January 18, 2010

A Late Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year everyone.

Randomly I noticed recently that my blog was nominated for best user blog on DC so thanks for everyone who put forward the nomination, I’m very touched that my ramblings are enjoyed.


So what have I been doing in 2010? Not a lot, really is the honest answer. The temperatures in the UK plummtted to -15 Degrees C so we had a little snow…

Obviously this shut the entire country down becasue we’re woeful at dealing with stuff like that. I got to work from home which initially excited me until I realised I hated it. I think I’d have been happier if I wasn’t stuck on my desktop and could work from a laptop but having to work on a desktop meant it was bascially the same as being at work just with no-one to talk to and the distraction of knowing there a DVD Player and a projector less than 10 feet away. Consequently my work took longer than it should and I was in no mood to be sitting at any poker tables.

I did start a Video Playthrough of Dungeon Keeper though, nothing like being completely evil in a PC game for stress relief…hmmm wonder if I really want to say that…ah well.

I have been thinking about what I want to achieve in 2010 since 2009 was a real breakout year and, aside from a few dings to th ol’ pride near the end, pretty much everything I’s set myself at the start of the year was accomplished (The SN failure was a mid-year “add-on”)

Now while multiplying my “bankrolled” stakes by 10 again would be great this year methinks the Boomer doth expect too much if that’s a set goal. Additionally attaining Supernova this year while more than reachable may be reliant on me playing higher stakes.

What I do want to do is start enjoying poker more again. Towards the back end of last year it really began to feel like a 2nd job and I have my 1st job for earning money and occaisionally stressing me out thank-you very much. Additionally last year’s mini-blow-up at the end highlighted that I’m still not on top of my tilt goals.

So on that front I’ve made a little bet with BBB.

1) If I make an emo DC post – $5 fine
2) If I b*tch like a whiny little girl on Skype – $5 fine
3) Chat-Tilt – $5 fine
4) Emo Blog post – $10 fine as that takes twice as much effort and is twice as useless since I’d probably delete it out of shame anyway within 5 mins.

This will run all through 2010. It’s for my own good in the long run. If I can eliminate the worst side of my personality from my game then I truly think I’m capable of breaking into mid-stakes and having anotehr breakout year, if I can’t then I’m going to get stuck.

I think I’ll be watching Eightfold Path again a few times this year, I currently only have a 1200 emo-post roll.

Would be Nice Goals:

1) Supernova
2) Be Playing 10/20 by year end
3) Have Visited the US and not ruined the image either I or the British have :)

Have a Great 2010 all

Posted By Boomer at 07:18 PM



Lysistrata posted on January 18, 2010 at 23:31 PM


I voted for your blog!! Also, if you happen to bitch to me on Skype (if I'm ever on) I promise to not tell BBB!

Although I think that chat-tilting should be $10 and a blog post should be $0. Venting and deleting in your own personal space should be allowed and is healthy, imo. Letting your opponents know that you're tilting your face off and/or not having a single verbal outlet for frustration seems very -EV.

ron0914 posted on January 19, 2010 at 00:05 AM


Glad to see a forward looking post. Hope you find some good times at the tables again.

PygmyHero posted on January 26, 2010 at 13:23 PM


I yoted for you too Boomer!

Also, what you wrote isn't really a bet, but a freeroll that BBB conned you into. I suggest amending as follows:

1) BBB sleeps past noon - $1 fine (trust me - that's a HUGE moneymaker even at $1)
2) Hammerpants avatar - $20 fine
3) Link to youtube or lolcat - $10 fine
4) +1, QF_, or other similar pithy post - $5 fine


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