September 18, 2009

Fun Day

Had to get up real early this morning as we had a guy coming in who was re-wiring pretty much the entirety of the upstairs area getting my, as BBB and PH call it, “Man Cave” in order.

Now I don’t do early on my holidays but everntually I shook the cobwebs off and played some poker.

Now I’m running a little non-results orientated run atm, i.e. I’m blocking all trace of my results from HEM and even my HUD.

The feeling I got was, session 1 awesome, session 2….meh.

Also for Session 2 I was joined on Skype and I found out something. Even though I was running like ass vs some VERY bad players, (My collegaue kept saying “These games are SICK!!”) I didn’t care and there was no sign of any histrionics and I actually really enjoyed the session even though I more than likely ended up significantly down (gogo Tiltblocker and Auto-Reload).

So bascially in order to help with the ol’ no tilt challenge, if you guys see me on Stars and I’m on Skype you’re more than welcome to contact me and ask if I’d like a little company at the tables and I’ll be more than happy to return the favour. Anything to keep me off tilt and I really enjoy it.

I think I was probaby net break even today $$-wise or maybe a tad down but overall, tasted like victory :)

Oh and as a side note Monopoly’s f***ing rigged!!!

Owning all Pink/Orange and Red Properties with building on, all 4 stations and the PC always ending up in Jail and managing to miss EVERY time while I constantly land on the one monopoly he has (Green….I even had Mayfair/Broadway monopoly which I got for like $5) RANT RANT RANT!!!

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