September 21, 2009

Results are in....being environmental's hard!!!

Well that was throughly unpleasant.

Those of you that read this will know that I did a little economy test in my little Alfa Mito

And for all my pain and suffering as a friggin heat wave randomly hit Britain in September and I was banned from using Air con??

I got 3 more mpg!! 35.2mpg to be precise.

I mean admittedly that’s close to a 10% increase but yeesh. All in all it would probably save me £12 a month to be hot sweaty and have a complete lack of fun in my car.

Now of course the opposite end of the spectrum is to drive the car as wastefully as possible and see what the difference would be but I’m not that rich.

I’m pretty sure I could coax 37-38mpg out of it by driving like an old woman but I can’t do that in an Alfa…the shame, plus my general distain for anyone doing 56mph while not in the inside lane of a motorway, or generally driving 20mph below the speed limit when there’s no way to get past.

Still worthwhile little experiment and more proof to the theory that it’s not what you drive but how you drive it and not always to believe the hype :) (A Mito won’t do 43mpg just like a Prius won’t do 70mpg)

At least I can turn the air con back on now

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