October 24, 2009

I'm officially a prick at Defcon

Although I don’t really see anything else you can be in it, you’re playing with Nuclear Warheads.

For those not aware Defcon is a cheap little game you can download off Steam which is based on the 1980’s film Wargames

The basic premise is that you are one of the 6 major Superpowers being The USA, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa and the object of the game is to blow the shit out of your competitors while trying not to get your own people killed.

Guy with highest score once most of the nukes are fired off wins.

Sounds incredbily simple but it’s very addictive and there are many different strategies for each region and it’s incredibly easy to screw up. Every one starts with the same weapons and there’s no development or building of troops etc.. it’s just how much carnage can you cause with the same loadout.

Incidentally it’s a very good game to play over Skype as there’s nothing quite like hearing “Oh you F***er!!” over the mic as someone whom you’ve allied with suddenly finds 12 subs off his soft exposed coast and they’re now unloading and you’re suddenly unavailbe for conversation, or just for watching the incredible carnage…or just nuking Paris because…

Obviously it’s meant to be played multiplayer and that’s the best way…the CPU is pants on head retarded as I proved by THIS being the result my 2nd game ever played vs the CPU and I’d actually own teh 1st one by a wider margin:

I’ll explain that the red glow is population, I’d actually kept mine intact but made a complete rookie error at the end of the game leaving myself undefneded in a part by turning all my ICBM launchers over for kicks and the West of Europe bought it for my insolence with about 20 million casualties.

Of course you’ll notice there’s not a lot of red glow in Russia…out of 100m people they started with they had about 4 million by the end and that huge green gas cloud you see is radiation…..mmmm tasty and yes I’m a dick and overkilled it.

This was a 1-1 demo match with the CPU but the full game is like $10 I think and I’ll certainly get it and it could be fun for a wind down and relax for some DC guys….at least it’ll give you a chance to nuke someone becasue of that bad beat you took earlier :)

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