February 01, 2010

February Goals

Well it’s been a very quiet start to the New Year, mainly due to me working off my 10 day break in December and getting my tooth pulled out of my head.

Nevertheless Britain wasn’t built on whinging (until the 1970’s anyway) so it’s time to buckle down to it and set some targets for the month

1) 7500 VPPs. It’s a decent, non-psycho target and will keep me nicely in line for a potential run at Supernova later in the year

2) Watch/Listen to EPTPE again. My main weakness as is well documented is that I’m a bit of a self-depreciating emo (ok maybe a little harsh but you get the picture :) )when it comes to things going a bit wrong. This is something to continuously work on leading to….

3) Grow a set and get used to the stakes so I can take a shot at 5/T. Yes a bit tongue in cheek this one and 1000BB is probably an excessive roll for a part time punter like me but the rule I set for myself is “Comfortable at previous level or no-no to go-go”. I’d just like to be able to gogogogo soon.

4) Book holiday time off in May so the UK invasion of the US can begin. Beware, I may or may not bring a top hat and I don’t think even the might of the US can stand before a British Man in a Top Hat.

Oh btw I’ve done 4 already ;)

5) Epic pwnage

Yeah they sound good. Let the Games Begin

Posted By Boomer at 05:16 PM



Lysistrata posted on February 01, 2010 at 17:57 PM


::swoon thinking about Boomer in top hat::

May cannot come soon enough!!


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