009

Because Rootbeer asked me to...The new Man-Cave!

In searching for a new name for this room BBB came up with “Supernova Lounge” in response to Stars’ 70k VPP gimme for me this year thanks to me being British. So that will more than likely be it’s new name once I’ve made it to supernova, if i don’t it may be called “Fail Lounge”

Now I’m not going to show what this room was transformed from because, frankly it’s embarrassing and only Lysistrata and anyone she’s shown the pictures to is fully aware of the lurking horrors of the time…and the incredibly busto chair.

What I can do, however, is a kinda step by step guide AFTER I’d got rid of most of the crap from the room.

Long story short we had a set of mirror’ed wardrobes in this room and it hadn’t been decorated in 15 years almost aside from a little paint and needed a full do-over. However removing the wardbrobes also pulled off a ton of plaster, half the coving and destroyed some of the skirting….I always hated that thing!!

The rubble left over after we’d got the wardrobes out.

Hmm maybe we were a bit firm yanking off the wallpaper? Ouch

Carpet comes up and good riddance…yeesh I got such burns from that thing.

Lining Paper is now on after we’ve done our best to fill in the damaged plaster on the walls but it’s not perfect

Laminate floor going down and first appearance of my version of Fail-Bear, “Drink Holding Panda”….this time without a drink…he’s been slacking off.

Truth be told I just found it in the mirrored wardrobe obviously stuffed there many many moons ago and he was something made by my mother surprisingly…tha’s not a bought one that’s hand made!!


New Halogen lights replacing that horror shade

Wallpaper goes on far side of the room, the rest will be a single pattern which is a fatal mistake we won’t make again…NO PATTERNS!!!

Beginning to fill room with stuff. New chairs, projector, Playstation 2 (to be upgraded to XBox 360 based on performance at the end of the year) etc.

Projector’s On!! And I have CURTAINS finally!!

They’re the speakers which aren’t up yet but will be shortly. 500 Watt jobby…should irritate the neighbours.

Focal Point, yup it’s the projector screen. What a nightmare THAT was to put in. Had to go into the loft with various lifeforms I imagine live up there now and screw in another piece of wood to screw the damn screen into.

Can’t not have a rug on a laminate floor :). Goes with the rest too.

Sub me for the panda and I think we have one relaxed Boomer.

Been a lot of hard work but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it. Love it at the moment and I’m pretty sure once I’ve got all my tech gizmo’s in here it’ll be even better.

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October 28, 2009

Review - Slowhabit E-Book - NLHE Workbook - Exploiting Regs

A while back I was asked to do a review of Tri “Slowhabit” Ngyuen’s PLO book available from his website Daily Variance , which I found extremely enlightening and wrote so in my review.

Now Slowhabit has moved back to NLHE, where he’s well known for his colaborative effort with Cole South called Let there be Range.

The Workbook is a 70-page e-book which deals mainly with problems many may face when playing 50-400NL and trying to move up past those levels and it’s fairly priced for those levels as well with pre-orders availabile for less than $100 with the full price moving up to just under $200.

Fortunately I was allowed to see an advanced copy and as with the PLO book I was extremely impressed with Tri’s writing style. He seems to have a knack for being able to get his point over in a way that’s understandable to someone like me who has virtually no knowledge of advanced no-limit holdem except what I’ve seen on DC when I can tear myself away from a Deathdonkey or Oink vid for more than an hour.

Now in this review I am coming at the book from this angle. I am not a NL player so I have no right to question any of the strategy in the book so I am not going to. What I am going to focus on is premise, execution, presentation and how I believe it would appeal to a player at the lower stakes.

The overall premise of the book is that No-Limit Holdem in the Small Stakes to Mid Stakes has a great deal of Regs playing in those games and certainly games such as 200NL-600NL can be games where even those who try to work on their game hard can find themselves getting stuck and not progressing.

The first half of the book is contained within 11 chapters detailing moves which bad tight regulars use, their ranges and what can profitably be used to exploit those tendenices.

Just some of the items which crossed the pages and, in some places had me stunned at what was being considered were things like:

1) Turing showdown value into a bluff on the river when the top of your opponent’s range is pretty much exclusively 1-pair hands especailly by c/r bluffing
2) Overbetting the turn and river both for bluffs and for value
3) Range Balancing pre and post flop
4) Knowing when exploitable play is ok
5) increased controlled aggression vs regs, when, where and how.

All these concepts and more are covered in clear hand examples and Tri does a great job of walking the reader through the mathematics and ranges behind each decision he makes in the examples. This can be a dry subject at best at times and Tri does a good job of making sure the reader isn’t hit in the face by a wall of text or numbers.

Then we get into the meat and potatoes of the book, so to speak.

Chapters 12 and 13 are an “exam” in what has been learned so far to see how you’ve absorbed the concepts already shown in the book and now can you apply them.

Speaking personally I love stuff like this in poker books. Stoxtraders Winning in Tought Limit Holdem Games was actually readable to me because of the hand examples (The Wall of Numbers theory however did apply to that book in parts….including where I think one of the players folded AA in the SB or something similar…I wonder if that was in there to see if anyone noticed)

I personally find that i learn a lot more by doing that by being told and in this format Tri takes the elements of both worlds and makes them work.

In chapter 12 the reader is presented witht eh questions and 13 answers them one-by-one.

It’s an extremely effective way of dealing with situations and actually made me REALLY think about how some situations could be played so well by experts which 90%+ of the NLHE population of the internet will just miss and that is what this book is designed for.

Tri signs off by saying that now you have the aggressive moves necessary to take down the regs but it will be a long process to learn when and where. As good as this book is it is not an answer all and you are going to have to put A LOT of work into your game before you can employ all of these moves and thought processes into your game and begin to crush.

Don’t get the book becasue you want to instantly know everything, get it becasue you’re willing to put time and effort into your game to understand what you can do to exploit those in your game and by doing that you’ll get the most from your investment and if you are willing to put the work in and want to be made to THINK about the game, which you’d hope if you’re forking out $100+ on an e-book, then you can’t go wrong and the NLHE workbook is recommended heartily.

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October 25, 2009

It's done!!

The man-cave is complete!!

Well not quite the speakers still have to go up but that’s a 20 minute job the next time the old man comes to visit avec power tools.

But projector screen is up, and actually makes a ridiculous difference to throwing it up onto a wall, I can now easily see hud stats even in mega-small font so 3-4 tabling on it is not a problem. It’s first task was to show me Deathdonkey’s Ghost vid today…nice vid imo and great to see him back in action.

Curtains also have gone up which has got rid of the echo which was rather eminating from the room and it also means people can’t see what I’m watching from out on the street.

(Disclaimer: Although projecting a Bad Beat on to the street outside is something I’ve thought about for a while now)

From what state the room was in when we started to how it looks now actually makes me quite proud what we’ve accomplished even if it is now mine mine ALL MINE!!

Pics coming once final touches have been done, although some skype buddies may get a sneak preview :)

Only sad bit is I’ve got to go back to work now instead of loafing in it :(

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October 24, 2009

I'm officially a prick at Defcon

Although I don’t really see anything else you can be in it, you’re playing with Nuclear Warheads.

For those not aware Defcon is a cheap little game you can download off Steam which is based on the 1980’s film Wargames

The basic premise is that you are one of the 6 major Superpowers being The USA, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa and the object of the game is to blow the shit out of your competitors while trying not to get your own people killed.

Guy with highest score once most of the nukes are fired off wins.

Sounds incredbily simple but it’s very addictive and there are many different strategies for each region and it’s incredibly easy to screw up. Every one starts with the same weapons and there’s no development or building of troops etc.. it’s just how much carnage can you cause with the same loadout.

Incidentally it’s a very good game to play over Skype as there’s nothing quite like hearing “Oh you F***er!!” over the mic as someone whom you’ve allied with suddenly finds 12 subs off his soft exposed coast and they’re now unloading and you’re suddenly unavailbe for conversation, or just for watching the incredible carnage…or just nuking Paris because…

Obviously it’s meant to be played multiplayer and that’s the best way…the CPU is pants on head retarded as I proved by THIS being the result my 2nd game ever played vs the CPU and I’d actually own teh 1st one by a wider margin:

I’ll explain that the red glow is population, I’d actually kept mine intact but made a complete rookie error at the end of the game leaving myself undefneded in a part by turning all my ICBM launchers over for kicks and the West of Europe bought it for my insolence with about 20 million casualties.

Of course you’ll notice there’s not a lot of red glow in Russia…out of 100m people they started with they had about 4 million by the end and that huge green gas cloud you see is radiation…..mmmm tasty and yes I’m a dick and overkilled it.

This was a 1-1 demo match with the CPU but the full game is like $10 I think and I’ll certainly get it and it could be fun for a wind down and relax for some DC guys….at least it’ll give you a chance to nuke someone becasue of that bad beat you took earlier :)

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October 17, 2009


First blog from new man-cave

It’s not 100% complete yet but it’s enough that I could move the PC and get the furniture set up…by furniture I mean PC, PC Chair, Relaxing chair (what an effor tthat was to build), stand with electronic whoop-ass on it and rug.

Still to do:

Projector Screen
Speakers (ugh nightmare imo)

It’s all falling into place

As you canprobably tell feeling much better at the moment, I don’t think I’m ready to get back grinding yet as I’m having a little trouble concentrating before i get a headache but I may give it a try tomorrow.

We’ll see how hanging everything goes…

I’m betting on family warfare tbh

EDIT: 7 hours later

I don’t believe this, it just took me 6-7 hours to figure out I need a wire to conduct electricity!!!

Now one of the new chairs is a massage recliner but the footstool wasn’t working as it should and I didn’t think the seat was either….of course I forgot the back support was connected to the seat via nothing but screws so how was the electricity for the motor supposed to get there???

“Oh maybe it’s through that bit that’s dangling loose at the bottom”


At least it works now :)

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